You and I


30. Sunburn

We ate outside it was really awkward and no matter how much Louis tried he couldn't break the tension so we just ate me and Perrie talked quietly it got dark so Louis and the boys connected Christmas lights outs hanging them on trees Louis put music on and opened my window letting the music pour out of the house Louis and I danced as Sunburn by Ed Sheeran played loudly out of my window he sang along quietly and kissed me we sat down for a while just listening to music Liam and Sophia danced and Perrie danced with Niall leaving Zayn on the bench "go steal your Fiancee from Niall"I said "Nah I don't dance"he said "oh and I suppose you don't sing either"I said sarcastically Louis laughed "you guys are perfect for each other"he said getting up and taking Niall's place Niall plopped himself across from us "I'm bored"he said instantly I laughed "why don't you go dance with that flower pot over there?"I asked he laughed and got serious "I'm hungry"he said getting up and making himself another hot dog I rolled my eyes "I missed this'I said "what?"Louis asked "this"I said kissing him he smiled "me too"he said he hugged me and touched my stomach "do you think it'll be a boy or a girl?" he asked I shrugged "I'm finally gonna have a baby"he said I smiled looking up at him and kissing him I nodded "how short are you babe?" he asked " 5 feet why?"I asked "you're short" he teased "shut up"I laughed "but you're so damn cute"he said laughing"you're short too"I said "yeah but not that short"he said defensively "shut up"I said "make me"he said I kissed him and I saw Niall shoving his hot dog down his throat I laughed pulling away from Louis he turned looking at Niall and threw a hot dog bun at him "what'd I do?" he asked I laughed Louis sat back Harry and Kendall were arguing under the white gazebo Louis followed my gaze and got up sighing walking over to them everyone looked over at them I could barely hear what they were saying "you're in love with her aren't you?"Kendall screamed she pointed towards me everyone stopped dancing paying attention to the big speculation Niall and I looked at each other and back to the gazebo everyone was looking at me Kendall got her answer when Harry looked down not saying anything she stomped away slamming the fence door Harry ran after her everyone was quiet as Chasing Cars by Ed Sheeran playing Louis ran inside and I followed him Harry came inside and Louis pushed him up against the wall grabbing the collar of his blue plaid shirt "Louis"I said stopping next to him scared of what he's do he held on to Harry's collar for a few heartbeats before letting him go and running upstairs Harry fixed his collar I went upstairs and went into the room Louis was on the floor leaning against the wall as Double Rainbow by Katy Perry played his face was in his hands I walked over to him he laid his head on my shoulder and hugged my waist after a while I got up going back downstairs everyone had left I went outside as Terrible Things by Mayday Parade played I cleaned everything up including the mess Niall made with his hot dog I grabbed all the dishes putting them in the dishwasher I went up stairs and took a shower washing the smell of smoke out of my hair Louis was snoring when I got out I smiled and laid down next to him falling asleep the next day my phone rang I answered it "hello?"I asked groggily "Is this Charlotte Rose?" he asked "yeah who is this?"I asked "sorry to wake you so early Ms.La Boauf"he said "no it's fine I've been awake for hours"I said yawning "well I'm calling on behalf of your father he left a lot of things for you in his will,If you could come in that'd be great"he said "yeah sure I'll be down there in a few hours"I said "OK great Thank you"he said "no problem" I said hanging up I buried my face in Louis arm he woke up I looked up at him "Can we give up on society and go live in a tree house?"I asked he smiled at me "sure "he said sleepily I laughed he hugged me kissing my forehead I laid my head on his chest "last night was awful"he said I looked up at him "not all of it...just until Kendall showed up"I said "I get the feeling you don't like her"he said "well you wouldn't be wrong,she started this drama everyone was perfectly fine and she shows up and everything turned into drama"I said he sighed "I have to go meet my dad's lawyer"I said he looked at me "why?"he asked "he left some things for me in his will"I said I got up and went to the closet I put on some shorts with stockings under I put on a cutoff Guns N' Roses shirt and a burgundy cardigan I put on my combat boots and Louis kissed me I curled my hair and did my make up he got up putting on some jeans and a black v-neck shirt with his black vans 

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