You and I


2. Teenage Dirtbag

When we got to her house I got a text from Louis "Hey Love" he texted "Hey Louis"  "So i was wondering if you'd want to get together and get something to eat?" he asked "um like a date?"I asked "Yeah sure I guess" he said "I'm so sorry I should've told you before I have a boyfriend I'm so sorry if i gave you the wrong idea" I said feeling genuinely guilty "Oh, I should've known anyways" he texted back "I'm Sorry" but he didn't text back we went inside and our moms were cooking we hugged them "how was the concert babe?" my mom asked "It was great but I think....." she looked at me worriedly "It's nothing" I said we went upstairs going to her dad's study my dad and hers were best friends  and they worked together we hugged them while they were on the phone my dad kissed me on the forehead and me and Stella started walking to her room but I was pulled into J.C's arms "You scared me jerk" i said hitting him playfully "I'm sorry"he said biting his lips then kissing me I smiled  "you should sleep over today" he said messing with the bottom of my shirt he wrapped his arms around me I sighed "Really? I wonder why" I said  he laughed putting his forehead on  my shoulder "I can't anyways" I said "why?" he asked "I just can't"I said he sighed unwrapping his arms from my  waist "i'm gonna go get water" I said i opened the door turning around he smacked my butt i sighed and got out closing the door "Charlotte?" I heard my dad ask at the end of the hall I turned around he walked toward me "What were you doing in J.C's Room?" he asked "Nothing we were just talking"I said "If I find out you were doing anything so help me Charlotte--" he said "We weren't doing anything" I insisted "OK well come down for dinner the food's ready" he said giving me one last sidelong glance before leaving I sighed I walked downstairs and Stella was talking to her mom we all sat down J.C came down a few minutes after everyone else we all sat down J.C sat down next to me and put his hand on my leg squeezing it my mom gave me a plate and everyone else sat down we all talked my dad watched us closely but I ignored him and talked to everyone else I was kinda mad at J.C for acting like a douche I was cleaning up with J.C and it was quiet "are you mad Babe?" he asked I just kept washing dishes  "babe?" he said wrapping his arms around my waist "I'm sorry you took that the wrong way" I sighed turning off the water I hated when he did that trying to make me feel bad for being mad i dried my hands and unwrapped his arms from me and left driving home I was done with him

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