You and I


19. Moments

We got to the studio and my dad stood next to Scooter uncomfortable once Louis and I stepped into the room.He still hadn't come past the fact that me and Louis were dating much less living together we went up to Scooter and he hugged me and shook hands with Louis the boys were all there I signed the contract and everyone brought out Champagne and cake I saw Brooke by herself on a chair she looked around I got a piece of cake and a water bottle and brought them to her she was surprised but took them "thank you" she said "no problem,So what are you doing all alone over here?" I asked "your dad's busy and I told him we should come to support you"she said she sighed leaning back in her chair "you feeling OK?" I asked her "yeah I'm fine I'm just tired"she said "you should go home and get some sleep"I said she looked at my dad who was laughing and drinking with some producers "don't worry"I said getting up and walking to my dad he stopped laughing "Brooke wants to go home dad'I said "well tell her to wait I need a ride home I'm not gonna drive like this"he said "she's not your chauffeur dad she's your pregnant girlfriend  you need to take her home"I said "why should I?"he asked "is this really how your gonna be?I just hope for the baby's sake you change cause you know what I don't even know who you are anymore"I said walking to Brooke "come on I'll drive you home"I said getting the keys "oh,no i'm fine really"she said "no your not you need some sleep"I said she looked at my dad and got up following me out I drove her home and went to go pick Louis up from the studio "where'd you go?" he asked as he slid into the car "I went to go drop off Brooke at my dad's house"I said he grabbed my hand and squeezed it we went home and started drinking I was drunk and Louis was just laughing at me I sat on the edge of the couch he came to me kissing me when he pulled away I fell backwards and he laughed he went around the couch to sit down I was on the floor looking at the ceiling "babe what are you doing?"he asked "nothing"I said he looked over the edge of the couch to me "I love you babe" he said "I love you too....I'm hungry"I said he laughed and helped me up "I'll make you a peanut butter jelly sandwich"he said "OK" I said sitting down on the couch I laid down and my eyes got heavy so I fell asleep before he came back the next morning I woke up with a huge headache Louis came in throwing a bag on the table "you finally awake?" he asked "what time is it?"I asked my throat felt tight and it stung "4:53" he said "really?" I asked "yeah I actually had time to go to the studio and go to the store before you woke up"he said I sighed he went to the kitchen and he came back with aspirin and water he gave it to me and sat down next to me I pulled my shirt out of my skirt and my skirt was hiked up higher than it should've been I pulled it down and Louis pulled me to lay on his shoulder I sighed and he kissed my forehead I hugged his waist and he held me tighter "I'm sorry if I said anything stupid last night"I said "no you didn't but you did drool on my favorite  pillow so yeah there's that" I looked up at him "shut up "I laughed he kissed me "I'm just kidding"he said I laughed "you're so mean"I said he laughed "I'm sorry" he said "I smiled "are you feeling better?"he asked "yeah I feel much better now that you're here"I said "so cheesy" he said I laughed I started singing "I'd like to say we gave it a try I'd like to blame it all on our lives but maybe we weren't right but that's a lie that's a lie than maybe we wouldn't be two worlds apart but right here in each others arms and we almost we almost knew what love was but almost is never enough....."I sang he kissed me when I finished singing it "you wanna go over to Harry's flat?"Louis asked "sure"I said getting up I got in the shower I put on Burgundy pants and a black sweater with a scarf it was cold outside I curled the tips of my hair and put on perfume doing my make up and putting on combat boots I tucked the front part of my sweater in my pants and we drove to Harry's apartment Harry hugged me and kissed my cheek the boys were on the couch Perrie and Zayn hugged me sitting down we all got drunk we sang karaoke and singing "Call Me Maybe" all together  we were cracking up as Louis and Harry danced around and sang along the next morning we all woke up in his apartment all over the place me and Louis were on his couch Niall fell asleep on a chair and Perrie and Zayn fell asleep on the Lazy-boy Harry was sleeping on the floor on his stomach I fell back to sleep 

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