Life with boys

what happen when Niall and his little sister parent die and his little sister has to move in with Niall will there be drama, people getting hurt, or happiness read to find out!!!

Hope you like it and please comment if you have any idea for the story

~ thx guys


20. Telling asher, and tears

Liam (P.O.V)

I got off the phone and went to ash room she looked happy i felt sad that i have to tell her. Ash i started she looked up. Yeah she responded, Umm i dont know how to say it up niall and louis saw mason kidding some girl and im sorry. GET OUT she yelled. What? i asked, GET OUT OF MY ROOM NOW!!!. NO im not going i said to her. GET OUT OF MY ROOM NOW LEAVE ME ALONE she yelled and i walk out


Asher (P.O.V)

I can't stop crying, I trashed my room, I got a call i picked up without looking at the caller ID (Mason = M Asher =A)

M = Hello baby girl

A = What the hell do you want mason

M = woah what up with you

A = Oh nothing im just sitting on my bed crying my eyes out because of you

M = Why would you be doing that sweetheart

A = Don't call me sweetheart i know you cheated on me with some girl and please never call me again

M = Asher i was drunk please let me explain

A = No mason goodbye



(End of call)


I threw my phone at the wall and ran out of the house. I ran back in when I forgot that I left my phone inside. I grabbed it and ran out. I was running down the road barefoot when I saw Niall and Louis driving by. The car suddenly stopped and Niall jumped out after me. “ASHER, WAIT!” He yelled after me. I kept on running towards the bridge. Niall eventually stopped. I bet he figured that I would come back. I wasn’t coming back though. Only if, I came back from the dead.


Marlee (P.O.V.)

I was sitting on the couch when I heard Liam yell and Rose ran out, then back in, then back out. After about some time I got a text from Asher. It read, “I love you Marlee, but I have to go. Tell the boys that I died from murder. I plan on jumping off the bridge… Tell them that I love them dearly… Love, Asher…” I was pissed. I quickly got up off the couch and ran out the door. “MARLZ!!!!” Harry yelled behind me. I ignored him and kept running.


Asher (P.O.V.)

I was on the edge of the bridge. I was about to jump when I heard a voice behind me. “ASHER!” The voice yelled. I turned around and saw Mason. “What in the hell do you want!?” I asked him. “Don’t jump!” He replied. “WHY NOT!? You screwed up my life anyway!” I yelled back. Suddenly, he was punched in the face. I watched as Mason fell to the ground. I looked over to see Marlee standing there, panting. “Don’t jump Ashy..” She said with a terrified but strong look on her face. I ignored her and turned back round towards the water. I went to jump when I felt arms wrap around me. Marlee!


Marlee (P.O.V.)

I had grabbed Asher before she jumped. Thank god my pussy cat reflexes kicked in. I pulled her back up onto the bridge and set her down on her bum. “WHY!?” She yelled at me. “Because I love you like a fucking sister Ashy!” I yelled back. She smiled a little and cried. I sat down next to her. She rested her head on my shoulder. I could feel her small, cold hands touch mine. I held her hand to make her feel better. She giggled when I told her about the way Harry looked when I ran out of the flat.


Asher (P.O.V.)

I was glad to have a big sister to protect me and tell me that everything was ok. I suddenly heard a voice behind me. It was Jake. I turned around to see him standing there, smiling. “Isn’t it nice. To have a big sister to save your scrawny ass?” He asked still smiling. He had his hands in his pockets. “What the hell do you want!?” I stood up while asking this. “To see you die of course… What else?!” He replied while chuckling. “Fuck off Jake” I replied. He looked over at Mason, who was still on the ground, unconscious. He smiled and looked back over to me. I could hear Marlee getting up behind me. I could tell she was pissed. She was also SURPRISINGLY strong for her age. Anyway, Jake looked behind me and saw Marlee. He smiled and flipped his hair. She rolled her eyes and smirked. “Is this your strong ass sister?” He asked while walking towards Marlee. “Yeah…” I replied in a calmer voice. He walked passed me towards Marlee and I turned around. He was walking a circle around her, checking her out. “Well well well. She would be a nice one to fuck up.” He replied while putting his arms around her. She got pissed, I could tell in her face. She lifted her leg up and kicked him RIGHT where the sun don’t shine. He yelled out and fell to the ground. She was standing there, smiling and laughing. I joined with her. At this time, we had a crowd around us.


Marlee (P.O.V.)

I was still a little pissed. I pulled out my phone from my back pocket and unlocked it. Asher watched as I did so. I pulled up my contacts while I could hear sirens heading our way. I clicked on Harry’s contact and put my phone up to my ear. I put my other arm around Asher to keep her close to me. (M: Me, H: Harry)


M: I went to go save her. I got her and kicked some ass while I was at it.

H: Who?!

M: Jake and Mason…. Problem?

H: Why did you kick Jakes ass? I thought he was out of the picture.

M: He was, until he said he wanted to fuck me and he wrapped his arms around my waist….

H: That sick little bastard.

M: Yeah well, can you come get us?

H: Yeah, and do you need a first aid kit?

M: *Look at my arm, which is bleeding like crazy. Then I feel my lip, which is split* Yeah…

H: Ok we are on our way!

M: Ok, I love you baby.

H: Love you to, Love.

*Phone call ends*


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