You and I


16. Say Something I'm Giving Up On You

The next morning I woke up alone I found a note on the nightstand 'Char I went to take Eleanor to the hospital and the studio love Louis' it said I crumpled it up and threw it on the floor I changed into a burgundy circular skirt and a black cropped sweater the doorbell rang as I finished doing my hair I ran to the door I answered it and J.C stood there "hey babe"he said leaning against the door frame "J.C what are you doing here?" he came inside ignoring my question "I love you and I miss you"he said he walked to the kitchen table and I followed him "I love you so much I can't live without you Char" he said "J.C stop it"I said he came closer to me and grabbed my face hard "let go of me"I said trying to break free I clawed at his face his hands slid down to my neck he held on tighter "I loved you so much and you left"he said through clenched teeth my eyesight started to fade "Oi!"I heard and I felt my windpipe open again I coughed falling to the floor my eyesight slowly came back but I felt so sleepy I couldn't keep my eyes open when I woke up I was breathing hard my heart was racing trying to run away from the nightmare I just had I stood up dizzy I went to the living room Louis was sitting he looked up as I came in I felt disoriented "Charlotte are you OK?" he asked standing up quickly and running to my side "I'm fine"I said hoarsely I felt the world tilt to the side Louis caught me "whoa, love come on sit down I'll get you some water"Louis said leading me to the couch he went into the kitchen and came back a few moments later with a full bottle of water he opened the top and put the bottle to my lips I chugged the water I caught my breath "thank you"I said he nodded "...what happened?"he asked I tried to swallow the lump in my throat it felt like I had thorns in my throat I wasn't ready to talk about it he dragged his thumb back and forth between my ear and neck "It's OK love" he said softly "where is he?" I asked "he's in jail babe you don't need to worry about him anymore"he said "...he tried to rape you" he added,pained I closed my eyes trying to register the words he looked down "I'm gonna go change"I said I went to the room and changed into a Superman shirt and yoga Capri's  Louis's phone bleeped on the nightstand I walked over to it, it was Eleanor "I miss you Boo Bear:)"she texted I immediately regretted grabbing his phone I laid down and Louis came in a few minutes later "you OK?" he asked "You got a text"I said hoarsely "I don't care"he said "you might it's Eleanor"he looked at me unreadable "come here"he said lying on the bed I came into his arms "you have no reason to be jealous I'm done with that she wants me to be there for the kid not her'he said the puppy scratched the door Louis got up letting him in "what time is it?"I asked "Like 3 in the morning"he said "it's way past your bedtime sir'I said he laughed "tomorrow I'm staying home"he said "are you sure?"I asked "yeah I just don't feel safe leaving you alone"he said Tramp laid down next to me Louis kissed me I pulled him closer kissing his neck I pushed my hand through his Soft,brown hair he sat up never pulling his lips away from mine I could feel his heartbeat quicken he pulled away breathless I kissed his neck and pulled off his shirt than mine he kissed my breasts I moaned breathing out my stomach was full of butterflies I got up pulling down my pants and then his I sat on his lap he laid back pushing everything else off the bed with his free hand his other arm was wrapped around my waist "are you sure?" he whispered pulling away from my lips I nodded kissing him again he took a condom out of the nightstand and put it on I took off my bra and underwear he got on top of me he put his penis in slowly making me grasp at the covers and suppress a moan he started thrusting and I grasped the covers tighter and moaned loudly I turned my face into the pillow and moaned as loud as I could he thrust faster "I'm gonna cum"he said making me orgasm with his last few thrusts and he pulled out we got under the covers "I love you"he whispered "I love you too"I said he intertwined his fingers into mine everything was fine for that minute as we fell asleep in each others arms  we woke up the next day and took a shower together I put on yoga pants and a batman sweatshirt "Liam's gonna try to steal that from you"Louis said "he can try'I said "Oh, girl fight" Louis said kissing my cheek I started cooking and Louis started to play video games once I finished I went into the living room "babe are you gonna eat?"I asked stopping next to him he didn't say anything "Louis.."I said waving a hand in his face "fine whatever ignore me"I said starting to walk away he pulled my arm and spun me around kissing my cheek "what's up babe?"he asked "I asked if you wanted to eat"I said "I'm just gonna finish this game and than I'll eat K?"he asked "fine" I said he kissed me and I went to the kitchen eating my omelet on the counter I sat there for like twenty minutes waiting for Louis I got off the counter and went to the living room he was still playing I sat down on the edge of the couch and played with my phone he finished his game and started playing with my feet I pulled them closer to my butt "Babe" he said "What?"I asked "are you ignoring me?" he asked "yes"I said "why?" he continued "nothing"I said it was already late and we woke up at 3 "I'm going to bed"I said standing up and going to our bedroom I laid down and Tramp got on the bed lying down at the bottom of the bed I turned the T.V on and half an hour later Louis came in "babe..." he said lying down next to me"hmm?"I asked "I love you"he said kissing up to me "mm"I said and continued to watch the movie I felt the stubble from his beard on my arm he put his arm over my stomach and pulled me closer to him he kissed my cheek I couldn't stay mad at him I put my arms around him he laughed "Shut up Louis"I said "I knew you could't resist my charm"he said "it was more that I felt sorry for you than your charm"I said "that's not funny" he said I laughed "last night was amazing" he said "are you saying you wanna have more sex?"I asked "I wouldn't hate it"he said I laughed "I guess it all just depends on you"I said "why?"he asked "cause I feel like it"I said 'what if I take advantage of you right now?" he asked "you'd rape me?"I asked "It's not rape if you like it"he said I laughed "what if I don't?"I asked "oh trust me you do or else you wouldn't moan like that" "OK smart ass"I said he kissed me playing with the hem of my pants  

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