You and I


24. Something Great

" up"I heard Louis say softly I took a deep breath opening my eyes he poked me and I jerked back falling off the bed he laughed "that's not funny"I said sleepily he looked over the edge of the bed I put my head on my arms sighing and trying to stay awake "babe wake up"he pleaded "do we have to go to the studio?"I asked "no I just wanna spend time with you"he said "can we sleep?"I asked "no''he said "OK OK I'm awake"I said sitting up sleepily I leaned against the nightstand I rubbed my eyes he just stared at me smiling "what?Is there something on my face?"I asked he laughed "no love"he said "well than what?"I asked "you're beautiful"he said I blushed looking down he laughed again quietly "we should go somewhere"he said "where?"I asked "let's go to a fair?" he asked "sure"I said I got up putting on some black jeans and a cutoff shirt that had the rolling stones on it and some vans and a beanie I curled the tips of my hair and Louis put on some black jeans and a burgundy shirt that said vans and some burgundy vans we drove to the fair holding hands and singing along to the radio we got to the fair and the screams of children and roller coasters roared past us we looked at each other "let's ride the roller coaster"he said pulling my hand we rode roller coasters and did the haunted house we sat down and we felt tiny drops of water on our heads we ran to a booth with an umbrella  he smiled at me and pulled me in by my waist and kissed me I kissed him back and we ran back to the car getting soaked we drove back home we got home and he pulled me close to him "the end of the night we should say goodbye,but we carry on while everyone's gone,never felt like this before are we friends or are we more?As I'm walking towards the door I'm not sure,So baby if you say you want me to say I'll change my mind cause I don't wanna know while I'm walking away I'll change my mind cause I don't wanna know I'm walking away if you'll be mine won't go,won't go...."he sang dancing with me when he finished singing to me I went to go shower when I got out me and Louis were watching a movie my phone rang as I played with Louis' hair I checked it my dad I answered "Hello?"I answered "Hey Lottie can you come to the Diner I have some news to tell you"he said "um sure"I said he hung up and I kissed the top of Louis's head "I'm so sorry babe my dad wants to meet for dinner"I said he nodded he kissed me and I got up going to the room I changed putting on a pair of light ripped jeans and a blouse with some boots I put my hair up in a bun and I left I walked to the diner my dad was sitting in a booth by himself playing with a little mound of salt I went inside a little bell rang as I came in he looked up and I slid in the booth across from him "hey dad what's up?"I asked "I don't know how to say this but I'm just gonna try to tell,I went to the doctor a few months ago and um...They told me I had cancer"he said my eyes filled with tears "what?"I asked shocked he nodded and looked down at the mound of salt "I have a few days.."he said trailing off I looked at the table and leaned back onto the back of the booth "I'm so sorry Lottie"he said I nodded numbly tears rolled down my eyes he got up dropping a few dollars on the table and waited for me to get up I followed him getting up he wrapped his arm around my shoulder and walked me home I went inside and leaned against the door "hey babe"Louis said coming out of the kitchen I slid down the door and sat on the floor tears came back and I cried Louis ran over to me he picked me up and helped me to the couch "what's wrong love?"he asked and seeing Louis' confused face made me cry harder once I calmed down enough to speak I looked at Louis "my dad has cancer"I said my eyes teared up again "oh love I'm so sorry"he said I started sobbing again he hugged me and he carried me to bed I cried silently "lean in when you laugh,we take photographs,there's no music on but we dance along never felt like this before are we friends or are we more?..."he sang I fell asleep the next day I woke up and Louis was awake staring at the ceiling I sighed "you OK?"I asked he looked at me "yeah I'm fine,just worried about you"he said I looked down "we should go to Harry's flat tonight"he said "babe I'm really not in the mood for people today"I said "so you want me to leave?"he asked "no I'm just .."I trailed off "no I get it love you don't have to explain I just planned a surprise for you tonight"he said "I'm not really in the mood for surprises"I said "well I think you'll like this one"he said "fine I said I  looked at the clock it was 4:35 "what time do we have to go?"I asked "well in a few hours"he said "we should get ready than"I said I got up and went to the closet I put on A batman crop top and a burgundy circular skirt and some combat boots and curled my hair Louis put on a black shirt with his usual black jeans and his vans we drove to Harry's apartment when we walked in there were Christmas lights around the ceiling and a huge Christmas tree stood in the corner the boys and a lot of other people looked at us "Surprise!"they all yelled a little too late we walked in and Stella ran up to me hugging me "surprise"she said I laughed hugging her we all danced and sang along to the radio and at midnight everyone stopped and blindfolded me sitting me on a chair I sat on the chair nervously as the music started "your so pretty when you cry,when you cry,wasn't ready to hear you say goodbye now you're tearing me apart,tearing me apart...."they sang they took the blindfold off of me and Louis lifted me up by my hand he got down on one knee and I covered my mouth "Charlotte Rose LaBouaff will you marry me?"he asked I nodded smiling at him he slide an infinity ring on my finger and stood up kissing me and spinning me around

*Author's note*

Happy Late Valentines everyone sorry for updating so late

hope you guys had a great valentines day 

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