"Andy, you know what people refer to us around these parts?" I look up at his piercing grey eyes, distracted from my current situation, his tone of voice distracting me long enough for him to fully grab my attention. I have a questioning look on my face. He ignores it, wanting to hear words spill from my mouth. "Andrea?" he presses further. "No, what do they call us?" I ask quietly, utterly curious. his eyes divert from mine temporarily, looking towards the woods adjacent to us. I move from my position of my head in his lap. His hands fall from where they were playing with my hair. My facial expression presses him to a sigh. He then lifts his eyes to mine, amusement laced through his features. "Runaways." he says with a wide smile spread across his face. I left out a loud laugh. Well, that is what we were. Runaways.


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

"No, Andrea that is most definitely not acceptable." He states. I look down at my food that has been left untouched. I can't stomach a single thing. 

I nod agreeing with him, as that's the only thing that I'm able to do in a situation like this. "Okay," I say. This was something that I was unable to argue with. Although, something told me to keep pushing this. "But dad I really want to-" he cuts me off by putting a hand in the air.

"End of discussion Andrea." I look to my left and see Jason, my younger brother slumped in his seat. My mother's seat is empty. She was out tonight, with some of her girlfriends. Apparently they hadn't seen each other in a long time and needed to catch up, even though they had only just seen each other the week before. We all knew she was just escaping this dysfunctional family. "You know, your sister Madison is getting her doctorate, and what are you doing? You are sitting here, telling me you plan to become a musician. No. You will not bring such shame to our family."

I thought it was the end of discussion? I snort inside of my head. 

He would not stop comparing me to Madison, my perfect older sister. She was prom queen her senior year, along with the captain of the cheer team, and above all that, valedictorian of her class. She was this blonde haired, green eyed perfect girl, every parents dream. Me? I was the brunette, blue eyed outcast. No one knew my name, all I was known by was the major fuck up I had last year. I was shy, unable to speak to anyone who approached me. I was the girl that stayed in her room on weekends doing nothing but playing the guitar. I'm the girl who is known as Madison's sister.

"You are a disgrace to this family," he says nonchalantly. I guess I'm that, too. I desperately wanted to stand up and scream at him, telling him I was, in fact, not a disgrace and that I would prove it. But everything in me was bubbling with fear. Fear that I would be shut down. "You are worthless! Go to your room!" I look to my left and see that gratefully Jason has managed to escape to his room. 

I trudge my way upstairs, collapsing on my bed. I bring a pillow to my face, muffling the sounds of my screams. I lift the pillow from my face, ignoring the water marks from my face that are smeared onto the pillow. Before I can finish my thought, I hear a crash. I quickly jump out of my bed, before seeing a boy laying on the ground groaning in pain. His eyes are screwed shut and he's rolling slowly on his back. My eyes widen. I look directly across from me, where there's a window. Inside, I see a girl lying in the bed, sheets strewn across her body, eyes closed as she breathes, unaware of the boy who just escaped through her window. 

I look back down at the boy who is now standing, his hair is wild, pieces all over the place as if fingers had been run though it hundreds of times. With lack of better description, it was sex hair. He had just had sex with the unknowing girl and now he was leaving. The boy was undoubtedly attractive. Definitely the most attractive guy I've seen in person before. His hair was a dark brown, practically black. I couldn't tell what color his eyes were, since he was too far away and he was currently tying his shoe. His shirt was strained against his arms, showing his muscles. Ink peeked out of the edge of the white t-shirt, and his face was so perfectly defined I was sure I could slice my bread with his jaw.

I glance back up at the sleeping girl, her blonde hair scattered across her pillow and I immediately felt bad for her. She had just been played. I look back down at the boy for the last time, deciding to go back to bed after I drink him in once more. I suck in a sharp breath when I realize he's looking straight at me. His eyebrows are crinkled in confusion and his lips are pressed together in a straight line. I flush, quickly moving out of his sight. 

After a few minutes I sneak a peek back out but I see nothing but grass. I look up, seeing the girl wrapped in nothing but her sheet, looking out the open window, tears streaming down her face. She catches my eye, and I send her a pitiful glance before making my way back to my bed. I can hear faintly from downstairs some yelling between my parents. My mother must've arrived from her "girl's night". 

