The boy with the shades

I see him around he's dangerous but wats under those black shades is it an act or is it true my mind tells me no but my heart says yes is it a game or is this real .......


2. school

I woke up to my mom telling me she is leaving for work and for me to get up . So I jump In the shower and just sit there thinking how this is gonna suck . I got out and decided to wear white skinny jeans and a cropped sweater that has the American flag on it I left my hair wavy and put on some mascara and eye liner to brighten my eyes and I wore black converse I got my coat on grabbed a apple and left I drove to school I have the knew jeep and it's all black with pink rims I'm not goth or any thing I just love black it's pretty ! So I get there and I sat in my car for a couple minutes and I finally got out just looking at my feet until clumsy me hit someone I looked up to a gorgeous guy with dark brown curls and emerald green eyes sorry i just stared at him for a couple more seconds do u like what u see he said oh great he's one of the bad boys sorry it's ok kitten I'm looking at a pretty good site to my cheeks went red until he said just watch were ur going next time I just walked away and he said this is when u apologize to me again that not gonna happen I left and went straight to the principles to get my list hello u most be ms. Hotts yes hears your list Devan will be showing u around I turned to see a beautiful blonde girl with green eyes to but not like that boys hi she said come on we have science lexi ok thanks so we walk in and the bell already rang so we were late I just took a seat in the back with Devan I was thinking until that boy walked in mr.styles thank u for showing up to class today no problem mr.beams I made eye contact with him and he made a smirk i quickly looked away and he took the seat rite next me hey kitten I didn't get your name well your not gonna get it feisty ms.hotts and mr.styles go to the hall and finish your conversation crap I got up and walked out with him rite behind me he shut the door and pushed me against the wall so ms.hotts nice name u got there can I have the first I turned him around for him to be on the wall well styles I didn't get yours it's harry well harry I'm lexi and I walked into the class and took my seat he came in after words finally it was lunch me and Devan had p.e next period so I just got some water when me and Devan went to the table until a cheer leader came up to us hi Lexi and Devan I didn't know how she knew my name but I just said hi? How would u like to be on the cheer leading team um why do u want us well we need to girls and we only allow pretty girls me and Devan said yes but it's was kinda mean well I'll come and get u in your next class what is it p.e I said so I made it through 4 periods I can do p.e so I got in to some black shorts they gave me they were some boody shorts and a gray shirt on it I walk out to see 5 guys in a circle and harry was in it Devan who r those other boys oh zayn liam Niall and louis she pointed to them all but blushed on Louis so she probably likes him we went over to the basket ball quart and just waited in till his hole gang came up to us omg can't this guy just leave me alone hey kitten I rolled my eyes and said hi when Devan was just standing there styles what do u want his gang was just like ooooo I don't know why well I want u but that's not what your gonna get I came here to see u kitten well u saw me so bye and me and Devan walked off u heard a whistle from the boys until that cheerleader came in I think her name was Linzy Lexi and Devan we walked to her and she handed us r uniforms and said meet her on the track so we went and changed into them they were half shirts with a tiny skirt I actually use to be a cheer leader for about 4 years and I loved it when we went out we had eyes on us and harry yelled kitten I didn't know I were a cheer leader well good thing u don't know me ! And we went to the the track It was just about all this crap about some party on Friday and look good so we went to are free period and finally the day was over I offered Devan a ride and she said yes I dropped her off at some big house and I went to mine .

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