Life with boys

what happen when Niall and his little sister parent die and his little sister has to move in with Niall will there be drama, people getting hurt, or happiness read to find out!!!

Hope you like it and please comment if you have any idea for the story

~ thx guys


14. Saturday Date night

Mason (P.O.V   

I woke up and ran to the bathroom to get dress (What mason wearing for the date at the bottom). i walk out and went to the store to buy asher some flowers. (The flower at the bottom). I walk out of the store. I got in my car and drove to asher house. I parked in the driveway and walk up to her door i knock on the door


Asher (P.O.V)

I woke up and looked at the clock it was 12;30 I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. i took a shower, put on my makeup, and put on my outfit .(outfit at the bottom) I walk out of the bathroom and saw the boys standing there looking at me angry mostly niall.


Niall (P.O.V)

I was sitting with on the conch with the boys when i heard  knock at the door. I open to see and guy standing there. May i help i ask with a confused look. Umm yes im here to pick up ash we are going on my date. Oh ok ill go get her. i closed the door and walk to the living room to tell the buy what happen and they seem mad. we walk up stairs and heard the water going we waited until the door open and there was ash standing there looking confused what? she asked. WHY IS THERE A GUY TELLING ME THAT HE TAKING YOU ON A DATE AND YOU DIDN'T EVER TELL ME i yelled. WELL I DID TELL YOU I WAS GOING OUT THE OTHER DAY AND WHY ARE YOU SO MAD. she yelled and ran to her room i ran after and she was getting her bag and her phone. Where do you think you going i ask. On the date that i told mason that i would go and she ran out the front door


Harry (P.O.V)

I never seen asher and niall fight but there brother and sister so i guess that how they fight


Louis (P.O.V)

What just happen we all just stand there shocked then asher running out and out the door.


Liam (P.O.V)

Wow just wow


Zayn (P.O.V)



Mason (P.O.V)

I saw asher ran out of the car mad. she got in the car and she was happy ready i asked yes let go and im sorry for the wait she said and then i gave her the flowers and she smiled you didn't have to get me these but thank you.


Asher (P.O.V)

He got me flower i was so happy and we drove wherever he was gonna take me. The way to the place i got a text message from niall

From Niall: We will talk later but you are in so much trouble and don't do anything that you are gonna regret later


To Niall: I wont and im sorry but I did tell you that i was going on a date


From Niall: Ok see you soon bye

To Niall: bye

i stop texting and looked at mason Omg i love him so much the car stop and i looked where we were and it was a club i looked and mason and he smiled i got out and we walked in were heard loud music and then i was in the club dancing with mason. We stop and sat down he had his arm around me i was having so much fun live while we're young right. Me and mason stop and started kissing and then he ask me if i would be his girlfriend yes i would love to your girlfriend mason. He smiled and we both walk out of the club He drove me home and i realized it was 10;20 and niall gonna kill me i got home and open the door to see the boys on the couch messing around and then they saw me.


Harry (P.O.V)

It about to go down


Louis (P.O.V)

Oh what do i do stay or go up stairs


Zayn (P.O.V)

Wow she look like she went to a club


Liam (P.O.V)

Here we go again


Niall (P.O.V)

I was the boy looking at asher and we could all tell she went to a club ASHER UP STAIRS NOW!! i yelled. she walk up stairs and walk in her room. WHAT DO YOU WANT NIALL JUST LEAVE ME ALONE she yelled. I WANT TO KNOW WHERE WERE YOU i yelled. I WAS OUT AND CAN YOU STOP YELLING AT ME YOU'RE JUST LIKE DAD ALWAYS YELLING AT ME HE WAS NEVER HAPPY WITH ME asher was know in tears. Ash im sorry i didn't mean to yell at you and where you at a club and im sorry and mason a nice guy and you the only real family i have left i just dont want to see you getting hurt. Niall you're never gonna lose me and i love you and thanks and yes i was at a club she said. ok night i walked out of her room and walk to the boy are you ok Louis asked yeah we are.


Asher (P.O.V)

I took a shower and went to bed.


(A/N comment what you think so far haha and what do you thinks gonna happen at the party in the next chaoter comment what you thinks gonna happen and sorry for not updating ~ luv you guys)

(What mason wearing)

The flower mason got Asher

What Asher wearing

It the black & white outfit











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