You and I


26. Pretend It's OK

Louis ran to me looking at me confused "love?"he asked he bent down and held me he was still confused but I hugged him tight not wanting to let him go "what's wrong babe?" he asked "my dad...he's dead"I said his face fell and he hugged me tighter as I cried once I stopped crying we went to Brooke's house she answered the door in tears and my eyes stung with new tears she hugged me and I sniffled we went inside and sat down "how did..."I trailed off "your dad refused to get Chemotherapy and he just told the doctors he wanted to just go through it and last night he gave up"she said crying again she held her belly Louis wrapped his arms around me I smiled at him and looked at Brooke she held a pillow to her body she wiped her nose "we're gonna have a service this Saturday"she said I nodded "I have to go"I said getting up I couldn't look at her not like this my phone bleeped I looked at it it was my mom I couldn't talk to her right now I went to the front door and left Louis followed me we drove home and it started raining we walked inside soaked Louis pulled me into his arms and I fell apart we fell to the floor and I started sobbing he rocked me back and forth "shh shh baby"he whispered once I calmed down enough he started singing "the end of the night,we should say goodbye,but we carry on while everyone's gone,never felt like this before,are we friends or are we more?As I'm walking towards the door I'm not sure,but baby if you say you want me to stay I'll change my mind,cause I don't want to know while I'm walking away if you'll be mine..."he sang softly I laid my head on his shoulder when he finished he carried me to the room we laid on the bed and he took out the Polaroid pictures we took during the summer we looked at them for a long time I wondered when everything started falling apart we fell asleep and when I woke up Louis was gone I got up going to the kitchen he threw plates on the floor they shattered at my feet "Louis what's wrong?"I asked "nothing just go away!"he yelled at me throwing another plate at my feet I jumped back dodging it I went to the room I didn't know how to feel I was so confused about what just happened I  decided to give Louis what he wanted,space.I got up packing a suitcase and called a hotel nearby booking a room I put on some yoga Capri and a spaghetti shirt with a sweater and some converse I brushed my teeth grabbing my hair I looked at the infinity shaped ring he gave me I sighed taking it off and leaving it on the dresser I got up walking to the living room Louis was on the couch he didn't say anything I left the spare key on the couch next to him and walked out driving to the hotel I put on sunglasses as paps crowded my car  "Char did Louis kick you out?!"one yelled I looked down looking at the floor and going inside I pushed the front door open and went to the front desk I checked in and went to my room feeling worse by the minute my eyes filled with tears as reality sank in Louis didn't love me anymore and I still loved him with all my heart I turned on the TV TMZ was on of course "so we have reports of that Char Louis Tomlinson' fiancee was kicked out of their L.A apartment and there have also been these rumors that she cheated on him with Harry Styles we caught her going into the Hilton by herself she wasn't wearing her engagement ring" everyone groaned "but wait didn't you hear that he's getting back together with Eleanor?" a girl asked "really?" a man asked "isn't she like really knocked up by her boyfriend?" another girl asked I turned the TV off sighing I got up and went back to the apartment I went into the room and Louis was on the bed staring at the ring he looked up  as I came in but he didn't say anything my eyes filled with tears as I packed the rest of my stuff he got up giving me keys as I finished packing I looked at him he nodded I bit the inside of my cheek I grabbed my bags and left Louis was on the porch watching me as I drove away his eyes full of tears I drove to the hotel holding the keys tightly in my hand I laid on the bed everything got really bad these last few days my mom called again I guess she heard I didn't answer I ran to the bathroom and vomited into the toilet I got up brushing my teeth and flushing the toilet someone knocked I wiped my tears and went to go answer I opened the door and saw Harry he came in hugged me I hugged him back crying we sat down on the bed we stayed quiet for a bit "I think I might be pregnant"I blurted he looked at me "you need to tell Louis"he said I shook my head "why not?"he asked "I don't even know if I am and he's getting back together with Eleanor"I said "only because management's making him"he said I looked up at him surprised he nodded "you need to tell him"he said "no"I said he looked down "what happened?"he asked grabbing my hand it was bloody "crap"I said running to the bathroom I ran cold water over my hand I winced Harry came in with a first-aid kit he turned off the water and I sat on the toilet seat he rubbed ointment on my hand and I sucked in a breath "sorry"he said he wrapped my hand in a bandage and taped the other end "what happened?"he asked again "I had some keys in my hand and I held them too tightly"I explained sheepishly he nodded "you need to tell Louis"he said quietly "I don't know If I'm actually pregnant"I said "let's go take a test than"he said we walked out of the hotel "Harry!Are you and Char having an affair?"a pap asked we ignored him and drove to the drug store I got 6 pregnancy tests and took them to the clerk he gave me a strange look but rang me up I paid and wrapped them in a bag I went back to the car and we went to the hotel I took them and they all came out positive I was pregnant.

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