You and I


42. Shouldn't come back

*******1 year later*******

I woke up next to Louis his arm was strewn over my stomach he snored lightly we moved to Doncaster a few weeks ago we moved into his apartment with the boys Luke and Leo were moving around at the end of the bed they were doing something they shouldn't have I sat up and saw they were playing with glitter they had it all over themselves I got up putting my hair up and grabbing their hands leading them to the bathroom I took them a quick bath I ran the warm water and took off their cloths and diapers after their bath I put on fresh cloths Leo wore a orange shirt that had Tiger on it and Luke wore a yellow shirt that had pooh on it and they both wore shorts they ran and jumped on Louis he jerked up "daddy!"they screamed Louis sat up and kissed their foreheads "hey babe"Louis said kissing me I kissed him "eww"the boys said I laughed someone knocked and came in Harry came in "hara!"they yelled and ran to him "do you guys need a babysitter?"he asked scooping them up "ugh yes"I said leaning my head on Louis chest he laughed "you guys wanna go with grandma Anne?"he asked them they nodded "take their diaper bag"I said pointing to a black bag in the corner of the room "I should go help him"I said getting up we went to his car I put them in their car seats and buckled them up "be good"I said they nodded probably planning something evil I kissed them "bye mommy"they both said I waved and hugged Harry "thank you"I said"no problem love"he said I kissed his cheek and went inside I laid next to Louis "babe"I said waking him he was half asleep "hmmm?"he asked "we have the house to ourselves"I said he smiled and looked at me kissing me and putting his hand under my shirt he kissed my neck and I exhaled Louis kissed me and pulled away looking at me "what?"I asked "nothing"he said he kissed me again "do you think they'll be ok?"I asked he looked up "I'm sure they'll be fine Anne's a very good mum she raised Gemma and Harry just fine you act like they'll be away for their whole lives"I rolled my eyes the doorbell rang "ugh this better be good"he said getting up he went to the door and answered it I waited for him to come back he came back in a hurry he changed "my manager is here"he said "what?"I asked getting up I changed too putting on some light skinny jeans and a loose white sweater and some black Toms I went to the living room and Simon Cowell stood in the living room he looked at me "I'm Simon and you are?"he asked putting his hand out I shook it "Charlotte"I said "right your Michael's daughter" he said "you knew my dad?"I asked he nodded "when your dad was just starting out he worked for me he was a good man ,I'm sorry for your loss"he said I nodded "thank you"I said he nodded "well I just came to see how Louis and the boys were doing but their not here"he said I laughed "yeah they can't ever be in the same place for a long time"I said he laughed "that's true"he said "you just had kids didn't you?"he asked "yup I had twins"I said "where are they?"he asked "they went to Harry's mom's house"I said " when are you guys getting married?"he asked "I don't know"I said truthfully "you guys should do it during spring beautiful time up here"he said I nodded "well I have to be off but it was nice meeting you"he said "nice meeting you too" I said he left and I slumped on the couch relaxing "I think he liked you"he said I laughed "I don't know about that"I said "he's usually never like that around people so I think so"he said I laughed he wrapped his arms around me as I sat on the arms of the couch he kissed me and we went back to the room we laid down and he kissed me playing with the bottom of my shirt I pulled away straddling him and taking off my shirt he kissed me and pulled off my jeans I kicked off my Toms and it pulled down his pants he took off his shirt I palmed him through his underwear he moaned he flipped me over and kissed me down to my neck he stopped and I arched my back letting him unhook my bra he slipped off my underwear he pulled down his underwear and grabbed a condom putting it on and he put his length in slowly I grabbed a fistful of his hair as he thrusted I moaned loudly I flipped him over rocking back and forth on his lap he moaned louder than I did I kissed his neck the stubble of his beard poked me I kissed him up to his lips he kissed me and our stomach's slid past each other as I rocked he pulled out and bent me over pushing in roughly I moaned as he pulled my hair he thrusted and I screamed out reaching my high and Louis trusted a few more times cumming he pulled out and discarded the condom and we laid down he hugged me "I missed that"he said I laughed "I miss the old times"he said "too bad it's the past now what we have to worry about is the future and what were gonna do"I said he kissed my cheek "I hate when you get philosophical on me"he said I laughed I got up putting on some yoga pants and his Superman shirt he followed putting on some basketball shorts we ate some food and Leo and Luke came home with balloon animals on their heads and Harry was in tow "mommy!"they ran to me "hi babies"I said they hugged me their mouths were sticky "let's go clean your mouths"I said leading them to the bathroom I took out baby wipes and cleaned their mouths they started talking gibberish I nodded acting like I understood they smacked each other "no hitting"I said they stopped and we went back to the living room Louis and Harry talked and I sat down on a stool and the boys crowded their dad he kissed them and took their hats off playing around with them "babe can you get me a beer?"Louis asked "no your not drinking with the kids around"I said he sighed he lifted Leo in the air "you're mum is such a pain"he said I grabbed a water from the fridge and took Luke and Leo to the room I changed their diapers and they jumped on the bed Louis came in a few minutes later sitting down on the bed "babe"he said touching me I pulled away angry "babe"he said "don't be mad"he said I focused on the boys ignoring him they jumped up holding my hands I grabbed my water and drank it Louis rested his hand on the bottom of my back my phone bleeped and I looked at it another text from my mom I ignored it and put my phone down "was that your mum?"he asked I didn't answer "babe"he said "babe"he kept on asking "yes Louis it was my mom"I said rudely looked at me hurt and I felt bad but he deserved it he sat up and pulled my chin so I could look at him he kissed me "ewwww mommy"Leo said I laughed "I'm sorry babe"he said I nodded he kissed me again I put the boys to bed laying them in their cribs I laid down stretching and sighing I looked at Louis tired his eyes were heavy and he was sleepy "babe go to sleep"I said

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