You and I


40. Towers

He fell asleep softly snoring I watched him slowly breath in and out Louis texted me "do you wanna go home?"he asked "no I think I'll stay"I said "ok"he texted back I put my phone on the table and pulled my legs up to my chest hugging them I cried and fell asleep "Char"I woke up to the sound of my name "what?"I asked jerking up and looking around Harry was looking at me intently " you should get home"he said I yawned "what time is it?"I asked "it's 10:34"he said I wiped my eyes sleepy I took a deep breath I could barely see my eyes were so puffy "are you ok?"he asked "not really no"I said fighting back a fresh batch of tears "don't cry love"he said wiping my eyes with his thumb "it's not your fault please don't cry"he said ""who's fault is it then?"I asked "mine"he said I shook my head he pulled me closer "I did this to myself,it's not fair that you blame yourself"he said "but it is my fault all of these things they happened because of me"I said and the tears came involuntarily they sprang out and he wiped them away I stood up wiping them harder than I should've "you can't just tell me all these things and expect me not to blame myself"I said he sat up wincing I almost stepped toward him and helped him but he sat up I stopped walking and stayed in one place his eyes seemed to plead with me to stop torturing myself "please just don't do this anymore Harry"I said he licked his dry thin lips "I don't know if I can"he said sounding defeated I sat on the chair once again "you can,I know you can,you're a strong guy you can get over this...and me"I said he looked at my hands on his hand I pulled away "I need to go home and shower ...please don't do anything stupid"I said I grabbed my phone and tried to call a cab but my phone was dead I went to the pay phone picking it up I decided not to I started walking home I looked around deep in thought what the hell is Harry thinking?did I really do this?I asked myself I got home late in the afternoon Niall Liam Zayn Perrie and Louis were sprawled on every comfortable surface in the living room the tea they were drinking had gone cold by now I snuck past them and went upstairs to take a shower after my shower I put on some light ripped skinny jeans and a loose black sweater and put on my combat boots I went downstairs and everyone was awake and sitting on the couch or in Niall's case laying on the floor half awake they looked up as I came in "hey babe"Lou said Liam scooted over so I could sit next to him I sat down next to him and he kissed my cheek grabbing my hand "how'd it go?"he asked in reality I wanted to tell him Harry poured his heart out to me but I couldn't it just seemed too personal "he's going to rehab and we talked but if you wanna know he's gonna have to tell you because their his secrets to tell not mine"I said they all understood

*****5 months later*****

I woke up late by myself Louis went to Visit his mom I couldn't go cause I had a lot of doctors appointments I was close to my due date I got up putting on some leggings and a loose white shirt and some flats my feet were huge they were swollen and Louis called "hello?"I answered folding the laundry I just did "hey babe how are you doing?"he asked "I can't bend over"I said he laughed "I'm sorry"he said "yeah you better be"I said he sighed "I miss you"he said "I miss you too"I said "how are my boys doing?"he asked "their huge"I said looking at my huge belly he laughed once again I sighed I stopped doing laundry the boys knocked and opened the door halfway I popped my head out of the laundry room I waved at them "the boys are here" I said they all crowded the outside of the laundry room "wow you're actually cleaning"Zayn said I gave him the finger and put the phone on speaker "Louis!"the boys screamed "what's up guys how's it going?"Louis asked "good"the boys answered "when are you coming home?"Harry asked "I'll be home soon Harry"he said calmly Harry nodded "how's your mom babe?"I asked "she's tired the twins have been going crazy lately"he said "how?" I asked her twins were a few months old "they wake her up in the middle of the night and I don't know"he said "I'm sorry babe"I said "it's ok love"he said a baby screamed In the background "hey babe I need to go but I'll call you later Rose"he said calling me by my middle name "ok bye Tommo talk to you later"I said "bye love you"he said "I love you too"I said "bye boys"Louis said "Bye Louis!"they all yelled I hung up and put my phone on the dryer "how you doing love?"Niall asked "good"I said "I'm hungry though can you guys get me some food?"I asked "yeah sure" Niall and the boys agreed "Harry you stay here were gonna go get some food"Liam said Harry nodded and the three boys left me and Harry went to the living room we watched a movie it was supposed to a scary movie but it wasn't really scary my stomach was feeling weird so I got up going to the kitchen I felt something warm trickle down my leg and to be quite honest I though I'd peed myself then pain shot through my stomach I dropped the glass cup and held my stomach Harry ran in "are you ok?"he asked "no I think my water just broke"I said he rushed over to me the boys took Harry's car so we took mine he put me in the backseat and backed out of the driveway the drive took forever I took deep breaths trying to calm myself when we finally got to the hospital he drove to the emergency room entrance and got out helping me 4nurses got me out of Harry's arms and sat me on a wheelchair they wheeled me away Harry stood there frozen he went back to the car and the nurses prepped a room they put me on a bed and cut my leggings open a doctor came in "how far is she dilated?"she asked "8 centimeters"a nurse answered the doctor nodded and the contractions were closer and closer bringing more and more pain I screamed out "Charlotte we need you to calm down"the doctor said calmly "it hurts"I whined "I know it hurts but you need to breath and calm down"she said her voice was calm and soothing Harry came in wearing blue scrubs I leaned back Harry came to my side and squeezed my hand I squeezed back harder "ow,ok love,take a deep breath"he said "she's fully dilated"a nurse said "Ok Charlotte it's time to push"she said they propped my legs up and I screamed out I pain it was hot and the contractions got worse "push Char"she ordered I pushed squeezing Harry's hand "push"she yelled again I pushed again

*******a few hours later******

I was so tired and sweaty Harry squeezed my hand softly my bones were aching "you ok love?"he asked I nodded sleepily "I called Louis he's on his way"he said I sighed they were cleaning the boys Lucas and Leonardo I love the sound of that I fell asleep when I woke up Louis was asleep in the chair next to my bed his head was on the bed and his hands were on my leg I stretched sleepily Louis woke up looking at me he smiled at me sleepily "hey babe"he said sitting up my stomach was going down "hey"I said "I'm sorry I missed it"he said "it's ok I understand"I said he kissed me resting his forehead against mine "I love you so much"he said "I love you too"I said "I'm sleepy"I said "go to sleep babe"he said I sighed and fell back to sleep a few days later my stomach went back to the way it was before,flat,the boys were quiet Louis drove us home I sat in the back in between the both of the car seats I watched them sleep they both took deep breaths they had Louis's hair and his eyes they were mini Lou's Louis watched us from the rear view mirror once we got home he carried each of them grabbing both their car seats I opened the door and Louis led me to a room "what is it Louis?"I asked "it's a surprise"he said he stopped in front of a door and pushed the door open the room was blue they had black cribs and a toy box full of toys I covered my mouth with my hand "oh my gosh Louis"I said I turned Around he was smiling I ran into his arms and hugged him he put the twins down in their cribs and we left leaving the door open a bit I kissed him "thank you babe"I said "I'm gonna go take a shower"I said "why you smell good"he protested "no I don't I smell like the boys' poop" I said "you actually smell better than I do to be honest and I took a shower"he said I laughed and kissed him going upstairs

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