You and I


45. Lovin it

"You can't be in love with two people Louis"I said taking off the engagement ring "I'm not in love with her"he said exasperated I gave him the ring "please don't do this"he plead with me grabbing my hands I pulled "I'm sorry"I apologized I felt like I left a piece of me behind with Louis I walked away and went downstairs everyone looked up curiously I went to the bathroom on the verge of crying I sat down on the toilet trying to keep quiet someone knocked "love are you in there?"I heard Harry's low raspy slow voice "yeah"I said wiping my eyes and standing up I cleared my throat I let him in and he hugged me I fell apart in his arms he held me up soothing me we got out of the bathroom Jazmin was the first one to reach me she hugged me and whispered in my ear"Louis left an hour ago"she said I nodded and the boys came towards me "mommy!"they both yelled in unison"hey babies"I said they hugged me giving me a huge tight hug it felt really good to get a hug from the boys Harry's arm was around my waist Leo buried his head in my chest and Luke was making faces at Harry and Harry made faces at Luke I laughed and we sat down after a while everyone began leaving leaving me Harry and the kids the kids were playing in the nursery and I laid my head on Harry's lap I fell asleep and when I woke up I was alone I heard Harry in the kitchen speaking in an angry whisper I heard another familiar voice I got up walking to the kitchen Harry was leaning against the stove and Louis was leaning against the counter across from him they both looked up as I walked in "what are you guys doing?"I asked cautiously "nothing" "talking"they both said at the same time "about?"I asked "nothing" "you"they both answered again "ok"I said going to check on the boys they were sleeping I smiled and went back they were in the living room they were sitting on the couch looking everywhere but at each other "soo um what were you guys saying about me?"I asked sitting down on the couch with Harry "I told him to stay away from you"Louis said I looked at Harry and than got up "Louis can I talk to you for a second?"I asked he got up following me to the room he closed the door behind him "what's going on?"he asked"I should ask you the same question what the hell are you thinking?"I asked his jaw flexed "Louis were not together anymore it shouldn't matter to you what I do whether I choose to date Harry or not it's none of your concern"I said he crossed his arms "how do you expect me to forget?we have kids together Char you cant just expect me to give up on us or the kids that quickly"he said "I'm not asking you to forget I'm asking you to let go Louis this is what's gonna drive me crazy,the fact that your such a hypocrite do you think I want you with Eleanor?"I asked him "she's all I have now"he said I shook my head swallowing the lump in my throat "than do me and her a favor and just leave me alone"I said exasperated he left going downstairs I followed him and he slammed the door driving off quickly I sat on the couch and Harry wrapped his arms around me he kissed my cheek and I felt better he went home and Louis came back the boys were asleep he rang the doorbell and I answered it as soon as I pulled the door open he kissed me pushing me inside and pinning me against the wall I kissed him back he led me upstairs and pushed me on the bed he got on me kissing me pulling his body closer he reached down and put his finger in my underwear he fingered me adding another finger I suppressed a moan he kept fingering me until I cried out reaching my high I laid on the bed breathless I went downstairs and got a water bottle he wrapped his arms around me "don't date Harry"he said I pulled away from him "and if I don't listen?"I asked "you'll be severely punished"he said pulling me close "you should go I have a really hot date tonight"I said he kissed me "no you don't"he said calling my bluff "yes I do"I said "with who?"he asked "noneya"I said he laughed and pulled me upstairs he led me to the bed and unbuttoned the jean shirt I had on and exposed my black Lacey bra he kissed my neck I took a deep breath he wrapped his arms around my bare waist and pushed off my shirt he lifted me up and pulled down my burgundy jeans he kissed me and pulled his pants down he took off his shirt and I touched his tattoos and he kissed me he unstrapped my bra biting his lip I kissed him biting his lip and laying back he pulled my underwear off with his teeth and came back up to kiss me I could feel him already hard he pulled down his underwear and grabbed a condom from the nightstand he put it on and kissed me he slid his penis in me I bit my lips refraining from moaning out loud he started thrusting lifting my leg over his shoulder he thrusted softly and slowly I moaned and he covered my mouth I bit him and he pulled away he pulled out and I sat him on the bed I sat on his lap and he pushed in I moaned and rocked back and forth on his lap he moaned biting his lip I put my lips on his shoulder and wrapping an arm around his shoulder I moaned on his shoulder and he pulled out bending me over and pushing in I moaned with my face down in the pillow he thrusted and I orgasmed Louis thrusted until he came he pulled out discarded the condom and came back kissing me as I put my shirt back on I pulled up my underwear and kissed him back going downstairs and grabbing the water bottle I had I went upstairs and got in the shower when I got out of the shower Louis was holding the house phone his head was down he looked up as I came out wearing nothing but my towel "are you screwing Harry?"he asked I thought I heard wrong "what?"I asked "are you fucking Harry?"he asked his voice rising "why the hell would you ask me that?"I asked "Harry just called he wants to go out again I presume"he said "aren't you screwing Eleanor?"I asked "don't try to change the subject answer me"he said with desperation filling his voice "no"I said "are you sure?"he asked I furrowed my brow "if you want I can start"I said he got mad throwing the phone onto the floor I jumped "if I find out your fucking Harry I'll kill him"he threatened "no you won't I'm not your girlfriend anymore Louis"I said he sighed pushing a hand through his hair "then what the fuck was that a friendly fuck?"he asked I sighed crossing my arms "just go Louis"I said with no emotion he put on his cloths and left slamming the door one of the boys fussed screaming I ran down the stairs trying not to slip on the hard wood floors I got to their room Leo was crying his eyes out I picked him up and soothed him until he calmed down I put him down and went to go change Harry came over and as soon as he stepped through the door I kissed him he was surprised but he started kissing me too we pulled back breathless and he smiled at me "you have no idea how long I've wanted to do that"he said I laughed after a few weeks we had our little private dates in my house and no one knew the paps spit the same bullshit that I was pregnant from Harry that me and Harry were engaged and that the boys were actually his I went upstairs after putting the boys to bed Harry was in my bed and he was watching tv I jumped onto his lap kissing him he pulled me closer and I grabbed his face I pulled away trying to catch my breath he placed his hands on my hips and kissed my neck he sat up I pushed my hand through his curls as he kissed me I moaned in his ear he pulled away smiling "what?"I asked "that was the sexiest thing I ever heard"he said I laughed blushing I kissed him and he laid back I pulled his shirt off his tattoos moved up and down as he took deep breaths I pulled off my shirt and he just stared at my boobs I laughed kissing him I got on my knees on top of him and unbuckled his jeans I pulled off his pants which seemed more like a second skin they were so tight I kissed him again and he pulled my shorts down exposing a little bit of my panties he hooked his big thin hands through the bottom and the top of my underwear I bit his lip and he kissed me he pulled away kissing my neck down to my boobs I took a deep breath he unstrapped my bra and took it off he laid me down and pulled down my shorts and underwear "do you have condoms?"he asked "in the nightstand"I said he took one out and put it on he opened my legs and got in between my legs he pushed his penis in slowly and started thrusting slowly I moaned trying to hold it in

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