You and I


6. Summer Love

I went home my dad wasn't home I went upstairs to my room Louis was behind me we walked in and I started packing thinking of what I needed Louis sat on my bed making himself comfortable I went through my closet grabbing shorts and shirts,pajamas,dresses,underwear and bras,I got jewelry and my toothbrush and deodorant and threw them into my suitcase we had to leave tomorrow and he just told me by the time I was done packing he was falling asleep on my bed "Louis!" I woke him up he jumped up "what?" he asked "I'm done" I said he got up rubbing his eyes we went downstairs and I turned the knob to the front door but it opened and my dad came in he looked at me then at Louis then at my suitcase I knew what was coming "Where are you going?" he asked "I'm going on tour with his band" I said he looked at Louis with familiarity "didn't I tell you to stay away from her?" he asked Louis  "We aren't doing anything we're just friends" he said "I don't care if you're Jesus you're not taking my daughter anywhere" he said "Dad i'm old enough to make my own decisions" I said "No you're not" he insisted I sighed "seriously dad I'm going" I said pulling Louis's hand but my dad pulled my arm back,hard "Let her Go!"Louis yelled in my dad's face "Oh, yeah make me Ken" my dad said evenly in his face Louis pulled my hand away from my dad leading me to his car we got in and Louis was mad he accelerated making me nervous we got to the apartment and Louis came in slamming the door behind me I flinched he went to the room the boys looked up surprised Zayn walked over to me "what's up with Louis?" he asked I didn't know how to answer I followed Louis to the room he was about to punch the wall but I stopped his fist smoothing it out he looked at me " are you OK?" I asked he didn't answer he hugged me instead I hugged him back  "I'm sorry about my dad sometimes he can be such a hard ass"I said "It's OK I understand I'd want to protect you from everyone too" he said I looked up at him and smiled he smiled back at me "that smile of yours is gorgeous" he said I blushed looking down "we should go to bed it's getting late" he said "OK" We went to bed and the next day we woke up I put on some yoga Capri and a muscle shirt with a sweater and got my hair into a bun Louis wore sweats and a t shirt with a beanie we boarded the plane to England and we played around and got in trouble a few times by the stewardess we listened to my IPod and we sang along to bleeding love by Leona Lewis once we got to England I was half asleep Louis had to help me walk and paps were in the airport so I put on my hood and he guided me pulling my hand I was walking like a zombie but,I kept my head down we made it to the car that was waiting for us outside and Louis put me inside putting away the bags in the trunk I put my head on his shoulder as we drove to the hotel we were staying at Louis helped me out as the bellboys took our bags upstairs I laid down falling asleep I felt him kiss my forehead "goodnight Princess" he whispered I woke up and it was dark it took my eyes a minute to adjust I was alone in the room I texted Louis "where are you?" I asked "Imd at a pmub" he texted back "what?"I asked he called me and I answered "hello?" I answered "hey babe" he slurred "Louis?" I asked "yes it's me I'm at a pub with the boys" he said "are you driving back to the hotel?" "no we took a cab" he said " OK be careful " I said "don't worry babe I'll be fine " he said and I hung up feeling tired I went back to sleep jet lag sucked it seemed like minutes later when the lights came on making me squint at the bright light I covered my eyes Louis came in with the boys in tow they all went to their rooms he burped like three times he tripped over his own shoes and got up laughing at himself  I smiled sleepily he layed down on my butt " babe...?" he asked "hmmm?" I answered "I'm Sorry" he said "for what?" I asked "I got drunk"  he slurred "It's OK just come lay down" I said he took off his cloths and got in bed in boxers "babe...?" he said "hmm?" "I love you" he said " go to sleep" I mumbled he was drunk and he wasn't thinking straight so i just brushed it off he started singing Hey there Delilah I covered his mouth but he kept singing "can you please stop singing?" I asked "if you give me a kiss" he said pointing to his cheek I sighed "Fine" I said leaning in to kiss his cheek but he turned last minute and I kissed him on his soft warm lips and our lips moved in perfect sync with each other I pulled away "that was the best kiss ever" he said I laughed quietly and turned around "go to sleep" I said  "with pleasure" he said hugging me we fell asleep with the light on the next morning I ordered coffee from room service and waited until Louis woke up I replayed our kiss  "Charlotte!"I heard him yell hoarsely I got up walking to the room he was feeling around the bed for me " hey Louis hangover?" I asked "shut up...come cuddle please?" he asked I got in bed with him and he hugged me he was falling back to sleep and I got up slowly hoping not to wake him but as I got up he pulled me back down "where are you running off to?" he asked his face inches from mine

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