You and I


48. Try Hard

After the party Louis and I went to sleep the boys were knocked out they were sleeping the whole day they were so tired we didn't open the presents until late afternoon they got cloths mostly and some toys Louis got them two tricycles they had their favorite characters on the bikes one Spongebob and one Superman the boys were really quiet and looked like they would fall asleep anywhere we had to go to another party at Stella's tonight I got up at around 4 and started getting ready I took a shower blow dried my hair and curled the tips I put on a circular black dress with my heels I did my make up and got the boys ready in a warm onesie it was starting to get hot but the night was fresh and I was scared of them getting sick I woke Louis and he got in the shower we had to wait for him for about twenty minutes he carried the boys to the car and we drove to Stella's house she answered hugging us and leading us to the backyard we followed and greeted everyone the boys were asleep in their car seats they couldn't stay awake after the night they had Louis started drinking with the boys and I ground my teeth ignoring him and talking to some old friends he put his arm around my waist and I got up going to get a cup of soda when I came back his eyes were on me I sat down and he leaned closer"what's wrong?"he asked I shook my head angry with him for drinking I didn't need him to start drinking I had enough of that for a lifetime we went on like that for a while he kept on trying to touch me and I always figured a way to break away from him Jazmin saw my frustration with Louis so she grabbed my hand and guided me to the dance floor we started dancing moving to the beat and spinning around after we danced a few more songs we sat down breathless Louis was gone and Stella was dancing with Niall I got up and made my way toward them "where's Louis?"I asked her she saw me approach and pointed inside I followed her instructions I opened the door to the house and closed the door again the music was muffled my heels clicked against the hard wooden floors as I made my way to the living room Louis was snoring on the couch the boys were in their car seats sleeping I sat down next to Louis and moved hair from his forehead he opened his eyes feeling my touch he relaxed seeing it was only me he put his arm on my lap and pulled me closer he smiled at me and I kissed his forehead he just looked at me with tired eyes "come on let's go home"I said he got up following me out we didn't bother saying bye to everyone that would just take more time and I didn't want Louis to be sleep deprived I drove home and Louis was back to snoring softly in the passenger seat his head leaning on the window I smiled and pulled into the driveway in our house Harry's car was parked in front I furrowed my brow and got out quickly Louis was still snoring away in the passenger seat I opened the door and Harry was leaning against the wall he looked up as I came in I walked over to him looking into his eyes he seemed sober and I was still mad as hell at him I lifted my hand and attempted to slap him but he caught my wrist "you wanna try that again sweetheart?"he asked I ripped my wrist away from him "what the hell are you doing here?"I asked "what do you think I'm doing here?"he asked "I don't have time for guessing games Harry the boys and Louis are in the car and I just wanna go to sleep"I said "Char have you ever thought anything through?"he asked I felt like I been slapped in the face"thought what through?"I asked "your life?"he asked "you got pregnant by an international pop star when you were 20 what if he decides to leave you,you know Louis he's always putting himself first,his career probably matters to him more than you and the kids"he said "yeah his kids,you can't just expect me to believe this bullshit"I said "it's not bullshit but I'm asking you if you ever need help with anything you do know I'm here for you right?"he asked I sighed pursing my lips "just promise me you won't forget I love you or the kids"he said when I didn't answer he walked toward me and kissed my forehead pulling my neck to cuddle him he pulled away after a few moments and left closing the door softly I followed him out going to the car and grabbing the kids as he drove off in his car it woke Louis he smiled at me sleepily and helped me with the kids we put them to bed and went upstairs he hugged me and we fell asleep I couldn't get Harry's words out of my head my gram was coming the next day so I woke up early showered and got the boys ready Louis was still snoring on the bed I shook his arm gently he looked up his hair was a mess he smiled at me sleepily "you need to get up and shower my grandma is coming today"I said he sighed "that's today?"he asked "yup so you need to get ready I'm gonna go buy the good and set up outside so you need to hurry"I said grabbing the boys hands I went downstairs I drove to the store and paps swamped over me and the boys I was scared id lose them and held onto their tiny hands tighter we finally got into the store got what we needed and went back out the paps commented offensive remarks asking me questions which were propaganda I just hurried along with the boys and put them in their car seats driving off quickly I got to the house and Louis was sitting on the couch drinking a beer I sighed and put all the bags in the kitchen he wrapped his arms around my waist "what's wrong babe?"he asked "I need to go pick up my gram can you watch the kids and set up outside?"I asked "yeah sure"he said I twisted around to face him and he leaned down kissing my lips softly I smiled at him as we broke away he kissed my forehead and as I started walking away he smacked my butt"Louis"I said he put his arms up in mock defense "sorry I couldn't help it"he said I laughed and I grabbed my purse and keys fixing my dress and driving to the airport I parked and walked through the terminals I finally got to the terminal from Spain and waited she came out slowly she smiled once she saw me she was 83 years old and she was still traveling that crazy old lady she hugged me "aye mi bellisima" she said squeezing me tight"grams"I said hugging her "no soy ran vieja eh"she said I laughed "ok sorry"I said we picked her bag up from baggage claim and drove home she changed the radio station ,or tried to changing the station to static "que quieres escuchar?"I asked her "espainish"she said her accent making me giggle I switched the radio station and put on her Spanish music we got to the house and we got out I helped her with her bags she went inside and Louis greeted me helping me with the bag "grams este es Louis"I said "Louis this is my grams "I said he nodded she pulled him into an embrace dropping her bag he hugged her back smiling she pulled away squeezing his cheeks I tried to hold in a laugh "the boys are in the back they started cooking already"he said going into the guest room and putting the bag on the bed I led my gram outside the boys were playing in the grass "Leo Luke!"I called out the looked up running over to me or stumbling my gram just looked at them her smiled growing wider and wider she looked at the boys admiringly "babies this is your grandma"I said "andma?"Leo asked "yes baby"I said he reached out to my grams and she took him hugging him her eyes filled with tears I almost cried looking at them my eyes watered and everyone looked over holding the same expression as I did Louis came out wrapping his arms around my waist "they're beautiful"she said tearfully I smiled Luke was scared pushing his face into my chest she put Leo down an I put like down they ran off and we made out way to the gazebo sitting on a bench everyone exchanged pleasantries and we all began talking after nightfall everyone was full except Niall and we all listened to my grams tell stories about my childhood. Everyone just laughed as she told the stories looking at me occasionally Louis was such a sweetheart with grams after the barbecue everyone wanted to go to the pub I didn't want gram to be alone she reassured me she would take care of the boys and she wouldn't be alone she pushed me out the door kissing my cheek and ruffled my curly hair I laughed feeling uneasy Louis led me to the car we got in the car and I played with my hands restlessly Louis grabbed my hand and squeezed "they'll be fine"he reassured me I slightly relaxed and we got to the pub once we got in Patrick the bartender recognized us waving and Niall and Patrick exchanged a few words yelling across the room I laughed Niall got up and went to go order our drinks I knew he was gonna order something strong and not surprisingly he ordered tequila shots for everyone he brought them back and Louis and I protested "come on you guys live a little"Niall "we have kids Niall we can't just drink recklessly like we did before"Louis said "it's one night,when did you guys get so boring?"he asked under his breath I looked at Louis and grabbed a shot glass "YOLO"I said and shot it back the bitter taste went all the way to the back of my throat and I bit the lemon Louis just watched me half amused I smiled at him and that's when the door slammed open

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