The boy with the shades

I see him around he's dangerous but wats under those black shades is it an act or is it true my mind tells me no but my heart says yes is it a game or is this real .......


3. this is gonna be great

When I got to mine I saw a note from my mom saying be home next Monday have a conference in London sorry love mom I just through it away I didn't really care I like the house by myself ! So I went up to my room and got in some black shorts and a blue v-neck and put my hair in a ponytail and some white and black converse and decide to go on a jog I took my phone and left I ran until I saw this park I stopped and just kinda sat there until I saw him I got up and started to jog again I felt someone grab my arm so I turned around were u going kitten some were away from u to be honest I was lost but I couldn't let him no oh kitten don't be mean don't call me kitten u know u like whatever styles I walk away until he went in front of me what now styles just wanted to say bye to my kitten bye I said bluntly he kissed my cheek and whispered in my ear bye he is so freakin hot I just want to make out with him but I would be giving in .so I finally got back to the house and took a shower and went to bed I felt so comfy in my bed and I was kinda happy about my first day ! So I woke up and decided to wear my blue thigh length with a black bow on the top and curled me hair and did my regular make up on and wore black flats I grabbed my purse-bag and texted Devan to see if she was gonna wear her dress she said yes and told me to meet her in front of the gates I said okay and left! I walk up to see Devan in a thigh length red dress with black and gold flats hey gorgeous hi beautiful I turned around cuz Devan sure didn't say that hi harry I decide i should be nice r u busy this Friday kitten actually yes I'm going to Linzys party he looked shocked at my response your going to that ya I have to sorry he looked me up and down and smirked it's ok I'll see u there I blush and me and Devan walk to the lockers .

Devans p.o.v

Lexi likes harry a lot but he's bad news and he's got a really good looking friend !

Lexi's p.o.v

I walk in to science and just talk to Devan until the bell rings I don't want to get in trouble today so I'm gonna not talk to harry hopefully he walks in and I isn't make eye contact he came and sat were he sat yesterday hey Hotts I just said hi and smiled then look down the phone rings and mr.beams answers ok yes sir thank u class I will be gone for 20mins don't make me disappointed harry leans over u look really good in that dress I blush then turn to him not to bad your self styles I wink if he gets to play his game I'm gonna play mine oh really ya don't flatter your self styles oh never that's your job I giggle and turn to Devan and she's smiling what oh nothin mr.beams comes back and looked mad class u must exit the building for 2 hours there has been a misunderstanding with the staff I got a text from Linzy saying me and Devan to meet her at the back of the school I told Devan and we left I was thinking Linzy was so sweet she wasn't like the mean cheerleaders u always think about I get to the back to see cheerleading team and her boyfriend ok girls I wanted to tell u guys to wear your uniforms tomorrow and look your best ! Ok so we r all about to walk off when my name got called Lexi ya Linzy u did well on the track yesterday have u done cheerleading um ya 4 years great we need a new co captain so if your up for it I would love to thanks no probs Lexi Devan was happy she heard it all so guess what lexis what I got louis number omg that's awesome so u and me shopping today love to dev ok I can't wait now let's go k so we were walking and louis came up to us hey Devan and he kissed her cheek she was red harry told me to tell u to me him In the locker room but we can't be In the school just go to the back and knock 3 times ok?

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