Banga! Banga! {COMPLETED}

Hey, my name is Leela Walker. I live in a mansion with my best friend Austin Mahone. We go to school at BlueRidgeHigh. And there are the popular ones, the normal ones, and the bad ones. Well Austin and I are the popular ones and One Direction are the bad boys. What happens when Leela falls for Niall? ••••COMPLETED•••• (made this when i was 11 or 12 be warned! XD )


33. 28

Chapter 28!

My eyes fluttered open.... I looked around. I think I'm in a hospital. I looked for people but there was just a nurse who was doing something with my IV.

"Excuse me? Ma'am? Do you remember anything?" She said.

"W-wha- what are you talking about?" I stuttered. "Why am I here? What happened?"

"Ma'am calm down. You're in the hospital. You were shot in the head. We did surgery to get it out. You may not remember anything for a few days." She said very carefully like if she said one thing wrong I would die.

"You're boyfriend should be in here soon. He went to go get something to eat." She nodded.

"Boyfriend? Do you mean my best friend, Austin?" I asked confused.

"No, my name is Niall. I'm your boyfriend." A manly voice said.

"Niall? What're you doing here?! Where's Austin??" I started to freak out.

"He's in jail, Lee. He shot you. Don't you remember." His voice raised.

"No! Liar! I don't trust you! You're always mean to me! You bully me and call me names! Austin would never shoot me! He's a good kid! He's not in jail!" I screamed.

"Excuse me sir. But would you come outside with me for a minute?" The nurse asked Niall.

Niall nodded his head and followed her out. While she said something.

What's happening? Why is Niall acting weird? Austin shot me? He would never shoot me, right? Niall is just a liar. Why isn't Austin here then?

Niall walked back in. He told me everything that's happened.

"I don't believe you! You're lying!!" I screamed and tried to hold back my tears but they kept falling anyways.

Niall came closer to me but I kept pushing away until I wasn't strong enough and let him hold me while I cried into his neck.

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