You and I


35. Nightingale

When we woke up it was late I wasn't feeling too great I just laid in bed listening to music he brought me food and something to drink but I was nauseous so I didn't eat I just drank the tea he made me I heard someone come in Louis led someone in the room it was the guy,My brother,I guess I sat up and immediately regretted it I got dizzy he sat on the bed and Louis sat behind me I laid on his chest "you OK?" the guy asked I nodded "I'm Daniel by the way"he said "Charlotte"I said "I know I've read a lot about you and mom hasn't really shut up about you either"he said I nodded "so you're pregnant?"he asked "yeah,with twins"I said he eyes widened in surprise "you're small"he said I nodded "so how did you find out?" he asked "my dad had a lawyer and he sort of divulged everything onto me"I said he nodded "Is your dad like going through something?"he asked "he died a few weeks back"I said he nodded "I'm sorry for your loss"he said I nodded "so.."he said awkwardly I laughed awkwardly "this is Louis by the way"I said pointing to Louis they looked at each other and nodded I smiled I sat up feeling better we talked for a while and he left Louis smiled at me "what?"I asked he kissed me "I love you"he said I laughed "I love you too"he sighed and kissed my forehead "you know what I wanna name the kids,If they're boys?"he asked "no what?"I asked "Luke and Leo"he said "we'll see"I said I got up "where you going?"he asked "I'm hungry"I said he laughed "fat ass"he said I stuck my tongue out at him he got up and scooped me up kissing me I laughed he put me down and we went downstairs he kissed me and sat on the couch watching his soccer game I popped a piece of chocolate into my mouth and looked around the fridge there was no food except some old lime it was growing hair I threw it away I sat down next to Louis putting my head on his shoulder "there's no food'I said he laughed "really?"he asked I nodded "except an old lime it was sort of just staring at me"I said he laughed "do you want me to go get something?"he asked  I nodded "what?"he asked I thought about it "let's just order Chinese food yeah?"I asked "Fine with me I don't have to move"he said getting his phone he dialed and ordered when he was on the phone I bit his finger he jerked away looking at me angrily I laid my head on his lap and played with his hand he hung up "you're so annoying"he said I made a face at him and he laughed he kissed me "they're coming"he said looking back to the TV I sighed he looked at me "what?"he asked "nothing"I said "I'm bored"I said "I can tell you bit me hard" he said "sorry"I said "your boobs grew"he said poking my breasts "and?"I asked "nothing I have no problem with that"he said I laughed the food came a little while later after we ate it was getting dark "come on babe put on something nice we're going for a walk"he said I followed his instructions and went upstairs a beautiful red dress was at the corner of the bed "wear me"said a little note I smiled my black flats and a black coat sat there too I put my hair into a loose bun and put on the dress doing my make up and shoes we walked to the park the sun hid behind the trees he was wearing a dress shirt and dress pants wearing fancy shoes "Louis where are we going?"I asked "It's a surprise" he simply said leading me to the far part of the park near the woods"Louis it's getting dark"I said "don't be such a big baby"he said looking at me "we're almost there"he said putting his warm hand over my eyes he led for a while and then uncovered my eyes  he took me to a big clearing trees full of fairy lights he put up a small white table and a couple glassed on the table there was a flower crown on both sides of the table he led me to a chair and pulled the seat out for me I sat down and he sat down across from me grabbing my hand I smiled at him he rubbed his thumb over my hand "Lou what is this?"he asked "I've been thinking a lot about the other day, I almost lost you,and our kids I couldn't picture life without you or our kids you are the most perfect person I've ever met and I'd be stupid to let you go again"he said I smiled at him and my eyes filled with tears he leaned over the table and kissed me I felt my tears roll down my cheeks when he pulled away he sang Give me love by Ed Sheeran softly I blushed looking at the flower crown he grabbed it and put it on my head I smiled at him and blushed deeper he smiled at me after we ate desert we left I was sort of worried about the stuff but he told me to leave it we walked home and I was still blushing he kissed me and we went inside I laid on the couch and he laid on the floor I looked at him upside down he smiled at me and crawled over to me he kissed me I laughed in the middle of the kiss he smiled at me "I love you so much babe"he said "I love you too"I said "I love you the most" he argued "I love you the mostest"I said my words made no sense he laughed "shut up"I said "make me"he said I sat up and pulled him in by the collar of his shirt and our lips crashed together I pulled away breathless he smiled at me "I'm so lucky"Louis said I laughed "I need to get to bed I have to go to the studio early tomorrow"he said "you guys working on a new album?"I asked "yeah,you're not the only one with a job here"he said I laughed he kissed me and I stayed awake for a little while more before going upstairs I took off the dress and my flats I got into bed and Louis wrapped his arms around my waist lightly putting his hand on my stomach I smiled and fell asleep fast

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