An Animal Crossing Life.

A story of Mayor Gibby and her fellow town citizens. This story is based off of a 3ds nintendo game so I thought it would be an interesting thing to write about.


1. An intro to Mira.

I woke up and walked outside. I checked my mailbox and I had a letter in a light pink envelope with a red sticker on the front inside. I took out the letter and opened it.

Dear Gibby,

Congratulations on becoming the new mayor of Gibton. I sent you this new gift for your new place!

-From Mother

I left the letter in my pockets and went to meet the fellow villagers. The first one I ran into was Mira the rabbit. I took an immediate liking to her.

"Hey your mayor Gibby right? Nice to meet ya cottontail." I guess 'cottontail' is her catchphrase. She was a nice shade of yellow and she was dressed like superhero. She took on a very peppy and snooty personality. That's just the type of thing that makes good friends. I could tell that we could become friends. She took out her fishing rod and walked away. Her tail bounced as she walked. I wonder what this town will be like.

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