Banga! Banga! {COMPLETED}

Hey, my name is Leela Walker. I live in a mansion with my best friend Austin Mahone. We go to school at BlueRidgeHigh. And there are the popular ones, the normal ones, and the bad ones. Well Austin and I are the popular ones and One Direction are the bad boys. What happens when Leela falls for Niall? ••••COMPLETED•••• (made this when i was 11 or 12 be warned! XD )


2. School!

Chapter one:

"Leela! Get ready. We have to go to school!" Austin yells.

I get out of bed and take a shower and curl my hair. I'm wearing skinny jeans, a blue Myrtle Beach shirt, and white converses. I put make up on and go downstairs to eat. Mally made blue berry muffins for breakfast... MY FAVORITE!! Yay!! I eat a muffin then Austin comes down wearing a pink Hollister shirt and shorts with polo shoes. And a snap back. Like ALWAYS!

"You look beautiful as always Leeya" he's been calling me Leeya since we were little and he couldn't say Leela.

I smile and say "thank you! You look handsome!!" And we both laughed as we started to head to school.

When we get to school Niall and his boys are leaning against the gait. Great! Now I get to be called names again! Yay!! (Sarcasm)

Me and Austin were walking through the gait as Niall grabs my arm and says "You actually look pretty today. Try not to mess it up." What?! He never compliments me!!! What's wrong with him?!

"Umm... Thanks Niall." I say as I keep walking with Austin.

"What was that all about?" Austin asked confused.

"I have no Idea!! He never compliments me!!"

"Maybe he's being nice to you today."

"I doubt it"

We both go to our classes. We don't have first period together so I head down to Math. I usually hate math because I have to sit beside Niall. But maybe I'll get lucky and he won't come or he will be nice like this morning?

What am I saying?!?! He's never nice to me!! I don't even know what I did to him!!

And he's walking towards me. Well not me towards his desk but he's got all his attention on me. I ignore him and take notes on what the teacher is saying.

"You haven't complimented me today." He whispers to me.

"Why would I compliment you Niall? All you ever do is call me a bitch and a slut!" I whisper back.

"I know... I'm sorry. But I complimented you a couple minutes ago." Wow! Really?! What a douche bag!!

I ignore him and keep on working like I never heard him. The bell rings and I head to art class. At least Niall isn't there and Austin is!! Yay!!

I go to my spot beside Austin and starting painting Thor. We have to paint a superhero.

Austin is painting BatMan. He's a really good artist too. But he sings way better. He has a angelic voice I swear!

Me and Austin have our usual talk during art and then head to lunch. Everybody usually want to sit with us but we just like to sit alone. We get our food and head to the last empty table. Where we usually sit so no one else sits here.

As I was eating I look up and see Niall and his gang sitting with us.

"Do you mind if we sit with y'all?" Liam asks sweetly.

"I don't mind if YOU sit with us at all. Actually everybody but Niall." I spat looking at Niall.

Austin chuckles a little and scoots closer to me to fit everybody in. Niall comes and sits right in between Austin and I.

"Really?! Right in the middle of us?" I said annoyed.

"Well I thought 'best friends' shouldn't be THAT close." Everybody tried to hide their laugh.

"And we should?" I spat. I got up and left their table. I went to my next class, Science. Of course Niall is in this one but so is Austin. And there's two to a table. So me and Austin will share a table.

I sit down and wait for Austin. But of course Niall comes in first and ruins my day even more. He sits where Austin is supposed to sit.

"Will you stop already?! Austin is going to sit there!! I don't want to sit beside you!! That's the whole point." I said annoyed.

"Look I'm sitting here. And Austin can sit with that pretty girl over there." I cringed as he said 'pretty girl'. He pointed to a brunette girl with green eyes. Her name is Elly. She's really nice. And pretty.

"Why don't you go sit with her? You are the one who thinks she's pretty?!" I said. OMG I sounded JEALOUS!! How could I sound jealous over Niall?!?

"I think another girl is prettier." He winked at me.

"Then go sit with her!" OMG I NEED TO STOP!!

"I am, Leela." He said while his face is getting red.

Austin walks in and looks at us confused. I shrugged my shoulders and he went and sat beside Elly.

------School Over--------

As I'm walking to to the Austin's car someone yells "LEELA! WAIT!!"

I turn around and see Niall running towards me?

"What Niall?" I asked as he got closer to me.

"There's a party tonight. Go with me." He said more like a fact.

"No! Niall why are you all of a sudden trying to be friends with me??" I asked annoyed.

"I like you Leela."

WHAT?!! OMG!!! HOW!!!???

"Umm... I gotta go." I said awkwardly and walked to Austin's car. I get in and we drive home as I told him everything.

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