You and I


29. Small Bump

We pulled into a huge castle like venue it had Christmas lights wrapped around every corner we got out and he gave his keys to the valet he held his arm out I took it and he led me inside "...Scar and leave me like Sunburn we never even tried we never even talked we never even thought in the long run whenever it was painful whenever I was away I'd miss you and I miss you...."played softly over the speakers couples dance and it ended they clapped and another one started "Another day Another life passes on just like mine,It's not complicated another mind another soul another body to grow old it's not complicated"we danced "Romeo and Juliet" a guy said we turned around and he took a Polaroid picture he gave it to Louis and he showed it to me I laughed "I like this picture"he said I was smiling at the camera and Louis was looking at me he put it in his pocket "I was hoping you'd take your ring back"he said as we swayed to the music I shrugged he tightened his grip around my waist "is that a no?"he asked I laughed quietly "I love you so much"he said moving a curl from my face I looked at his chest he put his finger under my chin and made me look at him he smiled "there I was again tonight forcing laughter faking smiles same old tired lonely place...."he laughed "Harry would be tortured here"he said  I smiled he led me outside we went to a park we didn't take off our masks we walked for a bit before we sat down on a bench "I'm sorry for what I told you about the baby"he said "I never got that why did you ask me whose it was?"I asked he took a deep breath before answering "I...I kept listening to these rumors about you and Harry and I just believed them"he said I touched my stomach goosebumps spread over my skin the wind whispered in the trees "are you cold?"he asked taking off his jacket he put it over my shoulders "it's getting late we should go"I said we got up and walked back to valet I leaned against a wall and waited for them to come with Louis' car we smiled at each other and I looked at the floor the car came and Louis led me to the passenger seat and he drove me home "do you wanna come in for tea?"I asked "yeah sure" he said turning the car off we went inside and I took off the shoes I put the kettle on the stove I sat down leaning my head on the back of the chair looking at Louis he looked down at his keys and played with them the doorbell rang I got up and answered the door and the boys were standing there their hands full of food and video games I laughed and let them in they greeted Louis and I went upstairs to change I put on a Rolling Stones shirt and some shorts I went downstairs the boys took out a lot of food they started playing Resident Evil 6 I was into it killing zombies Louis stared at me I got self conscious and handed the remote to Zayn he started playing and I grabbed Louis' hand he smiled and kissed my cheek I got up going to the kitchen and getting some Ice cream I put on a lot of chocolate syrup and went back to the boys I sat down and Louis laughed "What?"I asked "nothing you just might as well have gotten chocolate ice cream" he said looking at my ice cream "shut up"I said eating my Ice cream I finished it and went upstairs to bed Louis came up with me I laid in his arms and fell asleep I woke up hours later kicking and screaming I felt someone grab my arm and pull me I opened my eyes I was breathless and scared Louis hugged me I was on the floor the boys stood at the door looking at me wide eyed I caught my breath and closed my eyes was I under the bed?Louis pulled me closer to his chest kissing my forehead I couldn't remember what my dream was all I knew was it was a nightmare "are you OK love?"he asked I nodded but it was far from the truth "come on"Louis said helping me onto my feet I sat on the bed I was starting to show my stomach got a little bigger I just stared at it the boys came in sitting on the bed Louis kissed my forehead "It's OK"he whispered I was still a little tense the boys went home to shower and change Louis stayed with me holding me I stared at the ceiling trying to remember what I dreamt about the boys came back and Harry came in giving Louis some cloths Louis pulled him aside telling him something Harry nodded and Louis got in the shower we went downstairs and I felt nauseated I ran to the bathroom downstairs and I threw up I flushed the toilet I washed my mouth and came out I went into the kitchen and Harry gave me a Vitamin Water I grabbed it "do you feel better?"he asked I nodded "you really scared us love"he said "sorry"I apologized "It's OK love"he said "do you want some breakfast?" he asked I nodded going back to the living room  Niall and Liam were playing Just Dance I sat on the couch next to Zayn we laughed at the way Niall and Liam copied the dancers on the game Louis came down kissing my cheek we watched Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and she got raped Harry fumbled with the control turning the TV off everyone looked at me  all at once I looked at them strangely getting up and going to the kitchen and getting a Vitamin Water Louis came in after me "you OK love?"he asked "yeah I'm fine"I said indifferently we stood there quietly for a few minutes "you know we understand ....If you need some time we could go somewhere far away"he said "no thank you I'm kinda tired of people treating me like I'm glass and I might shatter at any moment"I said "we know you're strong but it's OK to break sometimes"he said I hugged him "thank you but I'm fine"  I said he hugged me kissing the top of my forehead we went back to the living room and watched Frozen the boys made fun of me saying I looked like Elsa I rolled my eyes and after the movie we all went into separate rooms I closed the window I took a shower and put on shorts and a muscle shirt when I came out Louis was snoring I laid down next to him and fell asleep I woke up in the middle of the night and used the bathroom when I came out Louis was staring at the door I laid down next to him he wrapped his arms around me and took something out of his jeans he put the infinity ring back on my finger I sighed and wrapped my arms around him I fell asleep and the next morning I felt Louis kiss me " up....please"he said kissing me I opened my eyes "yay! your awake!"he screamed I sat up and he kissed me I pulled him in closer he pulled away breathless I got up going to the bathroom I changed into some leggings and rolled them up I put on a cutoff shirt that had a skull with a bow on it with some vans and a red flannel shirt I went downstairs and ate a peanut butter jelly waffle me and the boys went to Starbucks they got coffee and I got tea we sat around talking for a while before everyone started crowding around the coffee shop we walked out and a mob of people took pictures we drove to Louis' apartment to get some cloths and his barbecue we invited some people Liam of course invited Sophia Zayn invited Perrie me and the girls just sat around talking and the boys talked outside drinking beers I got up going to the kitchen someone knocked on the side door I answered it a girl stood there she had long black hair and she was skinny she seemed familiar "hi I'm Kendall"she said holding out her hand I ignored the hand gesture "hi can I help you?"I asked "Is Harry here?I'm sure I have the right address"she said looking at her phone "yeah he's out back"I said letting her in she walked past me and went to the backyard kissing Harry I sat back down next to Perrie

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