We Just Grew Up

My name is Kristen Stewart. I'm a really famous actress. But know one knows how and why. Well I moved to Chechire England with my dad when I was 8. I then became best friends with Harry Styles. Yes, the guy from One Direction. We made a promise that if I become an actress and he a singer, I would marry him. I haven't spoken to Harry in 2 years but I am trying to move on. I just always wonder if he remembers that promise?


5. Fun Day

Kristen's P•O•V

I got dressed in my black booty shorts and white long sleeve shirt with New York in black print on the front. I put on my black converse and put my hair in a perfect bun. I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen, no one was in there. I looked out the window to the porch and saw Liam, Niall, and Louis sitting at the edge of the pool with there feet in the water. Harry and Zayn were sitting at the glass table laughing. I walked outside and leaned against the door. "I would say make yourselves at home, but it seems you guys already have." I spoke with an attitude. "Sorry love, we got bored." Zayn is so sweet. I had met him at Perrie's birthday party and he was really funny and kind. "Hey Zayn! How are you?" I asked sweetly. "Hey, I'm good thanks." I nodded my head and sat at the edge of the pull next to Liam and took my shoes off and put my feet in the water. "So, Kristen, I was just wondering, how do you know Harry? Or did you meet last night and you know." He made a weird face. Um eww. I did not sleep with Harry. "No, we actually met when we I was 8 and Harold here was 9. I moved with my dad to Chechire after he found a settle job there and lived there til I was 18." "Oh, cool!" I nodded and looked at Harry. He winked at me and I just smiled. "Well, we should all introduce ourselves!" Louis said excitedly. "I'm Louis," he pointed to Liam. "I'm, Liam," he pointed to Niall. "I'm Niall," he pointed to Zayn. "You already know me but, I'm Zayn," he then pointed to Harry. "And I'm HARRY not HARROLD!" We all laughed. "What are we gonna do today?" Niall asked. "We can stay here and swim or, go hang out in California!" I said excited. "2nd!" They all said loudly. We all put our shoes on. I grabbed my bag and we headed out the door. We got in Harry's car and I told him directions to my favorite place. Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park.

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