Banga! Banga! {COMPLETED}

Hey, my name is Leela Walker. I live in a mansion with my best friend Austin Mahone. We go to school at BlueRidgeHigh. And there are the popular ones, the normal ones, and the bad ones. Well Austin and I are the popular ones and One Direction are the bad boys. What happens when Leela falls for Niall? ••••COMPLETED•••• (made this when i was 11 or 12 be warned! XD )


25. Chapter Twenty-One!

Chapter Twenty-One!


"Hey babe, can you wash my clothes?" Niall said as he walked into the house handing me the bag of his dirty clothes.

We came back a couple days ago after Niall saved me. I'm still depressed. I just don't know how they could do that to me? I didn't know Austin hated me that much. To beat me. To almost kill me? I don't even know.

"Yeah." I answered Niall taking the bag to the washing room to wash it. I walked to the kitchen and laid out dinner on the table. It's Chicken and Rice and Gravy.

"Dinner is ready." I called out. I don't even try to mask my sadness now. It just kinda comes out.

"Thank you, Leela." Niall came in and kissed me in the cheek before eating.

I still eat. I guess I'm not that depressed. At least I know Niall still loves me. Right?

"Leela, let's go out tomorrow. Just the two of us. To have fun. You know?" Niall said with worried eyes.

"Don't you have boxing again tomorrow?" I asked looking up at him.

"Yeah, but I'd rather hang out with you."

"I think I just want to stay home, Niall."

"No. We're going out tomorrow. Be ready by nine in the morning." He said getting up to go to bed. Without even giving me the chance to say no. Great.

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