I sigh loudly and dramatically. I stand up for the millionth time that night, grabbing my sweatshirt and flinging it over my body, throwing the hood up. I grab my phone shoving it into the pocket of my jeans. 

Not wanting to face the people downstairs, I open my window. I can hear the soft crying of the girl across from me. I choose to ignore it as I would not say the right thing in times of comforting. I swing my legs over the edge, looking down. My vision wavers from the height. 

"You can do it Andy, it's not that far, if that guy can do it, so can you. No big deal right? Come on Andy." I mutter to myself. The sobbing had stopped but I refused to look up but to stay focused on the task at hand. Before I can object to myself, I push myself off of the window. I let out a squeal as I fall through the air. I land with a thump onto the ground. 

"Fuck," I groan. I hear soft laughter coming from above. I open one eye and push myself up with one hand, the other clutching my stomach, although I had a feeling my stomach was now in my throat. 

I see the blonde haired girl staring down at me with a small smile on her face. "You alright?" She question, a small Texas accent tainted her voice.

My eyes widen. She had actually spoken to me. I can't tell you the last time that someone had spoken to me unless it was to make fun of me. Besides my family, of course, although they make fun of me a handful, too.

"I.. Uh.. I, um, I.." I scramble up to my feet, making my hood fall off my head. "Uh.." I look around awkwardly before deciding to do the one thing I was actually good at doing. I ran. I could hear her loud joyous laugh as I ran down the street. I crosses the road coming near a park. I speed up, hoping to get as far away from the nice girl as possible. 

Before I know what's happening, I'm slipping over the ice that paved to sidewalks and lading on my back. 

What is with me falling today? My head groans. 

"My ass..." I groan loudly. I hear a low chuckle in front of me. Big hands grip my wrists, and soon enough I'm being hauled up. My eyes are squeezed shut, afraid to look at the person in front of me. My eyes snap open when I smell smoke. 

I come face to face with a boy holding a cigarette between his teeth. My words slip from my thoughts. It was him. The boy who jumped out of the neighboring window of mine. 

I suddenly become very aware of his hands. One casually resting on my hip while the other still hold my wrist. I glance between the two large body parts before scrambling like eggs away from him. He looks at me with an amused expression. 

"Not to keen to my touch, eh?" He says as he blows smoke. I notice a bit of metal that rings over his bottom lip. He suddenly takes a step closer to me, placing his hand back on my hip, the other hand holding the cigarette. He smelled of cigarettes and mint. I practically collapse from the deliciousness of the smell. He leans in close, his breath fanning over my neck. "Or it's the exact opposite. You're scared of how it will feel." The hand that was placed on my hip slowly wraps around landing on the small of my back, pulling me towards him. My body is practically twitching with electricity from the touch. 

I quickly put my hand up, putting it as a barrier between us before pushing away from him, taking a couple of steps back. A stupid smirk is placed across his face, which is in no way attractive at all. Note the sarcasm. 

He takes another step, and I mimic the opposite. He raises the cigarette to his pink lips, before lowering it and releasing more smoke. As soon as that happens he drops the cigarette before stepping on it with the heel of his boot. He turns his attention back towards me.

"So, what's your name, princess?" He asks, his voice lowering. I take a deep gulp and in a split second, I'm off and running again. But this time, I hear boots against the sidewalk behind me. I speed up, but my lack of athleticism caught up to me as his hand wraps around my wrist and he pulls me back to him. 

I let out a screech as I collide with his chest. My hand immediately flew up and I smacked him across the face. I gasp, surprised by my own actions. He stares at me in shock, and I'm sure my face mimicked his own.

"I'm.. Uh.. I'm.. Er.. So-sorry." I quickly apologize before swiftly turning around. 

"She speaks!" He exclaims and I risk a glance back and he has a smile on his face, hands hidden in the pockets of his leather jacket. I let a small smile trace its way onto my lips. "Hey, you're that girl that was staring at me out of your window weren't you? I'm Holden." He says with a smirk before holding out his hand to me. 

Holden. Where had I heard that before? 

Oh, that's right. Holden Daniels, self-proclaimed bad boy, player, rule breaker, rebel, and best friends with breaking the law.

"D-Daniels?" I stutter. His eyes are filled with humor as I turn back towards him. 

