We meet at an army dance

Crystal and Elsa meet at army day when you go and see your parent or parents that work in the army. ever since they have been best friends. son after they meet Nia who was working at Starbucks. Who soon introduced them to Carrie. They all live together in a 5 bedroom condo in London. What happens when Crystal and Elsa ask the girls to go to a army dance and when they get there they see one direction playing. Crystals is a single parented girl who is waiting for her dad to get back but when word gets there what will happen. Read to find out....


1. Army Day

Crystals Pov:

Today was probably my favorite day of the year. Cause today was the day i got to finally see my dad again. its been a year and a half since my mothers death which is the last time i saw my father.

I hope to meet people who can relate to me right now.

But for now I got up out of my bed at my cousins house and went into the bathroom. I took a shower, brushed my teeth, and wrapped the towel around me secure. i was very insecure about my body.

I got dressed into:

a blueish color sweater with black leggings and the same color shoes as my over sized sweater. i braided my hair and put it up (go on a computer so you can see it) and I was off to Army day.

Elsas Pov:

I heard my grandma yell to wake up cause it was army day. My absolute favorite day! I get to see my dad and mom. They are both in the army thats how they meet. I took my shower last night so i was good. I went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth and brushed all the knots out of my hair then went back into my room to change out of my pjs and into my clothes for today

Elsas outfit:

I changed into a green army shirt black jeans black boots, my brothers dog tag, and I slung my green army bag over my shoulder. (Just look at it on a computer) and i was off to see my parents. I hopped in my grandmas car and drove off to the army day.

When i got there i saw a girl about my age sitting on the bench waiting so i went and sat next to her.

"so my name is Elsa whats yours?"

"Crystal nice to meet you. who are you here to see?"

"I am here to see my parents. You?"

"My dad... My mom died last year."

"Oh my god I am so sorry!"

"Its fine."

"Anyway I really like your hair!"

"Thanks it was my mothers favorite color. my dad doesnt know about it yet though"

"Oh well things happen. Oh I see my parents!" I say getting up "Wanna meet them?"

"I would love to!" she said jumping up.

We ran over to my parents who where looking for me

"Moma! Dada!" I yell giving them a hug.

"whos your friend Elsa?" My father asked

"I am Crystal." she said extending my arm "Im here for my dad"

"Its lovely to meet you dear. Whos your father?" my mother asked

"HIM!" She yelled running up to a man who picked her up and spun her around.

"She seems nice dear"

"Yeah shes really close to her dad"

my parents looked over to where she was hugging him.

"her dad is Captin?" my father asked "i didnt know he had a daughter" he said looking to my mother who also looked very confused.

I looked back to Crystal dragging him over to us

"Sir" My father said

"How are you?" her father said

"Good good. are you coming back for the dance next month?" My  mother said

crystal looked at her dad hoping

"yes sir" her father said

*5 hours later*

"Bye girls" our parents got back on the boat

neither of us where crying knowing we would see our parents again in a month.

We both looked at each other, smiled, and said, "Starbucks" in the past 5 hours we became very close friends we are moving in together soon to! we linked arms and hopped into my grandmas car and i drove to Starbucks.

Crystals pov:

we just pulled into starbucks parking lot and we got out of the car and linked arms and walked in.

we ordered and sat down. A girl soon brought our drinks to us.

"Hey im Nia" she said happily

"Hey im crystal and thats Elsa" I said and elsa raised her hand and waved. Nia sat down with us and we got to know eachother.

*One week later*

so Nia intruduced us to her friend Carrie and we are all really close.

we are all moving in together and we are going house shopping today!



I am still  very insecure with my body, i still have brusis and cuts all over my body.

"crystal you ready yet! your friends are here!" my cousin yelled

"COMING!" I ran downstairs to the girls

"Crystal! babe really long sleeves your going to die its so warm outside!"

"No! i will be fine! lets go!"

*10 houses later*



"I think this is the house guys!!!"


*3 months later*

"Hey guys can you come here quick me and Elsa have a question for you!"

they both ran down


"NO no no no no, thats not it at all" I said

"Good! whats up?"Nia asked

"Wellll.... as you both know we both have family in the army and there is going to be a dance and we want youn both to come"

"I would love to when is it!" they both yelled at the same time

me and Elsa looked at eachother then back to them.


*the next day*




"okay guys we have to be there in 20 lets head out!" we all hopped into the car and drove off to the dance. Elsa spotted her parents and ran off. then the preformers came out. i guess its a  band called One Direction

"alright everybody my name is liam this is Harry, Louis, Niall, and Zayn if you have already found your parents or parent please come out to  the dance floor. everybody went over to the dance floor everyone exept me, Carrie and Nia and a couple security gaurds for the band. after the band played one song a man who looked quite sad came up on stage.

"can i please have Crystal Mickrey up here please" everybody looked at me as I walked up onto stage.he held his hands out so i would hold onto his.

"Sweetheart, we all loved your father, he was a nice nice man" my eyes started to tear up as i know whats going to happen. i saw all the girls walk up to the front of the stage.

"Sweety, when we where on the boat your father was shot and fell off of the boat" by the time he was over all the girls where running up onto the stage knowing what i was going to do after. I started to cry. my legs gave out but before i could fall the girls helped me up off the stage.I ran from them i knew there where people chasing me but i knew i could make it to the dock. I was about to jump off but i felt to large hands wrap around mmy waist and pull me back.

"common calm down everything will be okay"


"Shhh shhh calm down your friends are worried"

"Thank you" i whispered into his chest

"Any time" he whispered back "Anytime"

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