Life with boys

what happen when Niall and his little sister parent die and his little sister has to move in with Niall will there be drama, people getting hurt, or happiness read to find out!!!

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13. Date Night

Asher (P.O.V)

Asher will you go on a date with me…… ummm sure when Saturday OK ill be there can wait *skip rest of the day* I got home and saw the boys on the sofa i told them im going out on Saturday and they said ok i didn't tell with who ASHER  Niall yelled yes don't forget to find a dress for the party on Sunday OK. I started to thing about a dress i should wear. I need to go to the mall. I walk down stairs and told the boys my going to the mall and then i left. I called mason and told him if he can pick me up. (M= mason A= Asher).

M= mason; Hello

A= asher; Hey umm can you pick me up and drive me to the mall

M= mason; Sure where do you live?

A= asher; Umm hear the thing my brother doesn't know you so can you pick me up at starbucks

M= mason; Sure ill be right there

A= asher; ok thanks bye

(End of phone call)


Mason (P.O.V)

I got up and ran down stairs and got in my I drove to starbucks and saw asher she look so beautiful, She got in the car and i smiled and said hey, Hey thank for picking me up she said, No problem i said *Skip car ride* (Mason car at the bottom)


Asher (P.O.V)

We got to the mall and i walk out i really love his car.  Asher can i got with you he ask me. Sure let go but do you really want to go dress shopping i ask Yes he told me with a smiled. We both walk into the mall and everybody was following me. Asher why are people following you mason ask me. I umm Niall Horan is my brother i sided. He looked at me with shocked eyes. What i asked,  Nothing i just didn’t know, Sorry mason i didn’t know if i should tell anyone. It fine he laugh. We walk to a store that had a lot off dress. Then i found the perfect dress. (Dress at the bottom). I bought it and went to forever 21. i got 4 shorts, 4 shorts, and 4 pairs of shoes. and mason got 6 shirts. We went home and i walk the rest from Starbucks which isn't far. I walk up stairs and fell asleep.


(Manson car)


(Asher dress)

(What ash brought)

(What mason brought))

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