You and I


5. Truly,Madly,Deeply

We went inside and went inside the showing room it was nearly empty "what if your fans saw you?"I asked tensing up "they wouldn't "he said reassuringly he grabbed my hand and squeezed it helping my anxiety  we watched Paranormal Activity 4 and it was pretty scary Louis got more scared than I did I laughed at him and we had a popcorn fight by the end of the movie we sat down outside on the tables as we waited for the coffee we ordered "so anyways what's you full name?" Louis asked "Charlotte Rose La Baouf" "Beautiful name are you french?" He asked "My mom's side of the family is French and my dad is Spanish and Italian" I said "you're Mixed?" he asked I nodded "wow" he said speechless I laughed "what's your full name?"I asked "Louis William Tomlinson" I nodded "I'm not anything exotic or anything I'm proper English" he said I laughed "Oh My God Louis Tomlinson!" a girl screeched his eyes widened and we turned to see a stampede of girls running towards us  he pulled me up running towards the exit and running to the car  we got in the car and he gave me his hoodie I put it on putting on the hood as we drove past the fans that crowded the car I faced my lap and we drove away I relaxed we were breathless we drove to his apartment once we got inside Harry and the boys looked up with concerned faces "Bad news Mate.."Harry said pointing to the T.V We came in and looked at the T.V "Louis Tomlinson was spotted at the local movie theater with  a new girl it is unconfirmed if they're dating or not but it seems like their relationship is going to the next level"Louis looked at me as pictures came on the screen ,it was me in the car,in the theater, while we ran I looked up at him I didn't know what to do he just shrugged "can we go talk in the room?"Louis asked I nodded we walked to his room he closed the door behind him I sat on his bed "so what's up Lou?"I asked "I just wanted to know if you were alright?" he asked "I'm fine why?" I asked "it's just that I thought you wouldn't want to be friends with me anymore after today" he said "Are you kidding me?that was like the most fun ever"I said laughing "Are you serious?" he asked surprised "Yes I'm serious I've never had that much fun ever" I said "So,Your boyfriend, he never did anything for you?" he asked "J.C and I have known each other for years and we just started dating two years ago  and he changed he didn't want to go anywhere he just wanted to play video games but he'd have me there I was bored out of my mind I  like video games don't get me wrong but he was just....." he looked at me worriedly and lifted my chin up with his hand "I'm glad you broke up with him, you don't deserve to be treated that way" he said my eyes burned with tears "Don't cry love" he said quietly wiping my tears away with his thumb "if you want we could go to a very crowded place and we can do this again?" he asked which made me smile laughing through my tears "see,It's much better to smile than to cry" he said  I hugged him and he hugged me back he laid me down. He began to hum,the vibrations from his chest soothed me " Would you like to come with us this summer?" he asked "On tour?" I asked he nodded "You look like you a break from all the problems" he said "I have to tell my mom" "well if i'm sure if you told your mum that you need a break she'll let you go" he said "but we have to leave in a few days" he said "I'll call my mom" I said getting up from the bed he sat up watching me I called my mom she answered on the first ring "Charlotte..Where were you?" she asked worriedly "I  was at a friend's house sorry I fell asleep and I went to the house earlier and you weren't home so we came back" "oh,I'm sorry dear' she said "It's ok well,I wanted to ask you a big favor" I said "yes" she said " remember the band Stella and I went to see last night?" "yes" "Well they invited me to go on tour with them" I said crossing my fingers I heard Louis laugh "well you're old enough to make your own decisions I just want you to be careful and don't do anything you'll regret" she said "I won't thanks mom" "Love you dear" she said "Love you too mom" I said hanging up I smiled at Louis "she said yes" I said he got up hugging me now all I had to do was go home and pack.

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