You and I


17. Rock Me

I took off my pants and he did the same he was still in his boxers but I sat on his lap and rocked back and forth softly "can you please stop?" he asked and moaned  I laughed he grabbed a condom and put it on I got on him and he put his penis in and I rocked back and forth he moaned loudly I kissed him shutting him up I kissed his neck and he rolled over on top of me I wrapped my legs around him and dug my fingernails in his back  as he kissed down my neckline I pulled his hair he pushed in steadily and thrusted faster I screamed out as I hit my high he thrusted a few final times and came he got rid of the condom and I laid on my stomach looking up at Louis he smiled "that was awesome if I do say so myself"he said I rolled my eyes "what was that you said about not liking it?" he asked I laughed quietly and kissed him "poor dog we did that to him twice"I said Tramp left as soon as we started kissing he started laughing "I think we traumatized him"he said making me laugh "you should come with me tomorrow to record" he said I shrugged "please?" he pleaded "OK fine"I said he smiled kissing me the next day the alarm blared next to me waking me I went to go take a shower and put on a Jack Daniels cutoff shirt and a black circular skirt with black stilettos and curled my hair we got there and the boys greeted us "hey look it's Ariana Grande"Niall said pointing to me I laughed and Louis rolled his eyes guiding me to a leather couch in the corner  we sat down and Louis started singing in in my ear "Do you remember Summer '09? Wanna go back there every night just can't lie was the best time of my life,I used to think that I was better alone why did I ever wanna let you go under the moonlight as we stared at the sea the words you whispered I will always believe I want you to Rock me Rock me Rock me yeah ...." he sang when he finished he looked at me "why didn't you tell me J.C was bothering you?" he asked abruptly "I did a lot"I said he nodded he looked upset he got up going somewhere I looked at Harry he sat down next to me "do you think Louis's mad or something?"I asked "No why?" he asked "I don't know he looks mad" "I have no idea"he got up and left too I got up watching Liam sing his part of the song wrapping my arms around myself Lou came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me "what's wrong love?" he asked "Nothing"I said "Harry told me you thought I was mad"he said putting his chin on my shoulder "I thought"I said 'I'm not mad Love"he said I turned around he kissed me lifting me up onto Scooter's desk "get a room!"everyone yelled we pulled away from each other "get a girlfriend!" Louis yelled back I put my face on his shoulder he helped me off the table and he led me out of the studio he pulled me into an empty room and he pushed me up against the door he kissed me lifting me up I wrapped my legs around him he kissed my neck and dug under my skirt he pushed his finger in my underwear fingering me I moaned and he added two more fingers and he just stopped unwrapping himself from me I looked at him as he left "what the hell?"I whispered under my breath "Louis"I called him fixing my skirt I ran after him as he went into the studio I tried to act normal but I couldn't "Louis"I scream whispered "come sit down love"Louis said patting the leather seat next to him "can I talk to you for a sec?"I asked we went into the hall "Louis what the hell was that?"I asked "what?" he asked innocently I looked at him frustrated "Oh, you're wet aren't you?" he asked I sighed annoyed "Fine"I said going back inside I didn't sit down I crossed my arms and leaned against the wall he came inside looking at me and laughing he sat down and once they finished with that we had to go to a party we went home to change and Louis was sitting on the bed I took off my skirt and shirt and walked over to him in my bra and underwear with my stilettos and I took off his belt taking his penis out he looked at me confused once I started to to suck it he laid back and moaned I started to go faster and I could tell he was about to cum so I stopped getting up and putting on the red strapless dress he sat up "what the hell?" he asked "payback's a bitch"I said i brushed my teeth and I walked out going to the car he followed me with an awkward boner in his tight pants we got to the venue and we sat in the car for a few seconds "babe please finish.."he plead I shook my head laughing "nope sorry"I said getting up and going inside I found Stella she hugged me "watch when Louis comes in"I said "why?" she asked "just watch"I said and Louis came in a few seconds later the room quiet and a few people talked and Louis came towards me "Char can I talk to you for a few minutes?"Louis asked "why don't we talk here?"I asked as innocently as he did "because this is private" he said through clenched teeth "Louis!" the boys yelled his name they just came "what are they doing here?" Louis asked "I invited them"I said he slumped taking my clutch from me he walked towards the boys awkwardly "what's wrong with him?" she asked "he has a boner"I whispered in her ear I walked to him "hi babe"I said kissing his cheek and taking my clutch I took out a piece of gum he stood behind me and I could feel him getting harder I stifled a laugh "what's up guys?"Harry asked "I don't know what's up Louis?"I asked he turned red "Char.."he whispered "we'll be right back"I said leading Louis to a room upstairs it was an empty bathroom and it was old so I don't think anyone would come in we went into the handicapped stall and locked it Louis pinned me against the door and kissed me "you're so dead"he said I laughed as he kissed down to my neck he pulled my dress up and pulled my underwear down he unzipped his pants and pulled out his penis he put it in slowly and started thrusting I moaned he put his hand over my mouth and went faster making me bite my lip to refrain from screaming I reached my orgasm and he came we both stood there for a while catching our breath "you guys done?"we heard Niall we looked at each other wide eyed

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