Banga! Banga! {COMPLETED}

Hey, my name is Leela Walker. I live in a mansion with my best friend Austin Mahone. We go to school at BlueRidgeHigh. And there are the popular ones, the normal ones, and the bad ones. Well Austin and I are the popular ones and One Direction are the bad boys. What happens when Leela falls for Niall? ••••COMPLETED•••• (made this when i was 11 or 12 be warned! XD )


16. Zoo

Chapter 12

I wake up to my phone ringing. It's Liam. I answered and put it up to my ear.

"Hello?" I questioned.

"Hey Leela, sorry if I woke you. But we are headed out to your house. Better get ready."

"Okay, Liam. See y'all in a couple minutes."

And I hung up. I took a quick shower and fixed my hair. I put on some make up and brushed my teeth. I went out to the kitchen just to find Liam.

"Good morning, love." He said sweetly.

"Hey, where is everybody?" I asked. Where's Harry and Zayn? Probably on there way or something.

"On there way. Zayn wanted to check up on Perrie." Liam confirmed my thoughts.

"Oh and how's Soph?" I asked kinda uninterested. She's kinda mean to me.

"Well... Uhh.. She... Che..cheated... Um...on me." He stuttered. Clearly he doesn't want to talk about it.

"Oh my gosh!! Are you okay? With who? Did y'all break up? What happened?" I asked worried. I know who it feels and it sucks!

"I don't really want to talk about it. Today is going to be fun. Right?" Liam quickly changed the subject.

"Totally fun! What's for lunch?" I asked trying to keep his mind off of Sophie.

"I figured we just go out to eat. If that's okay with you?" He smiled.

"It's fine with me! Do you want something to drink?" I asked pouring myself a glass of coke.

"No thank you." Liam said politely. Then we hear a knock on the door. Probably Harry and Zayn now.

I opened the door just to find Niall? Why is he here?

"Hey, what are you doing here? I thought the trip is this weekend?" I asked.

"Yeah I know I just wanted to check up on you." He half way smiled.

"I missed you too, Niall." I giggled.

"So what are you doing this fine day." He asked lowering his voice and chuckled.

I giggled and said, "I'm going to the zoo with Liam, Harry, and Zayn. You can go if you like?"

"I'd love to!" Niall said excitedly. I turned around to see if it's okay with Liam and he nodded his head. Niall came in and I closed the door. We all sat down talking away.

"Hey, where's Lou? He would love to go, right?" I asked anyone who would answer.

"Uh.. I don't know. I haven't seen him lately. He's probably hanging out with El. But I'll call him." Liam stated as he walked out of the room.

"I missed you." Niall said pouting and poking my nose. I giggled at him.

"I missed you too." I said kissing his cheek. And he smiled.

"Zayn and Harry are going to pick up Lou. And we are just gonna meet at the zoo. Y'all ready?" Liam said walking back in.

"Yeah." Me and Niall said at the same time and started laughing.

We walked out to Liam's car and got in. I got in the back. Liam in drivers seat of course. And Niall in passenger seat. And we drive off.

(A/N: thanks again for all the reads! And sorry it's kinda boring.)

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