Beauty of the Dark

“No. Don’t come find me. I won’t come back. You’ll only hold me back.” His voice held no emotion. It was monotone.

“What are you trying to say, Haz?” Her voice was laced with tears and it tore Harry apart, but he wouldn’t let her see that.

“I’m saying that I don’t love you, Ruby. You were convenient for while I was living here, but I’m going to London now. I can’t have you holding me back. You would only embarrass me if you came to visit.” He was already walking away, his back turned to her as she stood there, tears falling mercilessly down her beautiful face. She didn’t call out for him; she didn’t try to convince him to stay. She wasn’t sure when and why but she had lost her Harry and he had been replaced by a cold, hard monster.

Ruby/Harry & Louis/Emily/Zayn

Dark AU


3. Little Black Dress

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Harry Styles was good at facing his problems. He was cold and calculating and it wasn’t hard for him to make quick decisions. 8 years ago he left his heart in Holmes Chapel with a girl that he broke. Ruby Daniels would forever have his heart but he would never let anyone know. It was too dangerous. The only people he would ever trust were Zayn, Louis, and Liam. And of course Dawn. Dawn was the only woman Harry would show any affection towards. The leggy brunette had gained his trust when she informed Harry of a deal that his rival gang, The Wanted, was doing. Ever since then he took her under his wing and made sure she was nothing but happy. Not that making her happy was hard, Dawn was nothing but fun. She didn’t think things through, she just did. She followed her heart and her instincts. Sometimes that got her into trouble, but in the end, things usually worked out for her. Harry admired that about her. Sometimes he wished that he could have that. The freedom of being able to do whatever he wanted. 

“You’re too quiet.” Dawn appeared at the doorway of his office. Harry looked up at her, sighing. 

“What do you want Dawn?” Ever since Harry had seen Ruby he had closed himself off from the rest of the gang. And everyone was worried. As cold as Harry could be, he was still their best friend and they were a family. The last time he had shut them out was when his sister, Gemma, had been kidnapped. As soon as One Direction had gotten her back, Harry had gone back to being his old self. 

“You should talk to her.” Dawn wanted nothing more than to see the man she considered to be her best friend in love. She worried about him. As much as he said that he was fine with the way his life was, one night stands with trashy club girls was not going to make Harry happy. As good as Harry was at faking a smile and joking along with the rest of the boys, the only time Dawn ever saw the smile reach Harry’s eyes was when he was talking about Ruby Daniels. 

“I have nothing to say to her. I told her I wouldn’t come looking for her, and I can’t go back on that. She wouldn’t want to talk to me anyways. She ran from me.” Harry rested his head in his hands. He always knew that Ruby would hate him. That was what he had wanted. He wanted her to never want to be around him ever again, he wanted her to forget him. But he knew that a part of him held the hope that if he had ever seen her again, his old words would be forgotten and she would jump into his arms and he would engulf her tiny frame into his arms like he used to. 

“You’re both scared. It’s been 8 years though, Harry. You’re a different person. You both are. You know, I met Zayn’s girlfriend, Emily the other day. Lovely girl, she is. I asked her a bit about Ruby. Did you know she recently lost her parents, Harry? You said you were fine with leaving her because she had such a strong bond with her parents. Well she doesn’t have that anymore. Stop being a coward and make your old mistakes right. You were trying to be selfless when you left her behind, but you never gave her a chance to choose whether she still wanted you in her life. Give her that chance now.” Dawn gave Harry a quick kiss on his cheek, hoping he would make the right choice, before she skipped off to find the other boys. 


“Get up, you lazy slob, we’re going clubbing!” Emily stormed into Ruby’s room, pulling the duvet off of her sleeping friend. Ruby had been in bed for a week, feigning illness, when really she was just mourning. Mourning the loss of her parents just months ago and the loss of her childhood best friend. Seeing Harry had triggered something in her, reminding her of all the things that she had lost. 

“Just let me be.” Ruby knew that she wasn’t going to get her way. When Emily put her mind to something she got what she wanted. 

