Banga! Banga! {COMPLETED}

Hey, my name is Leela Walker. I live in a mansion with my best friend Austin Mahone. We go to school at BlueRidgeHigh. And there are the popular ones, the normal ones, and the bad ones. Well Austin and I are the popular ones and One Direction are the bad boys. What happens when Leela falls for Niall? ••••COMPLETED•••• (made this when i was 11 or 12 be warned! XD )


8. Door

Chapter Six:

Mally! There stands Mally. Her face looks surprised mixed with Happy and sad and shocked like she can't move. I was still crying my eyes out and I see Austin coming down the stairs. He turned and ran to me. He's face was red and puffy like he had been crying too. We both just hugged. And cried together.


We finally separated from each other's hug. And we stared at each other like we were studying our faces. I hadn't noticed how sexy he looked until now. I mean of course he's always been cute but now he's... he's different. In a good way.

"What happened Leela?" This is like the first time he didn't call me 'Leeya' and it made me want to cry more. But I held it in and told him everything that happened and ended up crying more.

Austin just held me and said "it's okay... You don't deserve him..... You deserve someone who will treat you right and someone who would stay with you and not make you run off. And he work cheat on you... Leela... I've missed you so much....... I ..... " He pulled back and looked me in the eyes and said, " I.... I think I'm in love with you."

(A/N: sorry I haven't posted lately... I had a field trip and I've been hanging out with my friend. And sorry this is so short I'll make up for it in a couple days or tomorrow. But I have a lot of homework to do soo... Yeah. I'll write a long chapter as soon as I can. And thank all of y'all who are reading this!! Y'all are the best!(: xx)

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