Life with boys

what happen when Niall and his little sister parent die and his little sister has to move in with Niall will there be drama, people getting hurt, or happiness read to find out!!!

Hope you like it and please comment if you have any idea for the story

~ thx guys


15. sunday night party

Niall (P.O.V)

ASHER WAKE UP!! i yelled, What do you want i’m trying to sleep she responded, It time to get the party ready and you need to go to the girl house and get your lazy butt ready. Fine put get out of my room so i can get clothes on Niall walk out of my room. I got out of bed and got dress and then i called louis to come to my room louis walk in. Hey louis i said Hey what you need he reopened can you drive me to the girl house. Sure he said. I grab my phone and got in the car.


Perry (P.O.V)

I got a text from Asher that she was one her way


Asher (P.O.V)

Louis drop me off and i walk in to the house. There was my dress and the gir; This is gonna be fun o yelled oh hell ya perrie yelled. So is mason coming to night, I don’t know responded, well ill call him Perrie said with a smile. I got my hair done, then I put my dress on (Dress & hairstyles is at the bottom like always :P). I got done getting dress it was almost time to go back to the house so i can party. Perrie!!!! i yelled Yeah she responded back, Did you text mason yet I yelled. Yeah he coming she responded again ok!!!!.


Mason (P.O.V)

I got all dress up and i get to see my girl tonight i cant wait.


Niall (P.O.V)

Zayn got a text from perrie tell him to tell me that mason gonna be here tonight that just great. If they slow dance im gonna make sure there not to close…


Perrie (P.O.V)

Zayn text me back say niall is kinda mad but he have to let the girl live im i right. Like niall she fourteen i think she can take care of her self. But niall the brother so it up to him.


Asher (P.O.V)

i got to our home and mason was sitting in his car. When he saw me he smiled i also smiled. He got out of his car and walk over to me. wow you look beautiful he said, I blushed and said thanks. We walk in to the house and there were the boy danceing with some people. Taylor swift walk in and i glared at her she hates me and i hate her. She came up to me. Well look who we have her she laughed. What the hell are you doing here i asked her with a death glare. Well i saw the tweet and i decided to come she smiled. Well we hate you so you should leave I smiled and walk away.


Harry (P.O.V)

Asher came up to me and told me that taylor swift was here. What the hell is she doing here whatever just ignored her.


Asher (P.O.V)

Me and mason where dancing. A slow song came on and we started to slow dance. i was so happy then i heard mason say ash. I looked up and he kissed me i was shocked then we got pulled away. Niall was standing there mad. But not at us there person in front of us..

(A/N who do you thinking if front of ash and mason. comment who you think and also please comment what you think of my book. ~ thx guys)


(Asher dress)

(This Asher hair but in Asher hair color lol)








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