You and I


43. Little White Lies

I woke up in the middle of the night one of the twins was coughing I got up and checked their cribs Leo was sleeping happily and Luke was coughing he started heaving and I knew he was about to throw up so I picked him up and ran to the bathroom he leaned over the toilet and threw up I pushed back his hair and rubbed his back while he cried "Shh Shh baby calm down"I said when he finished throwing up I rinsed his mouth and took him back to bed I put him down and it took a while before he fell back to sleep I fell asleep sitting on the nightstand with my arms in the crib and my head on the side of his crib "Char"I woke up taking a deep breath "are you ok?what are you doing?"Louis asked "sorry I was..."I trailed off sleepily "babe why don't you come sleep over here?"he asked I looked at Luke one last time before I joined Louis in bed he touched my face I probably had a huge mark on my face from sleeping on the crib he finally hugged me and kissed my forehead I fell back to sleep and when I woke up Louis was watching tv with Leo on his lap I ruffled Leo's hair and Lou looked at me I took a deep breath and stretched "goodnight babe"Louis said I laughed and he kissed me Leo covered his eyes and jumped off Lou's lap running to his brothers crib"babe I think Luke's sick"I said "what happened?"he asked worriedly "I woke up last night and he was coughing and he threw up"I said "I'm sure he'll be fine it was probably something he ate"Louis said "we need to go to the studio"Lou added I nodded and looked at Leo he was still at his brothers crib watching him breath in and out we got ready I put on some leggings and a loose white sweater with some vans and curled my hair Louis put on his usual outfit of black jeans an a simple shirt with vans we changed the kids and Harry took their car seats out of his car and put them in our car we changed the kids putting on some sweats and little soccer jerseys with some tennis shoes and sweaters we drove to the studio and when we got there Simon was sitting on the chair by the producer I held both of the kids' hands so I let go of Leo's hand and he ran to Louis Louis picked him up and walked over to Simon "are these your kids?"Simon asked I nodded he took Luke from me picking him up into his arms"that's your grandpa Simon"Louis said pointing to Simon I pursed my lips and louis laughed Simon gave him a death glare and Louis just laughed harder Simon ignored him and began playing with Luke I was scared Luke would throw up on Simon but amazingly he didn't the boys came and began playing with the kids I smiled and Louis put his hand behind my waist I looked at him and smiled "mommy"Leo came up to me and rubbed his eyes "someone's sleepy"I said he shook his head I grabbed him and pretended to eat him he laughed and I held him in my arms I grabbed his bottle and gave it to him he held it and fell asleep in my arms I watched as the boys played around and did everything's they could to avoid recording Paul came in and they got even worse I thought they would've been serious around Simon but I guess not once they finished recording Louis took Leo from my arms and we went to the car Louis's phone rang he handed it to me "can you read that to me babe"he asked I took it and Liam texted him"do you wanna go to the pub mate?"he asked I looked at him "do you wanna go?"he asked "I can't how are we gonna bring the boys in a pub?"I asked "I used to do it all the time with lux and Niall did it all the time with Theo"he said "I don't think I should ever leave you or Niall alone with the kids"I said "seriously babe let's go"he whined "no Louis I'm not going you can go if you want but I'm tired and I want to go to sleep"I said as we put the kids in their car seats We got in the car and drove to the pub he got out and I went to the drivers seat he still hadn't closed the door "babe"he said"what Louis? close the door I wanna go home"I said he closed the door and stood there as I drove away once I got home I had to carry both of the boys upstairs I put then in their bed and waited for Louis on the couch I fell asleep and when I woke up Louis and the boys stumbled through the door I sat up and Louis came to me "I have a fiancé"he said "umm ok"I said "l love her so much we have twin boys and ugh I love them with all my heart"he said I looked at the boys they were laughing on the floor "my fiancé is beautiful I met her at one of our concerts and she..."he trailed off "come on"I said "no I'm engaged"he said "Louis it's me I'm your fiancé"I said his face changed he grabbed my face and hugged me "oh my God you're so beautiful"he said squishing me "ok Louis time for bed"I said "are we gonna have sex?"he asked I didn't answer i just took him to bed and threw him down I took off his shoes and his shirt he looked at me sleepily "I love you"he said"I love you too babe go to sleep"I said I pulled down his pants and he laid down "I'm sorry if I made you mad by going to the pub"he said "it's ok"I said I changed and he got up wrapping his arms around my waist as I looked for a shirt "Louis seriously?"I asked "what I wanna make love to you"he said I sighed trying to be patient "go to sleep Louis"I said he unwrapped himself from me and smacked my butt I took a deep breath as he threw himself on the bed I changed into shorts and an old shirt I laid down next to Louis and he wrapped his arms around me pulling me close he kissed me he laid back down and fell asleep I fell asleep after a while

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