You and I


46. She looks so perfect

He dragged his lips from my neck to my lower stomach he kissed me pushing my hands on the bed holding me down as he thrusted I pushed myself forward kissing him he slowly thrusted making me squirm "harder"I moaned he followed orders the bed moved with us and I moaned loudly as the bed hit the wall rhythmically I moaned loudly scratching his back as I reached my high he continued thrusting until he came he got up going to the bathroom I put on his Hipsta please shirt and his Calvin Klein underwear going downstairs I got some water he got in the shower he came out and saw me with his cloths on he had a towel wrapped around his waist his towel hung dangerously low on his waist exposing his v line he came near me and wrapped his arms around my waist "I kinda need my underwear"he said I laughed "no"I said "I'm really comfortable"I added "what do you expect me to wear?"he asked "well you know I have this little thong I don't know maybe you wanna wear it?"I asked he laughed "haha very funny"he said pulling them off I pulled his shirt down covering myself I put on my underwear and put my hair up into a bun "well I have to go love but I will see you tomorrow ok babe?"he asked I nodded he bent down kissing me he wrapped his arms around me he pulled away "are you sure you have to go"I said my lips lingered near his "I wish I didn't "he said kissing me I smiled he kissed me again he got up forcing his jeans onto his legs I laughed he looked at me "what?"he asked "you seriously need some less tighter pants"I said he laughed pushing me onto the bed he hovered over me and kissed me "I think you need to wear less pants more often"he said pulling at my underwear I laughed kissing him "maybe if you come over more I will"I said "I will and I'm counting on that missy"he said getting up "you can keep the shirt"he said putting on his hoodie and zipping it up I smiled and jumped on him kissing him he held me upholding my legs from under my butt he kissed me until we couldn't breath anymore he put me down and bended down kissing me and leaving I went to go take a shower I put on my batman shirt and some black shorts I was brushing my hair and the doorbell rang I ran downstairs thinking it was Harry I swung open the door and Louis was standing there his eyes full of tears "tell me it's not true"he plead "what?"I asked "you and Harry"the pain in his voice hurt me so bad he started crying when I didn't answer he hugged me "please please tell me it's not true"he plead I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him inside I closed the door and led him to the couch I decided to tell him "look Louis,I really need to tell you something"I said scratching my neck I tried to swallow the lump in my throat he looked at me his eyes full of tears "I started seeing Harry a few weeks ago Louis"I said he sobbed putting his face in his hands I touched his back and he fought me pushing me off him he got up and left slamming the door he made the boys wake up and cry I sighed not moving I was frozen for a minute than I got up going to the room I grabbed Luke and started rocking him back and forth while my eyes clouded with tears once I calmed him he went back to sleep and I grabbed Leo helping him go back to sleep I went to the living room I made myself a tea and just stared at the wall I didn't know what I was going to do I went to sleep occasionally waking up for the boys the doorbell rang I went downstairs to answer it I pulled the door open and pulled Harry inside he was holding flowers I made him drop them and grabbed his face kissing him he lifted me up we went upstairs he dropped me in the bed and I made him come down with me pulling him by his collar and kissed him he kissed my neck and and I pulled him up kissing him I pushed a hand through his curls he pulled off my shirt and continued to kiss me down to my cleavage I moaned out loud and pulled off his blue button up shirt he pulled down my ripped skinny jeans and threw them behind him he scooped me up sitting me on his lap he kissed me and dragged his lips down he flipped me over and sat up getting a condom he forced his jeans down and pulled down his underwear he put the condom on and he made his way back to me throwing his shirt on the floor he got into a push up position and kissed me he pushed his penis in breathless I moaned trying to keep quiet he started thrusting he put his arm on the headboard thrusting slowly but hard I moaned out loud leaning my head back he kissed my neck I pushed his head up so he could focus he started to go faster and I pushed my hand through his hair I moaned loudly and he kissed me shutting me up he thrusted until I reached my high and he came he went to the bathroom and I laid back covering my chest to my up to my thighs Harry came back wearing only his underwear he laid down next to me and wrapped his arms around me I laid on my stomach and covered my butt he lightly dragged his fingers back and forth on my back I smiled at him I fell asleep and I woke up later on I looked at the clock it was 9:27 I was alone and someone was cooking I got up putting on Harry's blue button up shirt and my underwear and went downstairs Harry was in the kitchen cooking I wrapped my arms around him and he turned around and his hands reached the bottom of the shirt and he picked me up my back cracked and I groaned He laughed "that's not funny"I said hoarsely he laughed "I'm sorry"he said "you don't look sorry"I said he pursed his lips trying not to laugh I smiled kissing him"you're a dork"I said he put me down kissing my forehead "I'm sorry babe"he said sincerely seriously I kissed him "it's ok"I said he laughed the boys were fussing I could hear them in their room I sighed Harry let go of me and I went to go get them I grabbed Leo and Luke pulling them out of bed and they trudged sleepily next to me as we went to the kitchen Harry scooped Leo up and set him on his waist he moved the food around the pot and I sat down on a stool by the kitchen island I set Luke on my lap and he put his head on my chest sleepily "they've been sleeping a lot lately haven't they?"I asked he shrugged "it's normal isn't it? Lux used to sleep a lot when I would take care of her"he said I shrugged he came close to me "you and I should have a private night take the kids to my mums house an have a little date here"he said leaning over to kiss me I nodded "when?"I asked "tonight if you want and we can sleep in tomorrow"he said I nodded smiling "you go take them I'll call my mum and tell her and that you're on you're way and I'll have a huge surprise for you when you get home"he said I smiled nodding and putting on a green short dress with a thin tan belt around my waist and some sandals I tied them and put my hair into a fishtail braid I went downstairs and Harry helped me get the boys ready we put some shorts and a polo on them and filled their diaper bag with extra diapers,cloths and formula Harry helped me put them in the car and I got ready to drive an hour and a half to his moms house his mom moved near his house a few days ago she lived in Carmel I started driving and when I got there it was freaking hot I knocked and she answered "hey love"she said letting me in the two boys were sleeping and she took Luke I carried Leo to the new nursery and put them down Harry bought them new cribs even though I specifically told him not to "well it was nice seeing you love have a nice night"she said I hugged her and left when I got home the living room was lit up with lights they were in the shape of small stars and lit every room with a faint glow I covered my mouth and Harry came out of the kitchen wearing black pants a red button up shirt tucked into his pants and a black blazer he left his hair curly he smiled looking at the floor blushing I laughed an went to hug him he wrapped his arms around my waist I got on my tippy toes and kissed him he smiled in the middle of the kiss making me smile he let go of me and led me to the table there were two candles on each side he led me to the table and pulled out my chair I sat down and he pushed it in he sat on the other end of the table he bit his lip and the oven rang out he got up going into the kitchen he made lasagna and brought out a bottle of wine I smiled at how cliche he was he poured some for me in a glass cup and served me some lasagna "this looks delicious"I said "Thank you babe"he said I started eating and he did too after we ate we drank wine for a while watching movies curled on the couch after that we went upstairs he led me to bed pulling me on top of him I kissed him as he wrapped his arm around my waist the doorbell rang and I got up sighing Harry followed me I answered the door and Louis was standing there he was drunk and he could barely stand I grabbed his arm pulling him to the couch "I'm sorry to crash your date"he said I looked at Harry he shrugged "where are the boys?"Louis asked getting up and stumbling to the boys room he turned on the light and looked around "Louis they're not here"I said "where are they I never get to see them anymore"Louis said "probably cause I feel like I can't leave them with you anymore Louis look at you a drunk mess coming to my house"I said crossing my arms

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