You and I


38. Something about the boy

Louis gave me his jacket and led me inside I pulled it closer as the wind picked up and the rain decided to go sideways Louis was soaked and I felt bad we went inside he pulled me close and kissed me "let's go change"he said he grabbed my hand and led me upstairs I changed into yoga pants and an old volleyball shirt Louis put on some sweats and a marvels avenger shirt and we laid on the couch he laid his head on my chest and rested his hand on my stomach "I figured it out,I figured it out from black and white..."I sang softly he smiled sleepily I played with his hair and he fell asleep for a bit my phone rang Liam was calling me "Hello?"I answered "Char can you come to the hospital?"he asked "what's wrong?"I asked "it's Harry he cut himself and he cut too deep they think he might've cut a vein"he said frantically yet so calmly "oh my God"I said sitting up quickly I got dizzy but I got up anyway Louis looked at me sleepily "what's wrong love?"he asked "Harry's in the hospital"I said slipping my Toms on "what!"he asked he put on his vans and a sweater and we left driving rapidly to the hospital we ran to the receptionist desk and she was playing a game on her phone she looked at us and back to the game "where's Harry Styles?"he asked almost screaming in her face she looked at him deadpan she sighed as if she were doing something important and turned to her computer she typed in his name "second floor"she said we ran to the elevator the ride to the second floor seemed to take forever once we got to the second floor we ran and saw Liam Niall Zayn and Perry were sitting down once we stepped off the elevator Liam ran over to us he pulled Lou away and talked to him quietly I sat down next to Niall and Perrie and looked at my shoes "you ok love?"Niall asked "yeah I'm fine don't worry about me"I said but it was a lie I was so stressed when the hell is this gonna end? A doctor came out looking sad even his walk was somber we all got up walking and meeting him halfway "he's in critical condition,he's allowed visitors but for now he just wants to see one person"the doctor said flipping through pages I thought it would be Niall Liam or Zayn "Char?" He asked my heart stopped for a millisecond everyone looked at me "Char?"he asked I nodded he motioned for me to follow him I followed feeling like I was being sucked into the direction of Harry's room he stopped in front of a door he motioned for me to go in and walked away I shakily reached for the doorknob I took a deep breath he wrist was wrapped with a white bandage it was pink so he was still bleeding I close the door behind me covering my mouth with my hand my heart dropped into my stomach I tried so hard to swallow the lump in my throat I blinked and tears stung my eyes "Char?"Harry said hoarsely I ran to his side and sat down in the chair next to his bed I grabbed his hand "Harry why did you do this?"I asked looking at his arm" I couldn't do this anymore"he said "do what?"I asked "live,I don't wanna do it anymore"he said monotone I pushed back his curls "why?"I asked "why not?"he asked "what happened?"I asked "nobody wants me,my dad left my mum moved on with Robyn and Gemma is happy with her studies and I'm here"he said I squeezed his hand "why?"I asked "why did I want to kill myself?"he asked finishing my thought "because I'm not worth wasting space over on earth"he said his words felt like a knife was plunged and twisted in my heart I sniffled feeling the warm salty tears slide down my cheeks

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