Life with boys

what happen when Niall and his little sister parent die and his little sister has to move in with Niall will there be drama, people getting hurt, or happiness read to find out!!!

Hope you like it and please comment if you have any idea for the story

~ thx guys


3. Spending time with Niall

Niall (P.O.V)

You look so differnt and i mean that in a good way i said to ash. thanks she smiled, so how was you day ash, she had an expression on her face that said i dont want to talk about it. What happened i ask her, ans she started to cry. i cant take it anymore niall i get bullied she said and i feel the anger building up in me. Ash m coming to schol with you tomorrow neither you like it or not. she just nodded and we watch a movie she fell asleep and i carried her up stairs. I walk to my room to see everything in the same place as i left it about 4  month ago. i took a shower and went to bed tomorrow gonna be intreating.  


A/N sorry fot the really short chapter 

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