You and I


7. She's not Afraid

"I was gonna go was my dish" I said he pulled me on to his lap "everyone has a really bad hangover from last night so we're pretty much gonna lay low today" he said " what did you guys do last night?""Harry persuaded us to play a drinking game, never play a drinking game with Harry" he said I laughed "do you remember what you did last night?" I asked he shook his head " you came in and tripped over you own shoes while they were still on and woke me up you apologized for getting drunk and you started singing Hey there Delilah and when I told you to stop singing you said you would after I kissed you' I said he blushed looking down "anything else?" he asked playing with my hands "no'I lied 'I'm sorry" he said "why?" "for making you kiss me" he said "as I recall you said 'it was the best kiss ever' your words not mine" I said he laughed lacing his fingers into mine he smile grew smaller and smaller until he stopped smiling and just stared at me "what?"I asked "we should go visit my family I want to introduce them to you" he said "OK" I said climbing off his lap and going to change I put on a leather crop top with spaghetti shirt and a burgundy circular skirt and curled the tips of my long straight dirty blonde hair we drove there and I was nervous we pulled to the driveway and got out Louis knocked  he squeezed my hand and his mom I assumed opened the door and he let go hugging her he shook his dad's hand "mom,dad this Charlotte" he said I shook their hands his dad smiled "wow she's beautiful Louis" he said I blushed Louis looked at me giving me a smile and nodding his head "why don't you come help me outside while the ladies cook in the kitchen' his dad asked Louis nodded "where are the girls?" Louis asked "they're at a friends house" his dad said "all of them?" Louis asked surprised his dad nodded "why don't you help me in the kitchen Dear?" she asked pulling me into the kitchen I started to peal potatoes and finished starting to chop celery "Sweetie.."his mom called me " yes" "can I have a talk with you?" she asked "sure' I said we sat down on the couch  "Sweetheart... you're a  nice girl,but Louis  just got out of a long relationship and he's heartbroken I think it was a mistake, him bringing you here" she said I bit my lip trying not to cry and nodded I went out of the front door and sat on the porch  I played with my phone I shouldn't have felt rejected me and Louis were just friends right?I heard the door open and I wiped my eyes no doubt my face was red so whoever it was would notice "hey Love" Louis sat down next to me swinging his feet  I smiled at him trying to make it seem like I wasn't crying but, as soon as I turned around he gave me a strange look "you alright Love?" he asked "I'm fine I was just cutting an onion and your mom told me to go outside and get some fresh air" I lied "Oh,so what do you think about my parents?" he asked "they're cool" i said "food's ready"his mom popped her head out the door"we'll be right there mum" he said he got up and pulled me to my feet we went inside and all ate dinner I ate silently and his mom wouldn't  stop staring at me I never met her eyes she finally slumped in her seat I wasn't mad or anything but the truth stung and I know she was just looking out for Louis  we left and I was quiet Louis went to bed early he had an early sound check tomorrow but i stayed awake in the kitchen I got up getting his guitar and going on to the porch I played You by The Pretty Reckless when I finished playing Louis sat down next to me I sighed "you sing really pretty" he said "thanks" "i didn't know you knew how to play" he said pointing to the guitar "I learned when I was in 7th grade" I said  "you're very talented " he said "so, what happened at my parents house today you seemed kind of distant" he said "nothing" I said not wanting to bother him with my problems he slumped and gave me a look "seriously?" he asked "seriously..." I said " then why are you out here all alone instead of coming to bed?" he asked I put my head on his shoulders and put my hands in my sweater "Let's go inside" he said he got up and pulled me to my feet leading me inside 

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