You and I


12. Midnight Memories

We woke up the next day with bad hangovers Louis was right I'm never gonna play a drinking game with Harry or Niall I sat up wearing only Louis's superman shirt Louis groaned and turned around putting his arm around my lap he opened his eyes and looked at me smiling sleepily I laughed "get up lazy" I said "I'm up" he sat up "no I'm not never mind"he said throwing himself back down I laughed "I thought we were gonna paint your apartment?" I asked "we are just....wait"he said sleepily I got up and he pulled me down I landed on him "where are you off to?" he asked "to eat breakfast" I said "no stay with me" he said "do you want me to starve to death?" I asked "OK Niall calm down with the dramatics" he said I rolled my eyes laughing at him he sighed and got up we walked to the kitchen he kissed me and went to the bathroom I made omelets and he came back wrapping his arms around my waist we ate and I changed into an old Rolling Stones shirt and he took out two cans of paint and went to go change I put on his gym shorts and he put on an old t-shirt and some gym shorts we started painting on opposite sides of the apartment the light blue paint came off easily "Char?" he asked "mm"I answered distracted "Char?" he asked I turned around and he gestured to the wall he was painting 'Will you move in with me?' he wrote on the wall I put my paintbrush down and jumped into his arms I nodded kissing him he laid me on the floor and I sneakily grabbed his paintbrush and painted his face "Charlotte La Baouf" he said his eyes closed "yes?" I asked "I'm gonna kill you" he said "If you could open your eyes maybe I'd be scared"I said he wiped his eyes and looked at me he grabbed the can of paint and poured it on me I gasped as the cold paint hit my skin "now you're dead"i said rolling over and grabbing my bucket of paint and pouring it on his head it slowly moved down his hair and face he wiped his eyes and hovered over me he kissed me with his soft warm,lips and pulled away too soon the door opened and the boys came in "What the hell happened here?"Liam asked Harry,Niall,and Zayn meanwhile were taking pictures "Damnstagram" Harry said I laughed "Oh,look the're having a private moment maybe we should come back later" Louis said annoyed he sat up and I did too "what are you guys doing here?" Louis asked "we came cause Niall ordered too much food and we came to drop it off for you guys"Liam said looking at Niall who looked down ashamed "but I can see its a bad time"Liam said looking around "I think it's the perfect time"I said "I'm hungry"I said  Louis looked at me I shrugged and smiled sheepishly he smiled back "but I need to go shower cause someone decided to pour a whole can of paint on me" I said looking at Louis "I didn't start it you did" he said "OK we're gonna go"Liam said putting the bag of food on the table by the door they left and we got into the shower fully clothed and rinsed out our cloths we got out and he gave me a pair of his boxers and a batman shirt the batman shirt covered the boxers so it made it look like I wasn't wearing anything the tips of my hair were still blue and we grabbed the food off the table after cleaning our mess of paint and went to eat it in bed he kept taking pictures while I ate I gave him the finger and he laughed "I'm gonna put that one on Twitter" he said "no Louis"I said"yes" he argued "no" "yeah please?"he pleaded "whatever Louis"I said looking at the T.V he put his phone down and sat down in front of me I laid down "are you mad love?" he asked I shrugged he laid down next to me wrapping his arms around me "I'm sorry" he said kissing my cheek "OK?" he asked "OK" I said 

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