You and I


23. Right Now

I jumped up wrapping my arms around him and he did the same "I'm so sorry Louis"I said crying into his shoulder he didn't say anything he just took my beer and poured it down the drain I followed him into the kitchen and kissing him he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me onto the sink I exhaled he reached into my leggings and pushed his finger in I took a sharp breath he added two more fingers I moaned and he took them out carrying me to the room he took off his cloths and pulled off my leggings he pushed his penis in opening my legs wide and thrusting I moaned turning my face into the pillow I hung on his back as he thrusted hard and fast I orgasmed and he pulled out cumming on my stomach he bent down "you're mine"he whispered in my ear he kissed me and left I sighed and got up going to take another shower I put on an Iron man sweatshirt and some shorts when I came out I went to the living room as he took his plate to the sink he kissed me and put his plate in the sink when he came back he pulled me to the couch with him pulling me onto his lap he wrapped his arms around my waist "I love you" he said "I love you too"I replied "are you still mad?"I asked "kinda" he admitted "I'm so sorry"I apologized "I'm not mad at you love"he said "well who are you mad at?"I asked "Harry"he said "why?"I asked "cause he kissed you"he said "he was drunk"I said "so it still doesn't give him the right to kiss you" he said I kissed him "I know I'm all yours but ,you can't be mad at Harry for this,I think you guys are pretty much even since you messed him up pretty badly"I said he looked at me and I made a puppy face "fine I'll talk to him"he said I laughed kissing him he smiled at me for the first time in what seemed like forever "I need you to do me a huge favor"he said I nodded "Lou is bringing Lux over and I was planning on going to the gym"he said "can you please watch her  while I'm out?"he asked I nodded I got up going to the room it was already 7:22 I sat on the bed and turned on the TV for a little and Louis called Lou to tell her I'd be watching Lux I waited and Louis left finally someone knocked and I got up going to the door I answered and Lou stood there with Lux "hi you must be Charlotte"she said "yep you must be Lou"I said "yup and this is Lux,I'm so sorry for dumping her on you guys like this but I need to go out of town for a couple days and she loves Louis and Harry so..."she trailed off I laughed "no it's fine" I said I bent down "hi Lux I'm Charlotte"I said holding out my hand she buried her head in Lou's leg "say hi Lux"Lou told her quietly "well it's almost bedtime for her and she has a list in her bag if there's anything you guys need Louis has my number and if there's any emergency please call"she said I nodded and she squatted to talk to Lux "I love you so so much baby, mommy is gonna visit grandma for a few day and I promise I'll be back"she said Lux held out her pinky Lou wrapped hers around Lux's Lou's eyes got watery and she hugged Lux one last time before leaving Lux held out her arms for me to pick her up "come on Lux"I said picking her up and going inside I took off her jacket "Do you want  something to eat?"I asked her she shook her head "do you wanna go to sleep?"I asked she nodded rubbing her eyes I smiled and took her to our room I laid her down and took the rubber bands out of her hair and gave her her bottle I changed her into PJ's she played with her hair as we watched Spongebob Squarepants and Fairly odd Parents before she fell asleep I fell asleep waiting for Louis I woke up Lux was on my stomach jumping up and down I grunted Louis was asleep next to me I sighed "hey kiddo"I said she continued jumping "OK,OK kid,you hungry?"I asked she thought about it for a second and nodded I gave her some apple sauce her mom left her and she fed it to herself I made myself coffee and Louis came in "hey bug"he said picking her up putting her in the air she giggled slobbering on his face he closed his eyes I laughed and grabbed a napkin cleaning his face "thank you love"he said "how come you came home so late last night?"I asked curiously"I was planning something"he said putting Lux on his hip "what?"I asked "it's a surprise"he said "OK dork let her eat"I said he put her down in front of her food she ate and I made Louis food while they ate I went over the list Lou left he put his beanie on her and she cracked up as it fell over her face I laughed at her cute little laugh Louis smiled looking at me "we should take Lux to the park"he said I nodded and he changed Lux I went to the room I put on jeans and as I was looking for a shirt Louis' hands were on my hips I turned around and wrapped my arms around his neck "I love you"he whispered "I love you too"I replied "I love you more"he argued I laughed he kissed me and I turned around looking for a shirt I put on a cutoff shirt that had Ariel on it he kissed my shoulder and started to change he put on some tight sweats and a shirt with a beanie and a sweater I put on a blue flannel shirt and vans with a beanie we went to the park playing with Lux I took pictures of them going down the slide Lux doing the monkey bars we went and got hot chocolate it was really cold Louis put his sunglasses on Lux and I took a picture we went home with Chinese take out my favorite I wondered what Louis was planning but every time I asked him he would say it's a surprise we ate and the boys came over Harry got better they acted like nothing happened which was better than the alternative they all sat on the couch talking and laughing; meanwhile I was reassuring my mom that I hadn't gotten pregnant when I put the picture on Twitter she asked me whose baby it was and I explained it to her that wouldn't have made sense me and Louis met 8 months ago and that's not even enough time for me to give birth it didn't really make sense but I assured her and picked Darcy up pulling her onto the couch and sitting down she waved to Harry "Hally"she said "hi bug"he said grabbing her hand and squeezing it she fell asleep in my arms and I went to go put her down me and the boys talked for a while more before they decided to go home me and Louis went to bed Lux laid in between us I fell asleep and the next day I woke up surprisingly early I stretched and looked around some thing was wrong Lux wasn't in bed I sat up quickly getting up I looked under the bed and in the closet,bathroom,outside,in the kitchen I couldn't find her I looked under the bed again and Louis woke up "babe what are you doing?"he asked "I'm looking for Lux"I said he laughed softly "babe Lou came to pick her up this morning you were knocked out"he said I relaxed "oh I thought I..."I trailed off "no babe you didn't lose Lux"he said I threw myself back onto the bed more tired than before he hugged me and I fell back to sleep 

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