We Just Grew Up

My name is Kristen Stewart. I'm a really famous actress. But know one knows how and why. Well I moved to Chechire England with my dad when I was 8. I then became best friends with Harry Styles. Yes, the guy from One Direction. We made a promise that if I become an actress and he a singer, I would marry him. I haven't spoken to Harry in 2 years but I am trying to move on. I just always wonder if he remembers that promise?


7. Feel this way

Kristen's P•O•V

Yesterday went by so fast. All of the boys and I went to the beach and watched a bunch of scary movies at my house. It was really fun. Today all the guys are leaving but Harry said he wants to stay with me for the day. We said goodbye and I went to the kitchen. Harry followed behind me. "So, what are the plans for today?" I asked. "I don't know. What do you want to do?" I smiled. "We can talk about our life's for the past few years." He laughed. "Sure." I grabbed my phone from my pocket. "I'm going to order some pizza. Would you like any?" He nodded and I ordered us some pizza.

After the pizza came and we ate almost all of it we sat on the couch. "So, let's talk." Harry smiles and speaks. "Well, after the boys and I left the Xfactor we decided to make an album with Simons help. The album got famous and we toured around. The funny thing is throughout almost the whole tour Niall was obsessed with Twilight and watched it all the time." He chuckled and I smiled. "Your a great actress by the way." I nod. "Thanks." He then continues. "We made another album and toured and we are waiting for our new one to come out." He sighed. "Your turn." I begin. "Well, I did Twilight series for about 5 years and we toured around and stuff. I did a few other movies and now I'm taking a break." He smiled. "I have a question." I nod. "What?" He breathes in. "Are you dating Robert Pattinson?" I shook my head. "No, not anymore. But we're still good friends." He smiles. "Oh, cool." We sit on silence for a minute. "Do you remember the day at the treehouse?" Harry asks and I smile and nod. "Well, that's my favorite memory from my childhood." I blush. "Yeah, mine too." He laughs. "Really?" I nod. "Yeah, and the day you kissed me for the first time." He chuckles. "Yeah, I remember that." I sigh. "How come you never called me, or tried to visit or something." He sighed. "Because a Chinese lady picked up remember, I told you that." I frown. "That's one time and there's Facebook and Twitter and other social crap we could've communicated by." He smiles. "Well, maybe I was afraid you forgot about me." I frown. How could he think I could forget my best friend. "Well, I remember you. And you remember me so that shows I didn't and neither did you." He sighs. "I really missed you. Every time I saw you I just wanted to get up and give a hug and a kiss." I blush. "Yeah, me too." "Your the only girl who I've ever felt this way with." I smile. "What way?" He chuckles. "Happy, confident, cherished, cared for, loved." I don't notice both of us leaning towards each other until our faces our inches apart and I smell fresh mint from Harry's breathe. "And your the only guy who's made me feel the same way." He smiles. That second our lips gently touch and I feel like I'm going to explode. I pull back and he frowns. "Was it bad?" I smile. "No it was like last time just millions and millions times better." We kiss again this time with more force. "That's because I'm a lot more prepared and experienced." I pull him back to my lips. The kiss gets deeper and deeper as Harry pulls me onto his lap. We kiss passionately for what seems like hours. We finally break apart and catch our breathes. "I love you." Harry whispers as he nuzzles his head in my neck. "And I love you more." He smiles. "Impossible." His warm breathe sends shivers throughout my body. We then fall asleep in each other's arms.

(Hey guys!!! Sorry for taking forever in the update!!! I got caught up reading other books so please don't be mad!!! I'll update every 3 days now so keep reading!!! Please comment favorite and like!!! Love you guys!!! Bye!!!)

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