You and I


22. More Than This

 I was in total shock but I knew enough to push myself off the chair the chair fell back and I stood up I ran out going almost getting ran over by a car they stopped a few inches from my leg and I stood there breathless looking at them they beeped and I moved back Harry stumbled out of the bar "Char wait"he said leaning against the wall "Harry go inside and call a cab"I said he actually listened and went inside I walked home feeling dirty and guilty I opened the door and closed it behind me leaning against it "hey babe"Louis said walking out of the hall I stood up straight "hey"I said "where've you been?"he asked "I had a couple beers with Harry at the pub a few blocks away and I didn't realize how late it was sorry"I said "It's OK nothing happened?" he asked I think it was my guilty conscious or he knew "no"I lied before I knew it came out of my mouth "oh OK well I was gonna watch a movie do you wanna watch it?"he asked "I actually I'm really tired and I wanna take a shower"I said "OK good night babe"he said kissing me as I passed by days passed and I couldn't figure out how the hell I was supposed to tell him his best friend kissed me me and Harry hadn't spoken either and I couldn't hold it any longer Louis was on the table writing a song  I sat down next to him "Lou do you have a minute?"I asked "yeah for you yeah"he said which made me feel worse I felt a twinge of guilt "um...remember the other day when you asked me if anything happened with Harry?"I asked "Yeah"he said looking at me strangely "um....he sort of kissed me"I said his face was unreadable he got up fast and started pacing "wait.... so let me get this straight you told me nothing happened between you guys, you lied to me and waited this long to tell me?"he asked "I didn't know how to tell you ...I..." "no.."he cut me off "I can't believe this with Harry?"he asked my tears fell from my eyes he walked away slamming the door I flinched and sobbed the look of disappointment on his face broke my heart I sat down on the couch hugging myself and crying I fell asleep waiting for Louis my phone woke me up I answered it "Do you accept a collect call from 'Louis'" a voice animated call asked "yes"I replied "hello?"I asked "Charlotte I need you to come bail me out"he said the angry tone still in his voice "what did you do?"I asked "just come get me"he said hanging up  I grabbed a sweater for him and drove to the county jail I walked in and the police officer at the front desk looked up she was chunky and she had blonde hair I walked up to the desk "can I help you ma'am?" she asked "I came to bail out my boyfriend"I said she sighed "name?'she asked "Tomlinson...Louis"I said she typed it in the computer and motioned for me to follow her we walked down a long corridor full of cells Louis was sitting on a bench his face in his hands the cop unlocked his cell "Tomlinson"she said he looked up and got to his feet I held out the hoodie for him he yanked it from my hand  and put it on putting on the hood Paps covered every part of the street making it difficult to leave but we finally pushed through and drove home in total silence it was almost 3 in the morning when we got home Louis  went out to the balcony and smoked a cigarette I turned on the T.V and TMZ was on  a girl talked about Jhene Aiko and then a fat guy with a beard started talking "so Louis Tomlinson from One Direction was arrested for starting a fight with one of his band mates Harry Styles because he kissed Char Louis's long time girlfriend"he said "long story short his girlfriend had to bail him out of jail" they all talk at once overlapping each other a girl broke in "I don't get why they're fighting over one girl they have like millions of girls at their feet and they fight over one?"she asked the TV switched off and I turned around Louis was holding the remote he put the remote down and went to the room I followed him and he changed and got into bed "are you coming to bed?"he asked rudely I turned off the light and stripped off my cloths till I was in my bra and underwear I laid down next to him the next day I woke up earlier than Louis I changed and went for a run I came back two hours later and took a shower I curled my hair and put on a cut off shirt that said The Ramones with leggings I went to the studio this time Scooter sat there with the boys Harry was pretty messed up he had a black eye, a busted lip, and he was sore I could tell the way he stood up they all looked up and all mumbled a hello I waved and did everything I had to do to release the song on YouTube and went home I saw something on the coffee table I walked over to it a magazine me Harry and Louis were on the cover 'Huge bombshell Louis Tomlinson cheated on by long time girlfriend Charlotte Rose with best friend Harry Styles' the heading screamed I sighed staring at it till it became a blur I got up and got Louis' guitar and a beer I went to the balcony and sat on the floor I played you by the pretty reckless when I finished I sang For the love of a daughter by Demi Lovato I broke down in the middle of the song and I felt a hand on my shoulder I looked up and saw Louis 

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