You and I


9. Nobody Compares

We went to bed late after drinking with the boys we had to wake up early the next morning we boarded the plane to Paris and I fell asleep on Louis' shoulder he woke me up by kissing my forehead when we got there I sleepily looked up "come on love"he said helping me up we got in the town car and drove to the hotel I threw myself on the bed as soon as we came in he jumped over me and laid down next to me kissing my cheek "we should go explore" I suggested "wait..."he said sleepily I on the other hand was hyper I drank a coffee before we came.I slumped hanging off the bed he poked my stomach making me fall off the bed I grunted hitting my stomach he looked over the edge of the bed at me he smiled sleepily I jumped on the bed he caught my foot and pulled I hit myself on the headboard "Owie" I said rubbing my forehead he seemed to wake up "I'm so sorry"he said hugging me he squished me "Lou....can you please get off me it's not helping"I said "sorry"he pulled away "do you want to go to sleep?"I asked "no"he said getting up and pulling me to my feet I pulled my beanie down fixing my hair and we went outside I was wearing a long burgundy cardigan stockings high waisted jean shorts and a black Sex Pistols cutoff shirt tucking into my shorts with combat boots he was wearing his normal black jeans vans and t-shirt we walked around I walked on a brick wall and Louis held my hand he lit a cigarette and smoked I coughed making him feel guilty he slowly moved away from me  letting go of my hand I looked up at the sky it was grey I grabbed my hair into a braid letting go of loose strands I felt tiny drops of water on my skin I faced the sky again and felt the drops fall on my face it started raining harder Louis scooped me up from my waist and took me under a building as it started to pour he looked at me amused "what?" I asked "nothing" he said I smiled at him he gave me a half smirk I looked at the Eiffel tower we walked under the water I didn't mind getting wet we walked to the hotel I got in the shower and came out wearing some yoga Capri and a spaghetti shirt with a sweater Louis got in the shower and his phone bleeped I got up going to shut it up I looked at the name Eleanor "I miss you Boo Bear :* XOXO can't wait to see you again" I put the phone down as if it were on fire and stepped away going outside I went into the lobby with no shoes and pushed the rotating doors I put my hood on and walked outside waiting for my mind to settle the words kept replaying in my mind I tried to swallow the lump in my throat Louis came out looking around "Char what are you doing out here?" he asked walking to me "come inside you'll get sick out here" he said pulling my hand we got inside and I dropped my hand from his "I think I should go home" I said he stopped walking "why?" he asked "I'm homesick" I lied looking down at my bracelets he walked to me and lifted my chin he nodded I smiled sadly  we went upstairs and I could see his eyes tear up I packed my bags and changed my shirt and sweater he drove me to the airport we got to the terminals and I bought my ticket we hugged as my plane boarded he started crying I wiped his tears and smiled trying my best to remain strong in front of him I got on the plane and went home I listened to music when I got home my dad was home on the kitchen table,drinking,big surprise he looked up as I came in he got up following me to my room the white walls stood out from my colorful room I threw my suitcase on my bed "so,what happened did your precious Louis do something wrong?" he asked sarcastically I rolled my eyes sighing "I'm not in the mood"I said putting my cloths away "Oh,I'm so sorry Princess forgive me'he said he just loved pushing my buttons I closed the door and put on music loud I listened to Angels by Mayday Parade and unpacked I changed and listened to it on repeat I lied down feeling so broken

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