You and I


3. Little Things

I called Louis I know it was a bad thing to do but i needed the comfort and Stella was with J.C so I couldn't really ask her to help "hello?"he answered on the third ring "hey Lou um,can I talk to you?"I asked he sighed on the other end "Sure,Meet me at my flat I'll be here but, the boys are here" he warned "It's fine I just need someone to talk to" I said  he gave me his address and I drove there I knocked and waited for a little bit before he came out "Hey Charlotte" he said closing the door behind him "hey" I said the tension between us was so obvious and it got awkward "so you wanted to talk?" he asked "yeah actually I came to apologize to you personally I didn't think at all and I just wanted to let you know that I'm done with my boyfriend" I said I didn't know what I wanted him to do about it but it felt good just to get it out there he put his hand on mine comfortingly I looked up at him and he got closer to my face my phone rang in my pocket he sighed looking away  I answered It was Stella I answered "hey where'd ya dissapear to?" she asked "i'm just talking to someone"I said looking at Louis "Oh" she said "yeah sorry I just couldn't stay with you're brother any longer he was just...."I sighed not finishing my sentence "yeah I get it....listen I have to tell you something .....remember last time when he told you he couldn't go with you to the movies?" she asked "yeah" I said "well......I saw some girl go into his room and I think he might have cheated" I sighed fighting back tears "Cool..."I said sarcastically "I have to go"I said hanging up not even wanting to wait for her response I sighed he looked at me "you OK?"he asked quietly  "yeah i'm fine"I lied  "You wanna come inside?" he asked quietly I nodded. The boys were wrestling on the floor they stopped when we went inside they saw us and continued wrestling "Boys...."Louis said they paid no attention to him "Boys!"He yelled they stopped sitting up "you guys remember Charlotte?"Louis asked "the girl you like?"Zayn asked I looked at Louis he turned a crimson red and cleared his throat Zayn and the other boys laughed quietly "well um, you remember the boys right?" he asked I me I laughed nodding "I'll be right back" Louis said going into what I think was the kitchen Harry stood up and whispered in my ear "Louis Really likes you,he wouldn't shut up about you the whole way here" he said Louis came out "Harold Edward Styles what did you tell her?"he asked I giggled "nothing"Harry said putting his hands up in surrender "Do you want some Comfortable cloths?" Louis asked me "No I'm Good" I said "I'll be back" he said I stayed where I was. He came back with a lump of cloth "It's strictly comfortable cloths here" he said "go change"He added pointing to a bedroom at the end of the hall I sighed going into the room and closing the door the room was glowing in old Christmas lights around every corner or the roof I put on the cloths they were a little big on me but they sort of fit I went back to the boys pigging out on Ice cream,Chips,Cake,soda and other junk food Louis saw me standing up "You Look beautiful"he said "Thank you"I said blushing "the guest gets to choose the movie"Louis announced "But I wanted to watch Toy Story"Liam whined "No,the guest gets to choose"Louis insisted "it's fine we can watch Toy Story"I said "No,Liam is always watching it and he knows the whole movie babe" Louis said "What's your favorite Disney movie?" he asked  "The Little Mermaid" I said "Then we'll watch The Little Mermaid" I felt guilty but, I didn't want to argue Louis put on The Little Mermaid we watched it I leaned on the arm of the couch drifting to sleep 

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