We Just Grew Up

My name is Kristen Stewart. I'm a really famous actress. But know one knows how and why. Well I moved to Chechire England with my dad when I was 8. I then became best friends with Harry Styles. Yes, the guy from One Direction. We made a promise that if I become an actress and he a singer, I would marry him. I haven't spoken to Harry in 2 years but I am trying to move on. I just always wonder if he remembers that promise?


3. Awards

Awards Harry's P•O•V

"Harry! Harry! Wake up!" Louis was screaming in my ear. "Go away!" I yelled back. "Get up Harry! We have to practice for the awards tonight!" Ugh. I forgot all about the awards. Whoops. The only good thing is the awards are being held in California. There's the beach, the weather, the babes, I just love it here. I just hope we get the the award for #1 song and #1 band. We are going to the MTV awards. There also going to be giving away 'Best actor and actress' and 'Best movie'. I get out of my bed get dressed and go to the arena following Louis and the other boys.

Awards Kristen's P•O•V

I wake up to someone ringing the doorbell and banging on the door. "Coming!" I yell from the stairs. I quickly walk to the door and open it. Rob is standing there. "Hey Rob, what's up?" He looks at me shocked. "MTV awards? Hello there tonight!" Oh shit! I totally forgot all about those. "Oh, yeah, um, what time?" He walks inside taking off his jacket. "They start at 8:00 but we have to be there by 6:25." Oh good. "Hey what time is it anyways?" "It's 12:00 in the afternoon. You must be really tired." "Well yeah! I just got home this morning at around like, 3 so cut me some slack." Rob rolls his eyes. "What do you want to do today?" "Sleep, or watch tv, or go to the beach." "Let's go to the beach! Please!" "Fine!" I chuckle. "You left one of your swim trunks here last time, so take those. He nods his head and follows. Rob goes in the downstairs bathroom and stay in the upstairs. I put on my red bikini and put my hair in a messy bun. "Rob! I'm ready!" We go to the porch and put on sunscreen and sunglasses then we head to the beach for the afternoon.

We were on the beach and at the fair for 5 1/2 hours. We came back to my house and Rob put on his other clothes and went to his hotel to get ready for tonight. I called my Ashley and asked her if she could help me get ready for tonight. She came at 5:30 right after I took my shower. "Are you going to the awards tonight Ash?" She shook her head. "No, I don't feel like going to those things. I like to watch them on tv so I can criticize anyone without being hushed." I laughed. Ashley is not a person who likes big crowds. She put my hair into a fancy ponytail with a few loose strands in the front. She did my makeup in a sparkly way. I put on a black dress with a sparkly gold line through the middle. I had a long necklace with a gold sparkly cross on it with matching earrings. I put on my black heels. I actually looked really hot. When we finished I looked at the clock and it was 6:15. "I need to leave I only have 10 minutes to get there. Ashley laughed and said goodbye. I grabbed my gold and black purse and followed behind her seeing my limo. "Bye Ash!" I yelled over to her. "Bye! Have fun! But not to much fun!" "Haha! Yes mother!" She rolled her eyes and drove off and I got into my limo and we drove off.

Awards Harry's P•O•V

"Alright boys time to go!" Paul came in the room and lead us out of the hotel past all the fans into our limo. After about 20 minutes we reached the arena where the awards are being held. The limo dropped us off by the front. We walked onto the red carpet and lights were flashing everywhere. We stopped to smile for a little bit then we started to walk past the fans singing 'Best Song Ever' and we walked inside. The women who waited for is at the front lead us to our seats on the last row to the right and in the middle. We all sat down.

Awards Kristen's P•O•V

The limo driver had picked up Rob (Robert Pattinson). We then arrived at the awards arena and stepped out onto the carpet. Rob put his hand on my waist and we smiled for the poperatzi and walked over to the fans and signed books and DVDs and posters. We then walked inside the arena and the women lead us to our seats. "Your seats are here in the last tow to the right." She lead us past Rhianna, Justin Beiber, Ke$ha, Johnny Depp and a group of boys and didn't know who they are because we didn't pass them. We sat in our seats and waited for everyone to arrive.

Harry's P•O•V

We were seating in our seats talking about random crap. I was talking to Ed Sheeran. The giant screen on the stage was announcing which celeberties were arriving. I then heard the announcer speak. "And now arriving is Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart." I quickly looked onto the screen. Kristen looked absolutely beautiful. Her hair was the same deep brown and her eyes the same bright green. I hadn't spoken to her in 2 years. None of the boys knew that Kristen and I had been best friends. I just don't like to talk about her. It makes me miss her so bad. Everyone kept saying that she was in a relationship with Robert Pattinson, but I never want to believe that. We did make a promise. What why am I thinking about that. I bet she doesn't even remember any of it. We both have dated a few people and we both kinda moved on. I don't know she hasn't moved back to England though. I mean Rob lives there. I don't know. I just need to move on and focus on my career as she focuses on hers.

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