"I'm guessing you've heard of me." His mouth adds a smirk to his features. It only widens as I shyly nod. "You go to Bridgelake?" Once again I nod while observing my feet. "Guess I'll see you there, Andrea." My head snaps up to him. How did he know my name? 

"H-how.." I start before he point to my chest. I look down and see I was wearing a jacket with my name on it. I almost sigh in relief that he wasn't some stalker. As far as I knew.

"Later Andrea." He says before swiftly turning and strutting away. Yes, he was strutting. And it was hella hot. Yes I just said hella hot. 

I shakily turn around and make my way back to my house. Not caring if my parents see me walking back into the house, I walk up to the front door before walking straight through and up to my room. Luckily, both of my parents were still in their fight which had now carried to the other room, but had not muffled the shouts. I collapse onto my bed, staring at the ceiling. 

Grey. His eyes were grey.


I push the bright red doors open, keeping my head down and walking straight to my locker. I had memorized how far to walk and where to walk to my locker without looking up. 

Once I finish my trek to my locker, I open it and grab my books out of the metal deathtrap. I call it that because I have been stuffed into it. Multiple times. I slam the door to it, only to let out a loud squeal. There he was, in all his supermodel glory, Holden Daniels leaning against the locker adjacent to mine. 

His smirk appears onto his face. "Jumpy much?" He laughs. I stay silent, unable to keep this conversation going. So I begin walking towards my first class. "Woah, woah, woah. Not so fast, there princess." He says, matching my walking pace and walking next to me. I raise my eyes, noticing we had attracted a few pairs of eyes. It's not everyday you see the biggest outcast in the school walking side by side to the bad boy. 

"Um, I, uh, um," I try to speak. 

"Yes?" He asks playfully, that damn, cute smile on his face. I look up at him through by eyelashes. I look away, biting my lip, unable to keep my eyes on him for to long without ogling. "Dammit, don't do that." He groans.

I send him a questionable glance, wondering what I did. My lip is tugged between my teeth in thought, thinking about what I had done with the last 20 seconds. 

Before I know what's happening, he has me pinned against the lockers, breath traveling down my neck. My breathing increases, my chest heaving up and down. I look around and see that we are the only ones that are left in the hallway. 

"Quit biting your lip and looking all innocent and cute or I'll just have to take you right here, right now." He says through gritted teeth, eyes dark with lust, almost to black. My breathing has become sporadic. I felt like I was going to pass out from the close proximity of our bodies. "Nervous?" He asks, his voice husky and sexy. 

I shake my head quickly.

"So you wouldn't mine if I did this?" He asks, before lowering his lips onto my neck. He trails kisses all up and down my neck, then along my jaw. My lower lip is immediately tugged between my teeth to hold back the moan as he nips at the place where my neck meets my jaw. His tongue traces a trail to my earlobe as he takes it between his teeth pulling it towards him. 

When my mind fully becomes aware of the activities that are occurring, I place my hands onto his chest, forcefully pushing backwards. He doesn't budge. 

Think fast brain. 

Kind of hard to do with a soon to be Calvin Klein supermodel making out with your neck. He begins to suck harshly at the area around my collar bone. 

I suck in a sharp breath before slamming my foot on his. He lets out a yelp of pain, and I take this moment to push him backwards. He stumbles, in awe of what I just did. I have to say, I am too. Before he can get a word out, I'm sprinting down the hall towards my first class. 

I stumble in late, tripping over my own feet. All eyes are on me. The teacher lets out a huff of disapproval at my tardiness. 

"Any excuses?" The teacher asks, looking at me suspiciously.

Yeah, uhm this really hot guy just started sucking my neck and I couldn't get away from him so I stepped on his foot and ran away. 

"No," I grumble. I groan even loader when he hands me a pink detention slip. I have never had detention in my life! It was all because of that stupid, know-it-all, hottie, charming, stupid boy. 

The girl next to me leans over to me, smirking. I nervously glance in her direction. Why is she leaning over?

"Nice hickey." She laughs. My breath catches in my throat. I slowly look down to my chest, unable to see anything. My fingers trace along my neck before flinching when coming across a rough patch of skin. It was painful to touch. 

I hurriedly take down my hair, covering it up as much as possible. 

Damn you Holden Daniels. Damn you.

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