The boy with the shades

I see him around he's dangerous but wats under those black shades is it an act or is it true my mind tells me no but my heart says yes is it a game or is this real .......


4. alone

I went to the back and was going to knock until I stopped my self I fixed my dress and hair then knocked 3 times I looked back but he grabbed my hand and pulled me in there was one light on I got pushed against the wall and looked at harry why do I have to be pushed against a wall to have a conversation hi styles hey kitten I slipped out of his grip so why am I here as I walked past the lockers and he followed me cuz I wanted to see u oh whys that I pushed him against the wall to claim u he flipped me around and gave me a love bite on my neck it hurt I felt it and looked at him I was deciding if I was angry or upset I just put on a smile and kissed his cheek and whispered in his ear gotta go styles oh don't leave kitten to late I walked away leaving him there I told Devan I was leaving and to come to my house after school and that's what she did we left to mall I got a tight dress that was nude and had black lace over the nude with nude colored heels Devan got a tight black dress with a pick sash with a bow I. The back with pink heels she is going to stay over and she was texting louis so I got In the shower we were gonna go on a walk so I put on some skinny jeans and a black V-neck Devan borrowed skinny jeans and a white v-neck we were talking about how she liked louis I was laughing and u guys know how showed up hey kitten hi styles hi babe louis said that to Devan hi she said were u off to know were in particular ok kitten then your coming with us he grabbed my hand and started walking Devan was right next to me until she stopped me Lexi what is that on your neck crap I didn't cover it she looked at it and looked at a smirking styles she goes over bye him and whispered something in his ear and he just said I know It was awkward so I grabbed Nialls hand and start skipping I we stopped and I was laughing harry came over to us and pulled me over his shoulder and was walking around like this I soon just gave up and let him when he put me down he sat me on his lap while we were sitting on a bench so Devan guess what day it is tomorrow um... Friday no silly slap a** Friday she giggled I looked down and he was smirking we walked to my house and just sat there talking we went to the back yard and put r feet in I saw harry come out of the house I stand up pull him over to me hey styles I got really close to him hi kitten I leaned in and he did to before i kissed him I pushed him in when he reached the surface he looked pisted .

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