Niall's little sister (a harry styles fanfic)

Rosie Horan is Niall Horan's little sister but what happens when she falls in love with harry styles


2. 1

                          Rosie (pov)

today I decided to go shopping with Eleanor and Perrie  we went to all our favorite stores when we went home we heard screaming so we decided to take a look we saw the boys chasing Niall we went inside and Eleanor shouted " hey why are you running" Niall took all the food and ate it " Louis said.

                        Niall (pov)

    while the boys were sleeping I ate most of the food and took the rest out. rosie finally stepped into the conversation and she said " you go on tour with him and he probably take's all the food and your complaining just now." while Rosie was talking I kept seeing harry eyeing her I think we are going to have a talk later.


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