You and I


8. Talk Dirty To Me

******sexual content******

We went inside and sat on the bed he stared at me "what?"I asked "nothing" he said but he looked at my lips I got closer to him swallowing the lump in my throat he kissed me and we laid down he hovered on top of me I took off his shirt and he kissed me again he pulled away "are you sure?" he asked I nodded I unbuttoned his pants  and pulled them down his penis was fully erect he pulled off my shirt and my underwear from under my skirt "condom?" I whispered he went to the nightstand and pulled out a silver packet he put it on and got on top of me he put his penis in slowly I gasped exhaling slowly and shakily he started pumping and I moaned loudly he kissed me just to shut me up and started to go faster he pulled out and pushed in two fingers I grasped at the covers trying to be quiet after a few minutes he pulled them out and pushed my hands down to the bed as he put his penis in he pumped faster and I screamed with pleasure he kissed my neck and he slowed down cumming I felt it still in the condom he pulled  out I was breathless he discarded the condom and came back with his boxers on I put on his long sleeve shirt and he laid down behind me he hugged me and we fell asleep.The next day we got up I put on a button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up and high waisted shorts with a cut off shirt that said love in an infinity sign we went to the sound check for that night  I sat on the floor in front of the stage looking at my burgundy vans the boys were rapping and they made me laugh  I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket  I took it out and J.C was calling I answered it "Hello?" I answered "where are you?" he asked "London why?" I asked "why are you in London?" he asked "cause I'm on tour with a band"I said "you're a groupie now?" he asked "no" I said "what do you want?" I asked "well I was gonna tell you to come over but you're in London" "why would I do that?" I asked "are you still pissed off cause of the other night I said I was sorry" he said I sighed "actually i'm pissed off cause I know you cheated on me,I'm done J.C"I said "no,wait--" I hung up and put my phone away the boys were jumping off the stage and running around Paul tried to get them to calm  down but the boys ran in different directions I laughed lying on the floor looking at the ceiling Louis laid down next to me "whatcha doing?" he asked "nothing" I said laughing "we're gonna start the show in an hour"he said getting up I held out my hands so he could help me up he pulled me to my feet "I have to show you something" he said pulling my hand we ran he sat in a golf cart I looked at him he pulled me in and started driving fast we stopped he hit the brakes hard and I jerked forward he got out pulling me with him  we ran upstairs to the roof  he stopped on the edge of the balcony  and thousands of girls were at the bottom of the building they cheered when they saw Louis I laughed as he hung on the corner of the building  he stepped back and we ran back downstairs running around chasing each other I took pictures of him with a Polaroid camera we ran around I put the pictures in my pocket   and I used the edge of the stage as a balance beam and Louis took pictures of me we played around until they had to get dressed for the concert I was backstage as people started to file in looking for their places I felt someone wrap their arms around me I turned around and saw Louis he smiled at me the boys poured out of their dressing rooms Louis jumped onto a ledge in the back of us "where's Louis?" Harry asked stopping in front of me Louis popped out scaring the  boys they all screamed and Harry started running away Louis and I laughed I sat on the floor laughing  Louis pulled me up and the boys were called on stage they all went out Louis was acting like a dork the whole time they sang and Louis looked at me when the show ended Louis scooped me up and carried me away from the boys ,the boys shouted excitedly Louis set me on my feet and stood there for a little trying to figure something out "can I ask you something love?" he asked "sure" I said he looked at the floor "do you wanna go out with me ?" he asked avoiding my eyes "Louis...." I said he closed one eye and looked at me "yes" I said  he nodded sadly "I get it...." he said but his head shot up and he scooped me up and kissed me he put me down and started running around "She said yes!!" he yelled "I guess she said yes"  Harry said watching Louis run around with the rest of the boys they all laughed and Louis just threw himself on the floor  I jumped off the stage and ran to Louis I looked down at him "are you OK?" I asked "yeah,just let me catch my breath"he said I laughed 

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