You and I


15. One Thing

We went to bed lying down we talked for a little bit "so I found something very interesting this morning" he said "what?"I asked "A bag full of money"he said "really?"I asked not remembering anything "yeah you didn't know about it?"he asked "no"I said he got up going to the closet and taking out one of my bags he opened it I sat up it had my shoes and a huge pile of money in it I looked up at him he looked at me as if I'd known "I think my mom put it in there"I said confused "Why would your mum put like $50,000,000 dollars in your bag?" he asked I shrugged trying to picture my mom sneaking this past my dad I lied back he put back in the closet and lied down next to me"do you wanna come to the studio with me tomorrow?" he asked I looked at him "your dads not gonna be there"he said I nodded "OK" I said kissing him we went to sleep the next day I woke up and took a shower I got out wearing a light pink circular skirt and a cropped black sweater with black stilettos I curled my hair and put on my favorite necklace it had nerd glasses,mustache and a top hat I woke up Louis and he changed into a black muscle shirt and black jeans with black vans and a blazer we left driving to the studio he held my hand his warm,tan skin warmed me up we went inside and Louis led me to the couch we talked to the boys Scooter ,their producer was sitting at a desk his usual spot messing with the music they've recorded and Niall was playing with a ball in a chair Zayn,Harry,and Liam were wrestling on the floor we just watched them as they played Niall threw the ball at me "Oh,It's Char's turn to sing"Niall said everyone turned to me I laughed nervously "come on babe"Louis said pulling my hand and leading me into the sound booth "just sing love"Louis said through the microphone I walked up to the microphone reluctantly "I looked in my rear view mirror and it seemed to make a lot more sense than what I see ahead of us I'm ready to make that turn before we both crash and burn then that will be the death of us the death us baby you know how to drive in rain and you decided not to make a change stuck in the same old lane going the wrong home I feel like my heart is stuck in bumper to bumper traffic I'm under pressure cause I can't have you the way that I want let's just go back to the way it was when were on Honey moon Avenue Honey moon Avenue..." I continued to sing Honey moon Avenue by Ariana Grande when I finished I came out of the booth and the boys crowded me talking at the same time Louis got me out and led me to the couch "let's get back to work"we all turned to whoever spoke and my dad stood at the door sober and he looked better than before "hello Charlotte"he said acknowledging me for the first time he sat down in a chair next to Scooter and a woman came in after him she couldn't have been that much older than me she sat on my dad's lap I looked at Louis he looked at me just as surprised "Char come meet your step mom Brooke this is my daughter Charlotte or Lottie"he said I shook she took off her coat and revealed a huge belly I got up and went into the hallway hyperventilating   I took my shoes off and began to pace "Lottie what's wrong?" my dad stepped out of the studio "don't call me that"I said "what's wrong?" he asked looking genuinely confused "what's wrong is my 'stepmother' is half your age and she's pregnant that's what's wrong"I said "Lottie why do you think your mother and I got a divorced?" he asked "so how long has this been going on?"I asked he shrugged indifferently "a year"He said "so you've been cheating on mom for a year?"I asked "Char your mom and I have been separated for two years" he said I leaned against a chair"Lottie this doesn't change anything" he said "It doesn't change anything?it changes everything..and you try to tell me how to live my life when yours was horrible"I said I started pacing again "I'm sorry" he said rubbing his eyes "you should be you just lost all my respect and I can't ever trust you ever again"I said "you took your family for granted I hope you guys are perfectly happy I won't bother you and your picture perfect family"I said he went back inside and I threw myself on the chair in the hall and waited for an hour Louis came out we went home and he took a shower and I laid on the bed his phone bleeped I grabbed it off the dresser it was a text from Eleanor 'i'm pregnant it's yours we need to talk' I grabbed Tramp and his leash and took him for a long walk I came back after dark feeling stupid I came back Louis was playing video games "where have you been love?" he asked "walking" I said walking to the room I put on a sweatshirt with shorts and laid down Louis came in kissing my neck "Louis I'm on my period"I lied "are you OK?Do you have cramps or a headache?" he asked "no Louis Have you checked your phone"I asked "No why?' "check" I said my voice broke he looked at the text and his face went white "when was the last time you saw her?"I asked him "In the Summer" he said "Awesome..."I said sarcastically I sat up he tried to grab my hand "Don't" I said getting up and going to the couch he came out a few minutes later "Charlie I'm so sorry I never meant for that to happen" he said 'should have worn a condom"I said my voice shook "Char Please..." "Louis I need space right now"I said interrupting him "go check on Eleanor"I said lying down I didn't know how much more I could take "I'll be back as soon as I can"he said he kissed my forehead and left I went to the room and sat on the bed for a while Louis came back I went to the bathroom before he could say anything I got into the shower and cried under the water I got out changing into a Rolling Stones shirt and shorts singing Listen by Beyonce  while I changed and went to the living room avoiding Louis but he came anyway "Char I know you want space right now but I just love you so much I will do absolutely everything to make things right again i know this is much more than you can handle but I'm begging you give me time I will raise the baby but I won't ever give up on us I hope you don't either I was hurting and I missed you so much, I was drunk and I forgot to wear a condom but just please don't give up on me" he said he forgot to ask forgiveness for cheating I wiped the tears off my face as they rolled down my cheeks I avoided looking at him he sighed and got up leaving to the room I heard him start to sob I could remember how that felt ,alone and scared,and this was bad,but I loved him so much I got up turning off everything in the living room I got in bed with him and he hugged me back tight he fell asleep crying I wiped his eyes

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