The boy with the shades

I see him around he's dangerous but wats under those black shades is it an act or is it true my mind tells me no but my heart says yes is it a game or is this real .......


5. fun

Harry looked pisted I was laughing then all of a sudden he started to smile I turned around and before I could see a face I got pushed in I grabbed there hand to when we were under water It was Devan she looked at me and I nodded me and her went down and saw this kettle tunnel that leads to hot tub when we reached the surface in there she was giggling cuz u could here them freaking out when did u guys get that well my mom makes a lot of money so she designed it just incase of any thing happened in the pool so I could get out or something like that oh what does your mom do she works with celebrities oh cool now shh....

Harry's p.o.v

KITTEN were are u I was freaking out until I saw a small hole in the bottom of the pool I come up and point to it to show the boys I go in and I opened my eyes and see her leg I grab it and pull her under she was freaking out so I grab her and pull her to the top of the pool she opens her eyes and she looked beautiful no what am I saying I can't love someone I'm a bad boy but I do what ever harry she screams and starts to hit me I was laughing did I scare u oh no u just gave me a heart attack she said sarcastically she gets out and goes to Devan she gasps and runs to me giggling there kissing in my hot tub it's so cute ! I laugh we all get out and sit there and talk

Lexi's p.o.v

Do u guys want to go take a shower we have 2 up stares and 1 in my room and in the gym I know it's not enough but we can switch ya so I show the Louis and Niall the to upstairs Devan goes To my room an I showed harry the gym u turn the water this way and towels r in there ok so I'm walking out and he grabbed me by the waist do u care to join oh harry that's so sweet but no at least I tried kitten whatever I walk off and hut the door I go to my room and wait for Devan to get changed so I can get in the shower finally the warm water hits me and it feels amazing I clean my self and hair and just sit there I here the door open and I thought it was Devan so i didn't look I here the sit I the counter I look out and it was harry GET OUT !!!! Come on kitten no harry get out he just sat there I turn the water off grab a towel and left harry standing there I get my close and hurry up and change he comes out rite when I pull my sweats up so thank god I see all the guys on the couch Devan and louis cuddling awe u to r so cute ! Shut up she tree a pillow at me I caught it before it hit my far and laughed hey lexi ya Niall let's all stay at your place tonight if it's ok with u um ya I'm down with that but don't u need close ya well go gets some ok harry kissed my cheek be back in 20 minutes


I open the door and they walk in why did u guys ring the door bell u could have came in we didn't know louis said but know that we do I will next time harry said I just smirk and he winks ok let's watch a movie louis said get movie it was were the millers I put it in and sat by harry he grabbed my waist and pulled me close to him we snuggled and watched the movie I couldn't stop laughing and when he pulled his pants down harry covered my eyes I laugh what r u doing? I ask u can't see that babe I laugh and pull his hand down and finish the movie Devan passed out with louis on the couch Niall fell asleep in the chair and zayn was asleep on the love seat and I told liam were there's a guess bedroom and he went there I walked to my room and was about to pull my pants down to get in to shorts but I felt someone's eyes on me I turn around to see harry u can keep going u know oh it's ok harry but thank u for your permission and I walk into the bathroom and changed I walk in to see harry asleep on my bed I laugh and get in a minute later his warm arms wrapped around me I then drift to sleep I wake up and turn to see harry I whispered in his ear to get up but he didn't so I got on him and started jumping he turns on his back morning kitten morning styles I kiss his cheek and go to wake everybody up Niall was in my fridge louis was I don't know and Devan was in the shower so I thought I would to I go to my room and take a shower I get spanks and a tank top on and I got to my vanity and curl my hair and put make up on I get up to go to my closet when harry slaps my but I turn around and he says slap a** Friday I glare at him an just think this is gonna be a crazy day I go to my closet and put my skirt on good thing we were spanks cud u can almost se my put cuz how short this skirt is ! I take my tank top off cuz my back is facing harry and I put my shirt on it has to be tight for down stupid reason . Looking good babe thanks harry now I would get ready if I were u I walk down and see Niall in my fridge louis on the couch with liam and zayn Devan comes out with her uniform on and crimped hair with some make up and white toms I have my white converse on hey gorgeous I say to her oh thanks beautiful we were sitting there until harry walked down with black skinny jeans a black V-neck with a plaid button up shirt not buttoned tho and his curls he looked hot I was staring at him for a long time I guess and he smirks r u ready he said ya u boys will drive together and me and Devan will take my car k !

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