You and I


20. Tattooed Heart

I woke up a while later the boys were on the table drinking tea or coffee talking quietly and Perrie was still on top of Zayn and he probably didn't want to wake her so he stayed where he was he smiled at me and I smiled back sleepily Louis got up walking over to me and kissing me his hair was a mess he handed me a cup of coffee "thank you"I said "your welcome I have bad news babe"he said "what?"I tensed up "we have to go into the studio today"I sighed "you almost gave me a heart attack you scared me I thought something happened" I said relaxing "sorry babe"he said I grabbed my hair and we went home hugging everyone goodbye and leaving I took a shower and put on some black skinny jeans and some combat boots with a white sweater and curled my hair we drove to the  studio Scooter  made me get into the booth as soon as I walked in he knew I wanted to cover Tattooed heart by Ariana Grande I started singing I had to take like 15 takes of the chorus and 20 of the same verse when we got home I was tired and hungry Louis ordered Chinese food "we should play hide and seek in the dark"I suggested he laughed and nodded we turned off all the lights and I hid in the cabinet "Ready or not here I come!" Louis yelled I tried to keep quiet he opened the cabinet and I put a box of cereal in front of me as he felt around he left closing the cabinet I got out and found him in the room looking under the bed he stood up and I jumped on him he fell onto the bed "where were you?"he asked "In the cabinet"I said "I just looked there" he said "I know"I said laughing we got up and went to the kitchen I sat on the counter and watched him as he got out some drinks for the food  he put two cans of soda on the counter and turned around coming closer to me I wrapped my arms and legs around and he kissed me he pulled off my shirt "hey you guys....."Harry walked in and me and Louis jumped covering my boobs from his view he turned around and walked away I blushed putting my shirt on again the rest of the boys were in the living room  "you guys literally have the worst timing ever"Louis said sitting on the couch he pulled me down to sit on his lap "what are you guys planning on doing tonight?Besides what Harry just saw"Liam asked "I don't know"Louis said "we played hide and seek but we only played one round cause Char's a cheater"Louis added I laughed "did Char become topless before or after?"Niall asked Louis gave him a death stare I smiled kissing him he relaxed "well we were gonna invite you guys to come to the pub with us but we can see your busy"Zayn said getting up the rest of the boys did too I looked at Louis and he rolled his eyes the boys left and like 2 minutes later the food came I got up and pulled some money out of my pocket "babe what are you doing?"Louis asked "I'm gonna pay for the food" I said "no here"he said pulling out a $50 bill "no babe I have enough"I said he got up "a true gentlemen never lets a woman pay for anything"he said kissing me and going to the door he paid for it and came back with two white boxes he handed me one "thank you" I said "no problem babe" he said "eat"he pointed to the white box in my hands I ate and went to sleep we had to go to the studio the next morning I woke up I put on black jeans and a read flannel shirt with a crop top that said Zap! on it Louis was still in bed I shook him and he opened his eyes "what happened?" he asked "are you coming with me?" I asked 'I cant today I have to take Eleanor to a doctor's appointment"he said "OK"I said disappointed I got up I drove to the studio and started recording Scooter wanted to have me do a cover of Cher Lloyd's Love me for me I sang it and I went home late Louis was on the couch I came in and he sat up "hey how did it go?" he asked "fine it's not like I had open heart surgery Louis calm down"I said he laughed and I sat down next to him "so how did it go?" I asked "well they said she's healthy but she needs to gain more weight for the baby to be healthy"he said "did you get a sonogram or something?"I asked he shook his head I laid back tired "your birthday's coming up"I said "I know"he said "do you wanna throw a party?"I asked "no I kinda wanna lay low for my birthday"he said "why?we could throw you a birthday/Christmas party"I said he shook his head smiling at me "I just want to be with you...that's enough" he said I kissed him "lets go to bed"I said getting up I held my hand out for his he took it getting up and we went to the room he kissed me and we fell back onto the bed Tramp left as soon as we came in and Louis pushed my shirt off and pulled my crop top off pulling down my pants I pulled his shirt off he kissed my neck and I pushed my hand through his soft brown hair I unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down he got a condom and pulled my underwear down kissing me all the way down to my stomach he bent me over and pushed his penis in slowly I grasped the covers and took a deep breath suppressing a deep moan he grabbed my waist and thrusted hard and fast I moaned louder than I expected he thrusted a few more times than turned me over I laid back and he put his penis in again he made me moan louder he kissed my breasts and pulled my hair softly he thrusted harder and deeper and came I screamed as I reached my high we laid there for a few minutes breathless he discarded the condom and laid next to me we fell asleep 

*Author's note*

OMG! Thank you guys so much for reading my movella you guys are the best I literally can't describe how thankful I am to you guys sorry I haven't been updating much but I promise to do as much as I can Thank you guys:)

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