“No fucking way, Daniels. You’ve been cooped up in here for far too long. I made you dinner again. Get in the shower, it will be heated up for you when you’re ready, and then we’ll pretty you up for a night out on the town.” Emily shoved Ruby in the direction of the bathroom before she turned on here heel to get herself ready for the night. Zayn had invited Emily to the opening to a new club, called Divine. She knew there was a 100% chance that Harry was going to be there, but maybe it would push Ruby to face her problems. Besides, she wanted Ruby to try and get to know Zayn better and see that he was actually a really good guy. And to meet Louis. As much time as Emily had spent with Zayn, a lot of it had been spent with his friend, Louis. Louis was initially the one who noticed Emily and pointed her out to Zayn. He was also the one who convinced her that their gang wasn’t that bad. That they would keep her safe no matter what. He was her best friend, and she wanted her other best friend to like him too. She threw on a little red dress and pulled her hair out of her sock bun, letting it fall down her back in loose waves. Once Ruby had eaten, Emily sat her down, doing her make up. She threw a little black dress at Ruby before there was a knock on the door indicating that Louis and Zayn were there to pick them up. 

“Put it on and come meet Louis!” Emily said happily, trying to lighten her best friend’s mood. Ruby stared at the tiny dress in her lap, sighing before slipping into it. 


“He’s going to be there, you know.” Louis soft voice reached Ruby’s ears in the back seat of Zayn’s big black Range Rover. 

“You should tell her, you know.” Ruby threw Louis a pointed look. Louis looked at Ruby in alarm, flinching when he heard Emily giggle in the front seat over something Zayn had said to her. 

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Louis snapped. Ruby just smirked at him. 

“I see the way that you look at her. I’m her best friend; I’ve seen it all her life. She’s gorgeous, that’s why she’s a model. Men have always looked at her, wanting to use her, but the two of you. You both look at her like you want to shelter her, keep her safe and warm. It’s nice. But Zayn’s one of your best mates, so you should figure this all out before things get too messy.” Louis wasn’t too surprised by the wisdom that the girl held; Harry would never fall for someone that wasn’t perceptive. 

“You deserve that too, you know. The look. To feel safe. I know you’re mad at him, and you have every right to be, but you should hear him out. I know you two haven’t talked for a long time, and he’s really bad at showing it, but he still holds you above everyone else.” Louis could see the tears brimming the beautiful girl’s eyes. He had done enough meddling for now, but he just hoped that he had reached her. 

“I used to hold him above everyone else too.” 


Ruby had always loved clubs. Everyone was there for one thing: to have fun. Even if that meant going home with a random stranger, or getting way too drunk, it was all for the sake of fun. And even though she hadn’t been having too much fun lately, she missed the feeling too much. She walked in front of Louis, he had his hand on the small of her back, in a protective way, leading her to the VIP section. Her heart was racing at the thought that she was probably going to have to talk to Harry that night. She didn’t know why, but she trusted Louis with her life. They barely knew each other, but their first conversation had been so intimate. They got each other and they both felt like they would become close friends. Allies. And as much as Ruby had prepared herself to see Harry, the moment she caught sight of his messy curls, her whole body froze. Zayn and Emily continued on, greeting the notorious gang leader. She watched as the corners of his mouth lifted, giving Zayn a pat on the back, greeting Emily politely, giving her a small hug. Her heart dropped as she finally noticed the girl beside him. His arm was slung loosely, but protectively around her waist. She was tall, leggy, beautiful, exactly what she thought he would end up with. She didn’t look slaggy…she looked perfect. 

“Don’t worry love, that’s Dawn. She’s like a sister to all of us.” Louis had stopped beside her, leaning into her, speaking into her ear over the loud music. He looked up to see Harry staring straight at the pair. That didn’t go unnoticed by Ruby. Her breath caught in her throat as she stared into the familiar green orbs. The smirk froze on Harry’s face before falling right off into a frown when he noticed the apparent closeness between Louis and Ruby. 

“I don’t know if I can do this.” Her voice was a strangled gasp in her throat, but Louis grabbed her wrist, tugging her over to where his friends were sitting. 

“Everyone! This is Ruby Daniels.” Louis had always been one for dramatics, but this, this little introduction was enough to turn heads. Ruby Daniels was not unknown to The Wanted, who had eyes and ears everywhere, and they were not about to let Harry Styles get the one this that he wanted more than the fall of The Wanted

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