We Just Grew Up

My name is Kristen Stewart. I'm a really famous actress. But know one knows how and why. Well I moved to Chechire England with my dad when I was 8. I then became best friends with Harry Styles. Yes, the guy from One Direction. We made a promise that if I become an actress and he a singer, I would marry him. I haven't spoken to Harry in 2 years but I am trying to move on. I just always wonder if he remembers that promise?


8. Blush

I wake up early in the morning. I squirm my way out of Harry's arms. After about what feels like five minutes trying to get free I walk up the stairs to the bathroom. I turn on the shower and look at the clock which says it's only 4:00 am. I sigh and take my clothes off. As soon as the hot water hits my body all I can think about is Harry. We kissed a lot last night. And it felt amazing. I know he felt the same because he kept whispering 'I love you' in my ear. I don't realize I've been standing in the shower for an hour until someone knocks on my door. I turn the nozzle to turn it off and wrap the towel around my body. There's a knock on the door again. "One second!" I pull the door open and Harry smiles at me. "Oh, hey." He stands straight. His eyes go a little wide and it takes me a minute to realize why. I still have my towel around my body. I pull the towel closer and blush. Harry noticed and blushes as well. "S-sorry. I-I didn't know I was um staring." I laugh and quickly walk past him to get dressed.

(Sorry for this short update!!! I'm going to update later today but I have to go to school: But I have early dismissal because of snow so I'll write as soon as I get home!!!)

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